My Crush Is An Alpha Male


So I did a bad thing and got into detention. Im sure if Celeste was her shed scold me. But hey, Id rather be in school with Dahlia than be here with her grandfather, I mean I can even speak sign language.

”What are you writing? ” Dahlia asked Jake who abruptly stops writing and tucks his journals in the drawer.

”Nothing much ” Jake said.

”Don tell me its your diary ” Dahlia jeered.

”Its not, Id rather you call it a journal than a diary ” Jake proposed.

”Diary of a medieval werewolf teen ”

”Medieval?! Im not that old ”

”You didn know what a telephone was you
e passed medieval, you
e ancient ” Dahlia joked and they both laughed.

”We are gonna go to Skys and after that, we head to school ” Dahlia said as she prepared. She changed right in front of Jake and he was shocked.

”Aren you gonna…I don know, seek somewhere private? ” Jake asked.

”What are you gonna do, **** me? ” Dahlia jeered.

”Relax, Im not even butt naked, you don need to act like youve not seen more ” Dahlia continued.

”Im not gonna argue on that ” Jake said as he got up from the chair. Dahlia was ready and he was as well. So they set out to Skys.

They got there and Dahlia knocked on the door. Sky opened it and was shocked to see both Dahlia and Jake. She slammed the door on their faces and immediately texted Dahlia. She asked her why she would bring Jake along and she said that she didn want to leave him all alone with her grandfather. Sky told her that Jake would stay in the living room while she would come to her room and she agreed. Dahlia told Jake the condition and he agreed to it….it was not as if he had any choice. Sky opened the door and welcomed them like nothing had happened. Jake did as he was told while Dahlia and Sky went upstairs to her room.

”Why is he so hot? ” Sky asked Dahlia as she jumped on her bed and laid down on it. Dahlia laid down beside her comforting her then she broke the news.

”Sky…he has a girlfriend ”

”Shut the ** up! ” Sky cussed not believing what Dahlia just said.

”Its true. Its a long-distance thing ” Dahlia proclaimed.

”Am I sure you
e not just telling me this so I would lose interest in your cousin? ”

”If theres any girl in the whole wide world I think he should date, its you Sky….you
e my best friend and Id love for you to be happy ” Dahlia said, then they hugged each other.

”I guess I just have to forget about him then ” Sky said sadly.

Skys mother came knocking at her bedroom door and opened it in such a hurry.

”Oh my God, I think I just saw a very hot teenage boy sitting on my couch ”

”Thats Dahlias cousin mum ” Sky proclaimed ashamed of her mothers behaviour. Her mother immediately closes the door embarrassed and both girls laughed.


It was already time for detention and the four students were all sitting in class with Miss Flora in charge. Everywhere was quiet. Miss Flora had instructed them all to read their science textbook from beginning to end. Later on, she received a call telling her that her dog had eaten her neighbours plants again. She quickly rushed home telling the students that when she gets back, she would give them a test. Immediately after she left the class, Jade began talking.

”So, Jake, what part of the state are you from? ” Jade asked not even a little bit concerned about where he came from.

”Umm….. Arizona ” Jake replied taking a guess.

”Oh, so you
e from around here….cool. What are your parents like? ” Jade asked.

”For ** sakes Jade can you shut the ** up? ” Dahlia proposed quite rudely.

”How bout you mind your business dahly ”

”Its Dahlia! ” Dahlia retorted.

”Thats enough both of you! ” Sky demanded.

”No one tells me what to do…Jake as I was saying, what are your parents like? ”

There was a brief pause then Jake chuckled.

”Not breathing……they died right after I was born ” Jake answered and the room became silent.

”Im so sorry Jake ” sky said remorsefully.

”You know thats the first thing youve said to me since we met ” Jake said with a smirk which made Sky blush a bit.

”So… Jake…. ” Jade said but got interrupted by Jake himself.

”Jade, do you mind? I don really feel like talking ” Jake said. Then he continued reading his book. Sky and Dahlia saw how ashamed Jade felt and they giggled.

Dahlia stepped outside to receive some fresh air when she looked up and saw that it was going to be a full moon. She rushed back to class and tells Jake secretly so the others wouldn hear. They both went to the janitors closet so they could hold him off in there. Dahlia quickly grabbed things she thought would hold off Jakes wolf out of the closet. He told her to hurry up that he couldn hold his wolf in any longer. Dahlia looked at the sky from the closets window and saw that the moon was already at its fullest. She hurriedly brought the heavy stuff out. She saw the key to the door by the window side and quickly grabbed it. When she had gotten everything out, she locked the door behind her and placed all the heavy stuff against the door.

Meanwhile, in the class, Sky and Jade were left wondering where Jake and Dahlia had gone to.

”Im gonna go look for them….just in case ” Jade said about to stand up when Dahlia rushed in panting. She instructed them to hide that she had just locked in a wolf in the janitors closet. Jade asked about Jakes whereabouts and she said that he was already hiding. Soon, they heard a repeated thud coming from the janitors closet. Then they heard the door break and a very scary growl afterward.

”Run! ” Dahlia instructed. They all ran, picking their hiding spot. Sky hid in the girls bathroom, Jade hid directly under the stairs and Dahlia hid in another classroom. Jade was petrified. Her heart was beating so fast. Her breath was heavy, but she kept calm.

Jake could scent her fear and he knew she was there. She heard his steps and became more and more scared. She began saying the Lords prayer. He appeared to her like a ghost and she screamed. The other girls heard her scream and became very worried. Jade began running and Jake ran after her. He got to her and dragged her towards him with his claws, giving her a mark on her legs. She cried out for help and Dahlia decided to go downstairs and help her. She didn care if anyone saw her using her powers. Jade had become unconscious. Dahlia rushed down to aid Jade and saw another wolf with Jake. The wolf pushed Jake away from Jade and he hit himself against the lockers. He regained consciousness quickly and goes after the wolf. They fought it out and the other wolf pinned Jake to the ground. In that moment, Jake looked into the other wolfs eyes and saw it was Celeste.

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