Greenwood Citys Military Department, Conference Room

As soon as Claude received the Truth-seeking Rod, he immediately called forth for a meeting

His position as a mere captain and not even a Vice-general would not be enough to call the executives but he has his background

Claude never shied away from using the privileges he has from his birth origin since he mostly use them for what he thinks is the greater good

Aside from that, he also informed them that the meeting would be for the sake of exposing the Clay Dolls

Since Claude confidently said that he can distinguish the real people from the Clay Dolls, the executives wouldnt even complain about the sudden meeting

They can only hope that Claude was telling the truth. The mental pressure of the Clay Doll Masters appearance was too great

These executives are worrying that their loved ones and family members were replaced by Clay Dolls without them knowing it

“Captain Claude, is what you said true?” General Bone Sage asks, clearly, he was also anxious and that is for a reason

He is the General of the Greenwood City. If the city falls, his reputation and power would also fall

If the city rises then his reputation and power would also rise

Its like he was the King of the City and his reputation and influence depends on the citys state

It was understandable that he would be anxious

“I obtained a treasure, General and theres a high chance that it could help us identify the Clay Dolls” Claude replied in affirmation

Although the Truth-seeking Rod deactivated the disguising spell of Dominant Sky, the Clay Doll masters magic is still on a different level

“May we see what the treasure is?” Bone Sage said and Claude hesitated a bit, his expression looking conflicted but he still took out the item that Rezen gave to him

Claude waved his hand and a bamboo stick appeared causing the executive to blink their eyes repeatedly

Thats the treasure that Claude was talking about? Is he messing with them?

What could a normal bamboo stick do? What would he even do with that, hit them with the stick?

The way that the executives were looking at him made Claude uncomfortable. This was the first time that he had received such a look as if he was some sort of alien

The first parts of his life werent exactly smooth sailing but his appearance always made it so that people always look at him favorably. Add that to the fact that his actions in public have always been decent made it so that he never received such looks before

Out of embarrassment, Claude hurriedly used the bamboo stick to hit the executive seating next to him at the round table

“Hey!” That executive complained. Claudes hit wasnt painful but who would like it if someone suddenly hit you with a bamboo stick in the middle of a serious meeting

That executive is either not a Clay Doll or the Truth-seeking Rods ability is not enough. Claude can only hope that it was the former

Claude continued, hitting one executive after another to the point that they started complaining together


“What the hell are you doing?”

“Have you lost your mind?!”

Claude ignored their words until he hit one of the oldest executives in the conference room

At first, he was delighted assomething finally happened after he hit a person with the bamboo but it wasnt what he had expected

Instead of turning into a Clay Doll, that executive… that executive… he wasexposed

He was actually using an illusion spell to make it look like he wasnt bald!

“Ohh, so the Thunderous Mage is actually bald”

“I knew something was off with his hair!”

“To think that he insulted me in the past for my early signs of balding”

The executives attention was momentarily focused on another matter after the exposure of Thunderous Mages baldness


That executives face turned red from anger. The way he was acting made people feel as if he would suffer from a heart attack any time from now because of his swelling emotions

“S-sorry…” Claude apologizes. He didnt expect that he would actually expose a persons baldness

This situation was the most embarrassing moment that Claude ever had and he guiltily moved on to the next executive

Before Thunderous Mage can explode from anger, the executive next to him actually changes in appearance

At first, she looks like someone that Rezen would call aMILF. She looks like a middle-aged woman but her body was curvaceous and sexy

Even her face although has the sign of old age is still beautiful

However, as soon as the Truth-seeking Rod made contact with her body, her MIL– beautiful appearance instantly changes

Her human skin vanished and was turned into some sort of an earthy grey substance

“A Clay Doll!” All the executives cried out and they hurriedly seize her before she can do anything

The people inside the conference room are still executives. They are at least above average in terms of skills and they know what to do in situations like this

“How…” thats the question in everyones mind

The Clay Doll Master is someone people are afraid of because of his magic. His Clay Dolls can skillfully impersonate anyone

The Clay Dolls can even use the magic of the person that they impersonated. And only if they are gravely injured to the point that they are on the brink of death would their real appearance be revealed

The combination of those things made it so that even mages at the 6th fusion rank would find it hard to distinguish the real from fake

“Noooo!!! I have feelings for her!” One of the executives cried out in pain. He was literally in tears and that is for the reason

The Clay Dolls have such abilities all because the people that they impersonated are sacrificed

That female executive is most likely to be dead now

“It works” Claude thought in his mind before looking at the General

“General, the item in my hand can distinguish who the Clay Dolls and who is not. With this, we can launch our raid on the Twighlight Beast” Claude said, itching to save the people that should be saved

“Captain, I understand you and the City is once again indebted to you but we still cannot give what you want. The Military is infiltrated this deep, even one or more of our executives have been replaced by fakes. We have to determine the exact number of our people that have been replaced” The General said and Claude immediately made a move

He held the bamboo in his hand as he charged at the General


“Captain Claude!”


The other executives tried to stop Claude but they failed to do so. In the end, Claude managed to hit the General that didnt dodge the Truth-seeking Rod

“Im not a Clay Doll. Im just thinking of the bigger picture which I know you do too” Bone Sage said calmly and Claude sighed before retreating

He knew what the General was considering. If there are many mages that should be protecting the city that has been replaced with Clay Dolls that means that the citys defense has been weakened severely

Their overall power has diminished and fighting a formidable enemy in that state is unfavorable

In the end, Claude has no choice but to give up on having the military raid the Twighlight Beast for the second time

“Young Master, you did what you could do” Dominant Sky said after Claude went out of the Conference Room

“What I could do is not enough. Rezen gave us the Twighlight Beasts location and the item to deal with the Clay Doll Master but we cant even save his and our people” Claude replied, his tone very bitter

Just because he would choose to save a hundred people even if that means he would sacrifice one life doesnt mean that his heart doesnt ache for that one life

This is not the first time that Claude made a decision like this but every time he did so, it would always feel like a stab in his heart

“Young Master…”

“Miss Dominant Sky, I cant just stand by and do nothing”

“I know but we cant raid them, Young Master”

Claude took a deep breath before speaking again

“Even if we cant raid them, I at least need to save Shadow Dog and Rezens subordinates”

“Young Master, you cant do that!”

“I can and I will! Thats the least thing I could do”

“Its too dangerous!”

“Then please help me”

“Even with my help, its too dangerous”

“I know but we still have to do it”

“Young Master, no!”

“We will not do it without a plan”

With that Claude walked with a certain location in his mind

It was none other than Rezens farm. He knew to himself that going without a plan is stupid but if he has Rezens help he might still succeed in the rescue operation

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