My Beloved Alpha King [BL]

Chapter 8 - Pretend mate

While his son was getting dressed, Kieran silently walked out of the room. the information he just gave was weird.

Why did the alpha daughter call his son out to that particular house…. why….

Werewolves did not like sharing the information of their clans witchs location. Even if it was an abandoned house, it would have been kept a secret from anyone.

Then why… why did his son know?

He did not want Nico to learn about anything beforehand. It will only put him in danger from all three species.

”Im running out of time.. I need to see this Rue girl. ”

With a determined mind, he set out to the local high school. Lunch break had started and the wolf children were all making a racket playing and laughing in the lawn.

He got down from his car.

As he walked, the wolves became silent. It was not his intention, but his body exuded a sense of blood lust after years of being the top predator. The younger wolves would not be able to handle that pressure.

Everyone lowered their heads.

One of the older-looking wolves who had a lot of books in hand gathered his courage and approached him.

”Vampire elder, what brings you here? ”

”You are? ”

”I-Im a teacher here. I teach math.. can I know why…. the children are feeling uncomfortable, ” he said wiping his sweaty forehead.

Kieran peered at him. If he confessed his true purpose of coming in here he would be chased out instead he chose the most believable lie. ”my son got into a fight today. I just wanted to check with the principal before talking to alpha, ”

”o-ohh.. I see. Please, shall I lead you to the office, ”

”I know my way, ” he coldly said, walking away.

Right after he entered the corridor the noise level behind him rose. There were also a few growls accompanied in those racketing noise.

Young wolves…. tsk, he clucked his tongue and walked in.

He knew where it was.. But purposefully he took a walk around the campus searching for the person.

Nearby the backyard that joined the icy forest area he found that bloods scent he sought.

This place was surprisingly remote. He treaded in the fresh snow towards the beginning of the woody forest.

The scent got closer.

”I knew you would come, ” a soft melodious voice whispered.

”you must be Rue? ” he peered at the young black-haired girl smoking a cigarette. She was about six feet tall with almond-shaped eyes. her blue eyes and pouty lips complimented her small face.

”Thats me. so… ”

”Why did you call Nico to hat house? ”

”You know why? ” she gave him a confident smirk.

Kieran felt his whole body tremble in shock. She knows?!… thats not possible. She can know… no one can know the truth. if I can kill her..

”Careful, you might want to quell that killing thoughts. Im not a danger to Nico. In an ally, ” she said with a sweet smile.

”An ally? I don believe it one bit, ”

The girl stood up, patting the snow off her jeans. ”Elder Kieran. I am a friend. I am an ally. I will always protect him. Thats the promise I made years ago. I won go back on it, ”

”To whom did you make such a promise? ”

How can a young wolf like her know…

She must be bluffing….

”Im not bluffing, ” the girl snuffed her cigarette on the tree nearby. ”She told me to protect him. She told me he is a precious person. You see when I was three I used to frequent her place out of curiosity. She gave me candies and treated me very well… along with it, she told me stories. Stories of alpha king and his mate ”

Kieran stumbled back in shock. ”I-Impossible. She would not.. She would not…. ”

His sons identity was very secretive. Only two people in this world knew of it. The moment they knew of Nicolais destiny they decided to hide him, from the vampires, from the wolves, and from the humans.

They left the coven, moved to the remote corners of Europe. Stayed away from any supernatural for a few years.

”She said her son will reach the age of eighteen when destiny will turn its wheels… ” Rue peered at him. ”Im repeating myself Im not the enemy. But there are a few wolves in my clan ready to sink their teeth in your sons pretty neck the moment the war begins. They would not know the vital role he will play in the future. Your son might die in vain. ”

He knew all of that. But hearing it from someones mouth felt infuriating.

Kieran punched the tree trunk close to him. ”What do you want! ”

”I want him to know about his destiny…. ”

”No! Its too soon! ”

”He has to know, elder. Only then can he be prepared for the new world. ”

Kieran steadied his steps. ”he must not know at any cost! I have my way of protecting my son and I don need a Wolf to protect him. the next time I hear you blabber shit, I will twist that slender neck of yours, ”

Growling loudly, he walked away.

”its not going to be long. We don have much time.. your son will know… he will be confused and sad…. you
e doing it, wrong elder. You
e not preparing him for his destiny, you are hiding him from it, ”

”Shut up! ” he shouted. He was really contemplating his decision whether to kill this girl or not. She knew too much. Its too dangerous to have her in this world.

But something stopped him.

”p-prove it to me… that it was she who told you that? ”

”She said that on the mark of May under the glowing sun your son would be born and under the bloody moon he will be mated to his true destined beloved. ”

He took a deep breath.

The facts were right.

”Keep it a secret… from my son as well as from your fellow wolves, ”

”I… ”

”Promise me.. Just as you promised her…. ”

Hesitating a bit, the girl whispered, ”I promise, ” she looked up at him with a pair of clear eyes. ”I can protect him. Just give me a chance, ”

”What will you do? ”

”Ill convince everyone that Nico is my mate. Even if the war begins, he will be spared. When my ideas fail, you can protect him in your own method, ”

Kieran thought about it. if Nico was announced as Rues mate then he will definitely be kept safe. The least they will do is imprison him.

e willing to give up on your mate… ”

”No, god no. I have no mate… ” she smiled dazzlingly. ”You see I was born on a lunar eclipse, without the moon goddesss blessing. I can be the perfect shield for him. ”

”Why would you go so far? ”

”Its… protecting Nico means I am protecting him as well. ” She walked away before he could ask who this him was.

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