My Crush Is An Alpha Male


I came out the woods at last. I had never seen what it looked like. All my eighteen years Ive stayed in the woods. Life outside the woods was different. I didn understand how somethings I hadn seen worked. I saw a girl who lived on the outskirts of nowhere. I called out to her to ask her some questions but she didn hear me. So I walk up to her.

”Hi…..umm… ” Jake said trying to get her name.

”Dahlia, you planning on building something here? Cause we haven had neighbours in months ” Dahlia asked.

”No Im not planning on building anything. Do you mind if I come in? ”

”Ok…weird looking stranger walks up to my home and asks if he could come in….do I look like **ing snow white? ” Dahlia retorted.

”Sorry Dahlia… the way, my name is Jake ” Jake said as he sat down on her porch stairs. Dahlia continues watering the plants when she noticed Jake wouldn go away.

”This is the part where you go… Jake ” Dahlia suggested but he continued sitting down on the stairs saying he had nowhere to go to. Dahlia brought out her phone to call the police.

”What is that? ” Jake asked pointing at her phone. Dahlia was surprised that Jake didn know what a phone was.

”911 how can I help you? ” The receiver at the other end asked.

”Never mind ” Dahlia said, the she hanged up.

”You really don know what a phone is. Is this really happening? ” Dahlia asked hypothetically. She ordered Jake to wait for her outside as she went inside to meet her deaf grandfather; Mr. Kean. She told him about Jake using sign language and asked him if he could stay with them for some time and he agreed.

Dahlia welcomed Jake inside their home. She offers him some leftover pizza and he ate it smiling.

”So, what else don you know Jake ” Dahlia asked suprised.

”Whats that? ” Jake asked pointing at a TV.

”Thats a television. You can use it to watch stuff or play games. What else? ”

”Your house, it looks different from the one I used to live in ”

”Where did you live? ”

”In the woods, with my family ”

”Are you like… George of the jungle or like Tarzan? ” Dahlia asked confused.

”Im Jake ”

Dahlia is more confused and asked Jake what his family was doing living in the woods and how he did not know of all those modern stuff. Jake knowing he can reveal his true identity told her that he barely knew his parents so he grew up with his fathers old friend. Now he had kicked him out of the family and had nowhere to go to. Dahlia felt sorry for him. She went back to her grandfather persuaded him to let Jake stay with them till he was ready to leave. After many arguments in sign language, Mr. Kean later agreed to it.

She told Jake that he could stay for as long as he wanted and he thanked her. They went out for a walk and conversed

”So….Jake, did you attend any school? ” Dahlia asked

”Yes, thats where I learnt the things I know ”

”What was your favorite subject, history? ”

”Subject? ” Jake asked confused.

”What exactly did you learn in your school? ” Dahlia asked concerned.

”English, how to fight and you know, the likes ”

e one very very weird hot boy ” Dahlia said as both chuckled.

A dog came to meet Dahlia. She bent down a gave him a quick tickle. The dog saw Jake and began barking loudly. He tried to get the fog to stop barking but the dog bites him. Then the owner rushed to get the dog and apologized for the harm done. Dahlia saw the dog bite Jake and asked him how his hand was after the bite. She advised him to go and get the bite checked at a hospital. He refused telling Dahlia that he was alright. Dahlia asked if she could see the wound but Jake refuses. Dahlia grabbed Jakes arms looking for the bite but it was gone. Dahlia became shocked and scared. She questioned Jakes identity but he didn tell her what he was. She told Jake not to come back to the house until he was ready to come clean.

It was already getting dark and Jake was still outside with nowhere to go. He thought about the consequences of telling a human what he was and couldn bring himself to tell Dahlia the truth. He later decided to tell Dahlia the truth so she could differentiate good from bad. She knocked on the door and Dahlia opened it.

”Im ready to tell you everything ” Jake said and she let him in.

Jake told her everything she wanted to know and she became less afraid. Jake was surprised that she wasn in the least afraid that he was a werewolf. She claimed that she knew he was a werewolf the moment he didn know what I phone was. She had just him to come clean to her.

”Let me show you something, you see that cup? ” Dahlia said pointing to the cup.

”Yeah ”

”Watch ” Dahlia ordered as she lifted the cup up into the air using her mind. Jake was astonished.

”How did you do that? ” Jake asked.

”Im a witch, I don normally showcase this part of me. Its like my secret ” Dahlia said

”Good, so you and I have secrets that we don want others to know. I promise to keep yours ” Jake said bringing out his pinky.

”I promise to keep yours as well ” Dahlia said bringing out her pinky, and they both pinky swore to keep their secrets with each other.

Jake made preparations for the full moon if it were ever going to occur. They went to the chain stores to purchase some chains that would keep Jake locked up whenever he transformed.

”How much for this one? ” Jake asked as he rose a big chain up in the air.

”Woah…what do you wanna chain up bro, a big dog? ” The seller jeered.

”A very big dog ” Jake said with a clean smirk. They bought the chains and went back home. They kept the chains in the basement so that before Jake transforms, Dahlia would chain him up before any damage was done.


”Do you get weirded out when you see lots people? ” Dahlia asked Jake who was on the other side of the bed they laid down on. His faced faced Dahlias feet and vice versa.

”No, I had a lot of werewolves in my pack ”

”Can you act normal? ”

”Normal? ” Jake asked confused.

”With the questions you ask and the way you behave, people are gonna have suspicions about you. And we don want that, do we? ”

”Of course not but why a these questions Dahlia…are we going somewhere? ” Jake asked.

”Jake…….we are going to school tomorrow ” Dahlia said then Jake sat up right in shock.

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