Thomas had just returned from out of town, he couldn wait to meet his parents who had not been home for a long time.

When Thomas just arrived at the gate that looked open and he thought it was a little strange because it was not usual for the towering gate to always be closed.

The astonishment made Thomas go down with a frown, the young man also looked around which made him anxious when he saw a lot of his fathers bodyguards who had fallen.

”What happened? ” Thomas asked himself.

Not wanting to die of curiosity, Thomas finally entered the mansion, when opening the door that was not fully closed made Thomas eyes widen.

Where Thomas is again greeted with a sea of ​​​​blood from the guards and servants who work for his father. Thomas looked for the whereabouts of his father and mother, the man found the two people not far from where he was standing.

”Daddy! ” Thomas approached his fathers body which was full of stab wounds, the old mans mouth was also bleeding making Thomas hold his breath.

”Thomas! ” called his father in a voice that sounded low. The old man tried to hold Thomas hand even though he was already so weak from losing a lot of blood.

”What happened? Who is responsible for all this? ” Thomas asked his father because he wanted to avenge the actions of the person who had done such heinous things to his family.

His fathers mouth was muttering about the incident where the attack had started, albeit with some difficulty.

When Thomass father and wife were having fun talking about their plans for a vacation, they both heard a loud noise from the front of the mansion.

At first the husband and wife did not care and also chose to ignore it because they thought that their guards were able to deal with the commotion that was happening.

Until suddenly the main door was opened so violently that Thomas parents were shocked and also saw who it was who had dared to forcibly enter their residence.

”You, no manners! ” rebuked Matthew who is Thomas father while standing and staring at people he didn recognize.

However, Matthew saw a tattoo on the arm of one of the people who had infiltrated the mansion. A black sun symbol that makes Matthew believe that this attack was carried out by one of his enemy mafia clans.

Matthew didn expect them to attack without reason and readiness to overwhelm him and even have to accept defeat.

The servants were slaughtered, the guards were also mercilessly tortured, not only that! Even his wife was also used in turn by the chairman and also the henchmen who led the attack.

Even with the vile deed it was done in front of Matthews own eyes. While he couldn do much because Matthew was tied up after being tortured, his head was forced to stare at what the criminals were doing. After they had vented their lecherous desires, they also killed Matthews wife in front of his eyes, causing Matthew to shout curses at the people.

”You savages! You are not human! ” he shouted, which was met with loud laughter, perhaps the person Matthew had guessed was the leader of the squad.

”Are we savages? ” Point to the person himself. Instead of being angry, the person smiled as he grabbed Matthews face, which was already battered.

”Yes, thats true! ” he said with a smirk that made his face look even more sinister, the man even pressed Matthews face to make the old man wince.


Matthew spat right in the persons face to which he responded casually. It was just that the rest of his men beat Matthew for daring to be so rude to their leader.

”Beat him, but don die. Let him see his destruction! ”


Thomas clenched his fists, he knew who had the flaming sun symbol. Thomas couldn just listen to Matthews words, which he thought were so vile.

”Wait for my revenge! ” growled Thomas who was now emitting a ray of anger.

Matthew shook his head, he didn want his son to die silly just because of Thomass current anger.

”If you want revenge, at least you need to prepare everything thoroughly. ” After saying that Matthew closed his eyes and breathed his last in his sons lap.

Thomas screamed, the man felt sad, angry and sad at the same time. He looked around and found that the mansion had become a sea of ​​blood, especially when Thomas saw the corpse of his mother who was so pathetic. The man vowed to take revenge on the person who had committed atrocities to his family.


Morning greets, a maid knocks on Thomas door and says Brad is waiting for him.

Finished dressing Thomas immediately met Brad in his study.

”So what information can you get? ” Thomas got straight to the point and without much ado. After all, he didn like things to be long-winded.

Brad handed him a document he had been holding, but even so the man Thomas trusted kept explaining what he could say.

”Over the past few weeks our people have been reporting on the movements of the God of Death clan, theres been nothing meaningful to raise suspicion. Even the clan is currently considered so relaxed, ” Brad explained briefly as Thomas finished reading the document. The bead was given to him.

A cynical smile was etched on Thomass lips after reading and also hearing Brads narrative, the man gave orders to his confidants to strategize before they did what they had planned for a long time.

”Gather people I can trust, lets discuss a plan before launching an action! ” Thomas said without even looking at Brad.

Brad then nodded faintly and bowed his body towards Thomas before exiting his masters study.

They did have a plan to attack the God of Deaths group, and according to Thomas the opportunity had come.

”Wait for my revenge! I won let you die so quickly, because I want to see you even beg me to grant you your own death? ” said Thomas, clenching his fists.

The man recalled the day that made him who he is today, cold-hearted and merciless.

After finishing preparing everything, Brad said that Black Death was ready for action.

”Master, the Black Death is ready! ” Brad said as Thomas exited his study.

”Tonight at nine! ” Thomas left after telling Brad this.

Although he really wanted to leave at this time, Thomas himself didn want to arouse suspicion in the community so the man finally decided to go to the company and check his winery.

When he was about to reach the main door, Thomas was again stunned by one of the maids who had just entered yesterday. The woman reminded Thomas of the person he loved so much and had to leave in the hands of the same person who killed his father and mother.

That was the beginning of the Black Death and the God of Death clashing.

”Hes very similar…. ”

Not wanting to be immersed in his past, Thomas chose to leave immediately and ignore the existence of the young ministry.

”Enjoy your time before the show starts! ” Thomas muttered as his four-wheeled vehicle sped through the city streets.

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