My Crush Is An Alpha Male


Paaks utterances left a mark on Jakes memory. He never forgot about what he was told. He decided to give love a try and there was no one better to try it with other than…

”Sky! ” Jake called out to get her attention among students who were just coming out of classes.

”Oh, hey…whats up? ” Sky asked quite shocked.

”I was wondering if I could stay at your place while Jade and Dahlia are on toilet duty…theres this problem I have with math and I… ”

”Okay, this is a bit weird…Jake wants to stay over, are you sure? ”

”Are you okay with it? ”

”Of course, Im just shocked thats all ”

”Okay…cool ”

”Great ”

”Awesome ” Jake replied then there was a brief moment of silence.

”Im gonna go now ” Sky said already getting uncomfortable with the whole situation. The moment she left, Jade came along. She held Jake by his arms and walked down the halls with him.

”You and I would make a perfect couple Jake. Just imagine it! Our couples name would be… Jade! Oh my God, thats literally so perfect. Everyone would be jealous of us ” Jade boasted as Jake kept calling her name multiple times to get her attention.

”We could even win prom king and queen someday ” Jade continued. Jake had had enough so he shouted.

”Jade! We are not anything, theres never going to be an us. I don love you, are you that blind to not see that?! ” Jake retorted in anger. Everyone stared at the two of them seeing as they had just caused a scene. Jade was startled by the amount of mocking eyes around her. She was almost in tears but she didn want anyone to see her cry so she acts like Jake had done nothing grave. Jake realizing the scene he had just caused, became apologetic.

”Oh my God, Jade I didn mean to… ”

”Its okay…but just know this, Jake… One day, you will love me, and everybody present will witness that love ” Jade declared then she stormed out. Dahlia on watching the scene Jake created, went to meet him.

”Low blow Jake, you just signed me up to be her therapist while we are on toilet duty ”

”I didn mean to, she talks a lot ” Jake replied in his defence.

”I know right ” Dahlia said in agreement.

”Hey, Im going over to Skys ” Jake mentioned.

”Okay…since when? ”

”I don know, I just want to get closer to her ” Jake replied. Dahlia was astonished and pulled Jake by his shirt.

”Whatever you do, don mess this up because Im a non-practising witch, not doctor strange ” Dahlia demanded.

”Im not one of those scumbags Dahlia ” Jake assured.

”Do you like her? ” Dahlia asked.

”Im not sure ”

”Jake I don want you to go hurting my friend. I swear to you if a single drop of tear comes out of her eyes I will unleash more than hell on you ”

”I won hurt her I swear ”


After school, Jake and Sky went to her house. Carly; Skys mother welcomed Jake and didn fail to embarrass Sky while doing so. Sky took Jake to her room and she locked the door. Both of them sat on her bed. There was a moment of awkward silence between them till they heard a knock on the door. Sky angrily got up from her bed knowing exactly who it was and went to open the door.

”What mum?! ” She asked angrily.

”I just thought you guys might need protection ” Carly said handing out some condoms.

”What the hell mum, we
e just friends! ” Sky said. Her mum felt ashamed and apologized. Then she left.

”Okay…your mum is the coolest person ever ” Jake declared with a smile.

”Shes also the most annoying, embarrassing person ever…but I love her nevertheless ” Sky said.

”Is she like this whenever boys come around? ” Jane asked. There was a brief moment of silence then Smy spoke.

e the first boy to ever come here Jake ” Sky admitted.

”Thats not possible, you
e smart, you
e beautiful… ”

”Im the problem, Jake… I always push them away ” Sky confessed. Jake pulled himself closer to Sky. He kissed her shoulder and ran his lips through her skin. Sky closed her eyes and let out a deep breath. They were facing each other so close that their noses could touch.

”Don push me away Sky ” Jake whispered. Sky was reluctant. She was afraid. They were about to lock lips but Sky draws back.

”Im sorry Jake…but you need to go ” Sky said apologetically.

”Sky… ”

”Jake just go…please ” Sky said almost in tears. Jake was left confused but he took his stuff either way and left for his home. Sky buried her head in her pillows and began crying. Carly watched as Jake left her house angry so she hurriedly went to Skys room to see what had happened. She saw Sky crying and went to console her.

”Mum I have a problem ” Sky said crying.

”Honey boys are stupid ” her mum said in Skys defence.

”No, its not Jakes fault. Its mine. Maybe I should just go become a nun or something ”

”Sky… ”


Dahlia and Jade were washing the toilet. Jade hadn spoken a word to Dahlia about how Jake embarrassed her. Dahlia was shocked. It got her worried. They were done and still no word. Jade was about to go home until Dahlia called her back to speak with her.

”So no complaints about what my cousin did to you? ” Dahlia asked.

”Jake will love me one day, thats all I have to say Dahly ” Jade declared then she left for her home.

”Jade is one crazy girl ” Dahlia said to herself. Her phone rang and she picked up. It was Sky.

”Hey…whats up? ” Dahlia asked. The tone Sky had used meant she had just finished crying or was still even. Dahlia asked what happened and Sky just told her to apologize to Jake for her. Dahlia was already angry that Jake made her best friend cry. She packed her stuff in her car and drove home immediately. She got home angry and went to confront Jake.

”Jake what did I say about **ing up?! ” Dahlia asked angrily.

”Skys the one with the problem alright, not me ”

”And what do you mean by that? ”

”Things started off smoothly until she decides to back out for no reason, at least none that I know of ”

”I never wanted to say this but Sky has had a crush on you since you enrolled. Why the hell will she back out? ”

”She has a crush on me? ” Jake asked in shock.

”You never heard that from me. So what are you guys gonna do now? ” Dahlia asked.

e on toilet duty tomorrow…we will figure it out then ” Jake said.

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