My Beloved Alpha King [BL]

Chapter 8 - Pretend mate

l and made them sit on the comfy sofa beside the lit fireplace. He even made sure to bring out a plate of freshly made cookies and biscuits.

Nico became skeptical of the topic they were going to discuss. But he kept his mind open.

”Listen Nico from this day forth. I want you to pretend to be Miss Rues mate. ”

”What!! ” Nico snapped in just a second. ”no offense Rue I didn mean it in a rude way, but what? ” he glanced at his dad, winking at him subtly.

”None taken, ” Rue just casually sat there eating the biscuits. ”These biscuits are good, ” she happily hummed.

”Sit down, Nico, ” he pulled him down onto the sofa.

Nico just blankly looked at him. ”Dad you said I will find my beloved… is this… is that it? But I don feel anything with her… she.. I don think shes it. ”

”Shh. Listen to dad okay? You are just going to pretend to be her mate. Nothing more. You are not her really mate nor is she your beloved, so calm down, ”

Nico sat back down. Taking a deep breath, he sat there trying to process the information that was just thrown his way. ”Why? ”

”I need the pack men off my back, ” Rue interfered before his father could even answer.

Nico glanced at her with a frown. ”you could have asked any wolf. Why me? Im a vampire, ”

”Spitting out the facts, eh? Look I don care if you are a vampire or werewolf. I just want those sniffing nostrils off my butt. If I find a wolf, then they would gain a small amount of control over the pack, but you, you
e a vampire. You can be my mate, but you won gain power, ”

Nico glanced at this girl. ”You don want your mate to become alpha, do you? ”

Usually in Rues situation, after she mated with someone, that person would become the next alpha. She can only be a beta. But if she had a human mate or a vampire mate, then she would inherit full control of the pack for her dad.

It was a genius idea. But there was one thing that was nagging his mind.

There was no benefit for them.

His father never accepted a deal that was not beneficial.

So… what are we getting out of it?

”Nico? ” his dad glanced at him.

Nico had a small clue what their benefit was. Protection…. if he was acting as Rues mate then the pack won hurt him during the uprising….

If an uprising ever happened…

Fuck… this is getting worse by the day.

He could not stay silent in the dark any longer.

”Are we going to war? ” he uttered.

Rue fell silent and so did his father.

”Yes, ” Rue said confidently. ”we are. The wolves will attack any minute now. thats why you need to be protected. ”

Nico stood up and glanced down at her coldly. ”And why is that? ”

”Cuz… you… you
e… ”

”Rue, its time you left, ” his father pulled her away from him and pushed her out the door. ”Come home anytime for cookies. ”

”Sure~ ” she happily shouted from outside.

Nico peered at his dad this time.

”Theres going to be no war happening any time soon. Shes just making fun… chill, ”

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