My Beloved Alpha King [BL]

Chapter 4 - Suicidal plan

After that dramatic meeting, his father looked completely dispirited.

”Dad… whats exactly going on? Why were you even sent here to this place? You know how strong the wolves here are. Why would the elder council send you here… please… just tell me? We can find a solution to this, ”

He held his stiff shoulders.

”no… we… you.. have to stay here. Its your mothers last dying wish. Thats why I volunteered to come here, ” he turned over with a sad smile on his face. His eyes, we
e tearing up.

Nicolai gently caressed his cheeks. ”Why this house? Is it a memorable spot? You never mentioned this place before… ”

”I was waiting for you to turn eighteen. This place will change your future Nico. So remember, don head butt into the werewolves. Make friends with them.. ” he walked towards the door that was left half-open. Snow was fluttering in with the strong winds. ”Come on then, lets go see your school, ”

Sighing, Nicolai followed after him.

His father had always been keen on hiding things from him. every time something happened he would try to fight it on it own.

It was his way of protecting him.

But Im an adult now at least by human terms… I can fight alongside him. If only he can trust me with the truth.

Nicolai glanced back at the haunted-looking castle.

His family had too many secrets they held back from him. All because he was young. Considering the eternal life of the vampires he was just a new born baby.

”Get in, ” his dad honked loudly.

Nicolai hopped in the front seat of the car and strapped himself in. ”Well hunt for food on the way back, ”

”Lets… lets first check out the towns grocery shops before we decide on our hunting schedule. ” His dad awkwardly mumbled reversing the car.

Nicolai peered at him.

Even now the old man did not like revealing things. His dad loved hunting. Especially wild hunts were his thing. For him to reject that idea….

sigh… I just have to wait a bit longer.. He will eventually have to tell me. i hope its sooner than later.

He let out a loud sigh. ”Whatever. Lets go to this so-called school and get this done with, ”

It was just a few minutes drive they reached the small town of Nanor. As they drove past so many growls were heard.

This place was an exclusive werewolf town.

As vampires, they could not have the luxury of living so secluded. their want and need for blood became much more urgent as their generation kept increasing so vampires learned to adapt with the human, hiding right in their shadows.

Most of the vampires choose to take the doctor route or owned a lot of hospitals to get their constant supply of blood.

He peered at his dad, he was a doctor too. until recently that is. when he was just fifteen he suddenly dropped his job and became a stay-at-home parent.

It was such a drastic change… he never expected his dad who loved his job to just give it up like that.

It was very weird though..

He lost passion for it, the other elders have whispered.

”What is it? Is there something on my face? ” he sheepishly wiped his face.

Nicolai looked at ah protruding cheekbones and that dimple cheeks. He is not eating well… **, while I have been whining like a kid he had been stressing himself all alone…

In a house where mum lived, driving through the familiar roads his dad had a sad frown on his face.

He is in pain…

”Nico, thats your school, ” he dove to the frozen parking lot and stopped the car.

Nicolai glanced out the window. The school was in the center of the town. It looked as big as any high school he had seen but the building structure was different; it was more ancient just like their castle.

The students, who were out on their break, all looked at them.

A certain group of youngsters, in particular, took a keen interest in him, cursing under their breath.

Nicolai sighed. Gosh, I hope there won be any accidents.

His dad opened his door.

”Whoa, where are you going? ”

”To finish your transfer… ”

”Dad Im not a kid. Go home. I will take care of the transfer procedure, ”

”But! ” he looked at him with a pitiful puppy dog look.

”Bringing me here was more than enough. Im an adult and I can definitely finish my transfer alone. Go home and cut some firewood. Ill be back safely, ”

His father looked at him intently. ”Nico… if anyone gives you trouble, tell me. Ill deal with them, ”

Nicola chuckled. ”yep~ now go home and get some rest. Youve been driving nonstop, ”

”hmm… ”

He watched as his car drove away from the frozen parking lot.

It was for the best. If his father had entered the school and the group of troublemakers intervened … he would definitely lose his shit.

The ground under him was slightly slippery.

Nicolai carefully tottered towards the entrance.

The group of youngsters took this chance to approach him.

”Woo hoo, what is that shitty thing I smell? Oh its a leech. Bloodsuckers there is no place for you here, ” a typical tall blond Man said growling softly.

Nico licked his incisors. These types of stereotypical male pissed him off so much…

He just sidestepped past him.

”Hey, Im talking you! ” he grabbed his hand.

That was the limit, Nico kicked his legs hard.

When his opponent was about to hit the ground, he grabbed his collar and lifted him up gently.

”Careful, you almost got mud on your delicate face… I heard wolves are very majestic but no one mentioned they were clumsy. ” He smirked at them exposing his teeth. his blood lust spread through the air…

It was his portrayal of dominance. He made it clear who the predator and who the prey was…

The werewolves froze..

The others looked too stunned to talk.

”Mess with me and there will be a blood bath, ” even though werewolf blood was not that tasty, he can still feed on it without puking. ”Got it? ”

The wolf just peered at him with fear in his eyes.

”Looks like you got it. Good boy, ” whistling he walked away.

He had researched this wolf clan before arriving here. The alpha recently got his powers transferred from his aging father. he was powerful thats for sure, but there was one problem. His powers were unstable. he could not keep the young pups under his control.

Thats why the clan was ready to transfer the powers to a new one.

but there was a small problem there as well..They did not have a male alpha heir. They only had a daughter the same age as him.

Rue. Talk dark-haired, snarky attitude…. thats what his research explained this girl to be. She did not inherit her fathers talents or his position, so there was a huge power struggle going on between the young in this clan.

They were vying for the open alpha position in secret.

Nicolai quickly spotted his target right after he entered the school. A tall girl was climbing up the stairwell with her back facing him.

Without even getting close he knew that was rue from the stench of her father wafting off of her.

alpha Lowe must be surprisingly very protective of his daughter… what will he think I befriended her… hmm interesting..

”I can feel your gaze, ” a soft whisper startled him.

The girl was looking at him with her sky-blue eyes narrowed. ”you must be the new vampire. Don even try to get close to me, my father will tear your throat out in seconds, ”

”That doesn kill us you know. Only a stake to our hearts will, ” smiling he approached her. ”can you guide me to the admissions office? Please…. ” he blinked his long lashes cutely.

The girl gazed at him for a second. ”You
e cute… vampires aren cute. Let me guess, halfie? ”

”Hmm half-human, thats where I get my cute side. Im Nicolai. ”

”Rue, Ill lead you to the office, ”

Rue was surprisingly very easy to talk to. By the time they reached the admission office, they had already exchanged numbers and were considered friends.

”Thanks, Ill text you later, ” he waved at her.

Rue gave him a smirk and walked away.

Just as she left, the glares on his face multiplied.

He peered at the young wolves glaring at him and shrugged. ”I guess my face is to your liking too? ”

They all snickered.

”Then mind your business. I don like being gawked at like a public exhibit, ”

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