My Crush Is An Alpha Male


Dahlia taught me how to behave like the guys in school, though she says some of them are scumbags and deserves the wrath of hell to unleash on them. Im ready for school and Dahlia is as well and we take her car to school.

Jake and Dahlia came late for their science class and the teacher; miss Flora, stopped them as they entered her class.

”Everyone, this is Dahlia Kean, whatever is she talented in you say, Ill tell ya, she has many talents one of which is coming late for my classes ” she said sternly. Everyone laughed at Dahlia making her feel embarrassed. Miss Flora noticed Jake whose face was a bit hard to detect because of the hoody he was wearing. She ordered him to take his hoody off and he did.

Everyone in the class were astonished by his beauty, even the teacher. She stuttered a bit before asking him what his name was.

”Jake….Im new here ” Jake replied.

”Have your sit.. Dahlia, youve got detention ” miss Flora said.

”Hes mine ” Jade; a student in the class demanded, telling a girl that sat beside her.

After classes, everybody stared at Jake as he walked down the halls with Dahlia.

”Why are they staring? ” Jake asked confused.

”Like I said….. you
e one very very weird hot boy ” Dahlia said.

”Detention….the teacher gave you detention, whats that? ”

”Its like a punishment you get for being a bad student, where you attend night classes with your detention buddies…thats if you have any. Sometimes I go to detention with my detention buddy Sky most times I go alone ”

”I want to go with you ” Jake insisted.

”No, everyone knows the guys don get a detention because they are new to the system….so far the only thing that has gotten a new kid into detention was when he used permanent marker on the principals car, that was like the sickest move ever! ” Dahlia said turning to Jake who was already gone. She searched for Jake and and finally saw him outside the school building.

”Is this enough to get me a detention? ” Jake asked Dahlia who was shocked at what Jake did to the principals car. He had written Jake rules all over the car with his werewolf claws. This drew the principals attention and Jake was given his detention.

”You do know that detentions soil academic records? ” Dahlia said.

”Im not looking forward to finishing… ” Jake said as both laughed.

Dahlia went to the bathroom, leaving Jake to socialize. As she washed her face, Jade walked in on her.

”So….. Jake. Is he like your cousin? ” She asked with so much inquisitiveness.

”He is my cousin…so what? ” Dahlia said

”No need to be rude…ugh! Anyways, Im interested in him. What are his likes and dislikes? ”

”Let me see….his likes… people that are not you and dislikes people that are you ”

”How dare you! ”

”Go shoot your shot and see for yourself ” Dahlia said with a clean smirk. Jade left the bathroom in anger and looked for Jake. She saw him with some boys from the football team. She walked up to him and dragged him out of there. She engaged him in a conversation telling him about her life and how her father left her family. Jake sympathized with her. He made some gestures that was supposed to make Jade leave but she was too persistent.

”Hey umm…I kinda have something to do see I got into detention….gotta prepare for that ” Jake said as he left Jade alone. She became angry but she wasn done yet. She decided to get into detention. She took a gallon of gasoline and a lighter. She poured some gasoline on the principals car and then threw the lighter; which she had already lit, on the principals car.

”Oops! ” Jade said as the car catches fire then she walked away. Students who saw what she did and reported to the principal, and Jade was given her detention.

”See you in detention ” Jade said as she walked past Jake.

Sky came to meet Dahlia and they conversed. She told Dahlia that she had just gotten detention for coming late for classes again. Dahlia told her that she had gotten one as well, so did Jade and her cousin Jake. Sky also told Dahlia that she thinks she has a crush on somebody. Dahlia got excited and asked who he was. She described him as tall, body built, had a brown hair, wore a black hoody and acted kind of weird. She also added that she saw him talking to Jade just minutes ago. Dahlia was shocked to hear Skys description. As Sky talked more and more about her crush, Jake walked up to them. As he was coming, Sky secretly pointed at him, showing Dahlia who her crush was.

”Dahlia, you won believe how crazy girls can be ” Jake said laughing.

”You too know each other? ” Sky asked confused.

”Yeah…..Jake, this is Sky my bestie, Sky, this is Jake… cousin ” Dahlia said in a shaky tone.

”What the **! ” Sky cursed.

”Hi Sky ” Jake said bringing out his hands for a handshake but Sky was too shy to shake him so she just runs away.

”Come over my place, we need to talk ” Sky demanded as she ran away.

”Ok….did I scare her away? ” Jake asked confused.

”No, no, no Jake, shes just a really really shy girl ” Dahlia said trying to back up her friend.

”Oh…..ok ” Jake said.

”So…..Jake. Have you ever thought of anybody from your pack? I mean you must have had a girlfriend or something, right? ” Dahlia asked.

”Yeah, Celeste, she was my best friend, the only girl friend I had. I miss her every single day ” Jake replied misconstruing Dahlias question as the word she was meant to use was mate.

”So, if you by any chance go back to your pack…. would you still continue this relationship? ”

”Of course, Celeste guided me and helped me, she saved my life ”

”Don you think she would have moved on? ”

”Our relationship was golden, no amount of distance would ruin it ” Jake assured Dahlia.

And so my journey in this new world begins. Dahlia is my Celeste. The guys from the football team want me to join them, but those were the scumbags Dahlia was talking about so I don think Im going to join them. Jade, a very crazy girl and Sky…I barely got to talk to her. Hope to do so soon.

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