My Crush Is An Alpha Male


My name is Jake. I am the only son of my father Alaric who was an Alpha and my mother Edith, a human. My mother was a vet when she met my father in his wolf form. The hunters had attacked and brought him to her so she could heal him, and they would then take him and use him as bait to lure other wolves out. They knew he was the alpha of his pack and when he lets out a howl, they would all come together.

Before my mother starts treating my father, he turns human startling her. She was shocked at what she had just seen. On top of her examination table was an injured wolf now it was a naked and still injured man in his early thirties. She threw her lab coat at him so he would use it to cover himself.

”What are you?! ” Edith asked afraid.

”Please let me go before those hunters get back ” Alaric begged Edith who was still trying to grasp what had just happened.

”What is happening? Am I hallucinating? Is……is this a dream? Pinch me ” Edith ordered.

Alaric ties the lab coat around his waist and touches Edith to calm her down.

”I am a werewolf. Those hunters out there are going to use me to get to my pack. Im not letting that happen without a fair fight. So please let me go ”

”I can let you go….. ” Edith insisted as Alaric became more tensed.

”….. through the front door but the back should be clear ” Edith said with a smile.

”Before you go you gotta make it look like you attacked me and ran off ” Edith proposed and Alaric disagrees saying that his scratch and bite might be lethal to her and doesn want to take any chances. So she got a knife and cut herself. She gave Alaric some jeans so he could blend in as he walked out of the veterinary. When he was completely gone, she screamed, attracting the attention of the hunters.

They rushed inside and Edith reported that the wolf had escaped. They scattered around the premises looking for the wolf. Some even went back into the woods and laid there, watching out for him. Alaric passed the hunters unnoticed. He was headed back to the woods when some hunters saw him.

”Where are you going man? ” A hunter asked

”I was just….. passing by ” Alaric said trying to go deep into the woods. A hunter stopped him cautioning that there were wolves in the woods and he could get harmed. Alaric insisted on getting through but the hunters refused. In order not to blow his cover, he retreats and finds a place to stay for the night.

He tracks the scent coming from Ediths lab coat and follows it to her house. He was scared to knock on the door but finally finds the courage to do so. Edith opens the door and is surprised to see Alaric. She gladly welcomes him into her home. She served him some hot casserole and when he was done she advised that he took a bath. He did as she said then she offered him fresh clothes to put on.

”Where did you get this from? ” Alaric asked. Edith was hesitant to talk but she later did

”Once upon a time I had this finance…. ”

”Oh…..sorry about that….uhh… ” Alaric stuttered trying to get her name.

”Edith… name is Edith…..and you? ”

”Alaric ”

”Umm….so you never quite told me why you came back and also how you found me ”

”The hunters, they were everywhere. I was just looking for a place to stay, pass away time then go back to the woods when the hunters would probably be asleep, plus you gave me your lab coat so I tracked your smell down ” Alaric said with a chuckle.

”Im sure that there are a million and one people that are in possession of my fragrance….but okay Mr Wolf guy ” Edith said as they both laughed.

”This fiance of yours…..what happened? ” Alaric inquired. There was a brief silence then Edith spoke.

”He just leaves all of a sudden. I tried calling, texting, faxing, emailing…I even tried mailing…… ” Edith said with a chuckle.

”But he never got to me. Weeks later this lady walks into my vet clinic with this ill dog. I ask her what the name of her dog is and she says she named it after her boyfriend Paak Miller…..who was supposed to be my fiance ” Edith concluded.

”Ill tell you what, its his loss. From the minutes Ive spent with you, I can tell that hes already missing out. Not many can witness a wolf turn into a man and still be alive to tell the tale ” Alaric jeered.

”What can I say…..Ive seen worse my friend ” Edith joked as both laughed. There was a moment of silence as both stared into each others eyes smiling.

”Stay ” Edith insisted.

”Stay? ” Alaric asked confused.

”Im not in any rush to get you out of here, you can stay for as long as you want. Its been quite a long time since Ive had company ”

”Edith…..I have to get back to my pack ”

”Its…its…its fine, I understand ” Edith said in a sad tone. The clock chimed. It was already one in the morning and Alaric had to go back. He hugged her and said his goodbyes, thanking her for being a good friend.

Moments later, Edith heard a knock on her door and went to open it. She is surprised to see Alaric at her door again.

”Ok… I dreaming or is this real? ” Edith jeered

”I realized I was making a Paak-ish move by leaving you all alone again ” Alaric joked.

”And your pack? ” Edith asked concerned.

”They are a pack, theyve got each other….you don have anybody….the least I can do is stay for some few days ” Alaric insisted smiling. Edith beamed with joy and jumped on Alaric hugging him. She thanked him and invited him in again. They share a bed since Edith did not have a guest room seeing as she barely had any. As they slept, Alaric cuddled with Edith. This shocked Edith but she allowed it.<

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