get in the way. And I don need you getting hurt. ”

”But- ”

”No! All females are weak, they need to be protected. Stay put, and Ill take care of this. ” He leaves me alone on the rock, in silence.

My eye twitches in anger. ”The nerve of this man! ” I kick a pebble further into the cave. It echoes as it bounces off the other rocks.

I decided to sit at the entrance and wait, the cave is rather cold and damp.

After a while, I get bored. So I walk around gathering sticks and I also find some tinder for a fire. I dig a small hole for the pit and layer the sticks as evenly as possible. I find some rocks that create sparks and make my fire.

Damien brings back a fallen tree and some smaller logs. He looks between me and my fire, confused. ”I thought I told you to stay put. ”

”I got bored, and you took too long. And by the way, I am neither weak nor useless. ”

He sighs. ”Somehow I knew youd be stubborn. ” He places the logs down and sits by the fire.

Hes an asshole.

After a while, he gets up and stretches. ”Are you hungry? ”

I nod. ”Do you have anything in mind? I can find some berries nearby. ”

He shakes his head. ”I don like fruit, they taste sour. Ill go hunt for us. Ill be back soon, then we need to talk. ”

”Alright. ”

He runs off, and I wait for his return.

I watch the sunset against the trees. A chilly breeze comes through, making me shiver. I sit closer to the fire to stay warm.

”Hey, I got some rabbits if you
e still hungry. ” Damien comes up behind me.

I turn around and see him carrying rabbits, but they look like medium size dogs. ”Those are rabbits? ”

”Yeah, do they look bad? ”

”No, Im not used to them being so big. ”

”These are normal size. How big are they where you come from? ”

”They are really small. Wait, what do you mean where I come from? ”

”You are not from our world. Its obvious, mostly by your clothes. We can use the hide for your new clothes. ” He starts to skin them carefully.

”Has there been more than me? ”

He nods. ”Yes, only one from what Ive been told. She was executed and her spouses were forced into slavery. ”

I gasp. ”So thats whats gonna happen to me? ”

”Not if no one knows you here. ” He places the rabbits over the fire. ”What I do know is that she didn do anything to harm us. She embraced our culture with open arms and introduced new things to make survival easier. ”

I curl up into a ball. ”What am I going to do? ”

”I wish I could help you, but I don like females. ”

”What do you mean by that? ”

”My body knows it has to be with a female, but my mind hates the idea of it. ”

”Would you rather be with a male? ”

He thinks for a moment. ”That sounds nice actually. I never thought about it. But I would be punished if anyone else knew. ”

”Don worry, Ill keep your secret. My bother is a homosexual just like you. ”

”What? ”

”Thats what we call it in my world. It means that you love males as a male. You have my support all the way. ” I give him a small smile.

His cheeks redden and he looks away. ”So what about you? ”

”I honestly don know. Ive never been in a relationship before. ”

His eyes widen. ”So you
e, a ”

”Virgin, yes. ”

”Males can sense that. A lot of them will try and be your first. Youll probably get pregnant the easiest if you
e a virgin. Youll need to be careful. ”

”What are we gonna do? ” I ask no one.

”Wanna make a deal? ” He asks.

”What do you have in mind? ”

”The village already assumes that you are my spouse. What if we make that true? That way you are protected in a way. ”

”And if we find someone who loves males like you do they can be my spouse as well. That way you two can stay together, and be safe. ”

”You would do that for me? ”

I nod. ”It would be rude not to. ”

”We would only have to mate once. After that, a spousal mark will appear on your body. But, how do I know that I can trust you? ”

I sigh. ”You have my secret remember? If I out you, you can have me executed. ” My heart beats loudly in my chest. Am I crazy?

I take the rabbits off the fire and hand him one.

We eat in silence for a while.

”Was he happy? ”

”Who? ”

”Your brother? Was he happy? ”

I nod. ”He loved his mate. They were the cutest couple in my family. ”

I see a small smile appear on his face. ”I see. ”

As I eat the rabbit I notice that it has good flavor, it just needs some spices.

Once we finish eating, I get thirsty. I want to ask but the words don want to come out.

”Come on. ” He gets up and starts to walk off.

”Wait! At least let me change first. ”

I grab the clothes he made while talking and go to the cave to change. I try to put them on, but they are too big to fit right.

”Are you having trouble? ” He comes in and sees me struggling.

”Yeah, they won stay on. ”

He grabs the top and rips off some of the hides. ”Its too big for you. ” He fixes both pieces and now they fit nicely and snugly.

”Thank you, ” I whisper.

”Of course. Lets go now. ”

We walk out of the cave and I toss my old clothes into the fire. My new life has begun, its time to leave everything else behind.

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