My Beloved Alpha King [BL]

Chapter 3 - Meeting Rue

The alpha king, was just a prophecy spread by fanatic werewolves ages ago. It was said an alpha will be born with the blood to take control of all living beings. With eternal life, he will awaken a new world, a world where humans, vampires, and werewolves live peacefully together.

Nicolai unwrapped a piece of gum and tossed it in his mouth. The taste of that spoiled blood still lingered in his mouth, along with the taste of regurgitating puke it just made his mood much worse.

The prophecy of the alpha king was awesome and all but the only problem was this mythical prophecy also mentioned a lot of bloodshed before the start of this new world.

The vampire elders who have been the keepers of knowledge became fearful. If the werewolves got control of all the races, then their race will be the first to get annihilated.

Thousands and thousands upon years these races have been crossed with each other.s the lone wolves who prayed the moon goddess and the eternal vampires who served the sun gods.

Unlike fantasy novels and movies, vampires don glisten or turn to dust when exposed to UV radiation rather they get a mean suntan. Its worse actually.

The skin gets itchy a lot and starts to peal exposing a tender layer of pink skin.

”Nicolai…. I will tell you everything when the time comes okay? ”

He peered at his fathers reflection. He had a worried look on his face while facing the road.

The old man has been in a constant state of worry ever since he had been born. All the other elders used to joke that it was his birth that changed his father like this.

But he knew the truth, his old man was lovelorn from the loss of his wife. He wanted to perish and join her in afterlife.

Its all because of me he couldn …. he bit his tongue accidentally spilling his sweet blood.

It was slightly addicting.

He spat out the gum and silently looked out the window. The beautiful snowy landscape was the habitat of one of the worlds most dangerous and elusive werewolf clan.

The arctic wolves. They never revealed themselves but staying in this remote corner they have been controlling the actions of all the werewolves around the world.

It was through a rumor….

He did not know the details of this new rumor at all. Thats why he snuck into his dads office. Before he could get any viable information, he was caught red-handed.

”we are here~ home sweet home, ”

The car stopped in front of a dilapidated castle-like structure.

He got down and gazed at the towering structure with his mouth agape. ”don tell me we are going to live here. It…. it looks like it doesn even have plumbing…. ”

”Hope it does or else we will be stuck cleaning out the much form the trench, ”

Nicolai looked at him in horror.

”Im kidding kid, don take everything seriously. This place was modified personally by your padre. Everything in here is top of the technology at that time, ” he pulled him to the huge wooden double door.

Nicolai was more than skeptical. I hope the roof doesn collapse while Im sleeping…

The doors opened with a slight creaking sound.

”its not so bad… ” his dad walked in and switched on all the light. The circuits looked about a few decades old and the light was a yellow bulb.

Inside, it looked much cleaner and much tidier. Everything was designed in a moderate fashion. ebony-colored floor and wooden roof beams running all over the ceiling. There was a huge fireplace by the right side of the hallway. There was a double stairwell in the middle of the house leading to the first floor.

”Pick any room you want. Its all yours, ”

Nicolai slowly walked to the staircase but suddenly something caught his eye.

He froze ”this…. ”

He silently walked to the old bookshelf nearby. There was a framed photo of his father and mother smiling so happily.

His mum was clearly pregnant with her belly as big as a watermelon.

”ah this was here. it was the eight months of our pregnancy. She wanted to make an ice castle for her prince, ” his father pulled him close and kissed the top of his head.

He glanced up. his father looked so sad as he caressed his mums face.

Without a word, he hugged him back. ”This place is not so bad. Its got lights and a huge fireplace. Now, all we have to think about is our food source. I can live off of human food but you need blood. The things we brought here have all gone bad from the travel. Maybe we can hunt for moose or a deer in the forest. You can drink its blood and I can cook the meat, ”

His dad peered down at him with a soft smile. ”yes~ lets do that, ”

Nicolai picked the first room on the first floor as for his father he choose the room nearby the kitchen on the ground floor. there was also a basement, but he was too tired to explore this huge castle.

Thwing his bags on the bed, he ran to the huge French window in his room. it opened up to a huge balcony overlooking the garden

Well, it was not a garden per se. there was only one tree that was wilted and dried up. the ground was covered in a deep layer of snow.

He let out a chuckle. ”so much of a view. ” His heated breathe left puffs of smoke in front of his face.

”its not that bad… I see a river… ”

Beyond the garden area was a huge frozen river.

”Lets look at the bright side. Now I can try my hand at ice skating. That is If I don break my legs from the fall.. hmmm well put of ice skating for later, ”

The chilling cold froze his wet lashes making them look like small circles. He carefully washed his face with hot water, removing them one by one.

The mirror got fogged up. he wiped it away, peering at his reflection. few icicles still remained in his eyebrows and luscious long lashes. he carefully plucked them out. his brown-grey eyes appeared amber in artificial light. his untamed black wavy hair was already a mess from the car ride.

He hurriedly fixed it with a pout. The low temperature really made his hair frisky.

”Tsk, god I hate this place already… ”

Nicolai knew that he was acting childish.. but…. he was just eighteen, a child in vampire years. He was one of the youngest generations to be born, instead of sired.

He peered at his expression. he really looked like a kid that was denied candy with his pink pouty lips pursed and his eyebrows slightly scrunched up.

”Nico! ”

”What! ” he shouted.

”Come on down. We are going to your school! ”

”What?! ”

The bags were yet to be unpacked and now his father wanted to enroll him in school right away. it all felt too soon.

Why is he in a hurry… something is wrong here. he walked over to the staircase.

His father was standing with a tall man in fluffy fur black coat.

”Ah Nico come, this is alpha Lowe Stone. Alpha, this is my one and only son and inheritor Nicolai, ”

Nicolai walked down the stairs. The wolf glanced back with a smile. His grey-blue eyes narrowed slightly, looking him up and down.

his lips were raised in a smile but his eyes were telling another story altogether. they held loathes and hatred as he peered at him up and down.

This man… he does not like us at all….

He came down and silently peered at him.

Alpha Lowe peered down at him challengingly. his enormous presence spread out like a tidal wave pushing him down with an invisible pressure.

This was an Alphas command.. no wolves can go against it.. Except an equally powerful alpha.

But that did not work on him.

He was a vampire after all.

He did not break his gaze.

I can back down now… it will be sign of weakness….

”For a little fledgling, you are good, ” alpha Lowe snarkily whispered.

”For an old alpha you are sadly failed to intimidate me, ” he glared up at him.

”Keep up that attitude boy and you will never make any friends. ” He growled back.

His father intervened standing in between them. ”Alpha lets be civil. You know what they say young calf knows no fear. Please ignore his greeting, ”

Nicolai peered at his father with utter betrayal.

Old man, who was the one that was screaming that he hated werewolves? What changed? You want me to make friends with them? What is going on? Whats making him behave in such a manner?

Alpha Lowe looked at him for quite a bit before letting out a pearl of laughter. ”yes yes, young ones are always trying to act brave. I have seen quite a lot of cubs doing so as well… but let me remind your child. This is not the territory to carelessly offend someone. At least you want to be killed on the way back home… ”

”alpha! ” his dad and the werewolf started at each other slightly growling. ”Its better to be on your way. We have a very busy schedule in our hands, ”

”hmm I see… hope you have a very good stay in our small town of Nanor, ”

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