Next morning

“Damn… I actually created my own spell? And its even pretty damn good though I think I can only display its might if I reach the next rank” Rezen said to himself

He doesnt know if this is a one-time thing or what but the combination of Spirit Plant and Mutated Gold versions of Sage Tea was simply fantastic

It brings Rezen from a person that cant even understand magic theories to straight up creating his own spell which he judges as unique amongst other spells

With his new spell in mind, Rezen stood up, planning on trying the spell out when he heard knocking sounds on his doors

With his forehead creased, Rezen went to check who was knocking on his door to see a beautiful woman wearing a formal suit

From the few times that Rezen saw Dominant Sky, he had always seen her looking neat and formal

Not even the slightest bit of stain or dust can be seen on her suit. Shes always clean and presentable

However, the way she looks now can be described as… miserable

Not only was her suit tattered, but she was also reeking with the scent of blood. Even what remains of her formal suit was stained with blood

“M-Miss Dominant Sky… w-what happened?” Rezen asked while gulping

His heart was thumping hard and loud. He can feel his body sweating really hard

With the way that Dominant Sky looks, it wasnt hard to guess what might have possibly happened

She and Claude infiltrated the Twighlight Beasts base to rescue some people. Thats a place that not even a 6th fusion rank mage can walk on just because they want to

Is it possible that Claude… Rezen doesnt even want to think about it. He doesnt want to hear that good guy is actually…

“Your subordinates are here” Dominant Sky said in a tone that Rezen doesnt like. Her voice sounds defeated as if she just encountered some great misfortune

She stepped aside to show two people lying on the ground, both look even more miserable than Dominant Sky

Dominant Sky only has tattered clothes and she was drenched with blood. She was dirty but she dont have visible wounds, she might have consumed Rezens recovery pills

As for the two people lying on the ground, they look completely disfigured from head to toe

“Zero! Keito!” Rezen called out in worry. They seem to be still alive but after Rezen checked them, he remembered something

“B-Brother Claude… what happened to him? How is he?” Rezen asked nervously and he saw Dominant Sky clenching her fist

“I-I… I dont know” she replied while trembling. She seems to be holding back her emotions as she flew away

“W-wait!” Rezen tried to call her back but Dominant Sky didnt return

Rezen bit his lower lip and he can only feed his subordinates with the recovery pills to save them


“The Son of the Heavens, the Fortunes chosen, the Lucky Star, and the peoples Saint – Captain Claude Preston has been reported missing”

“Claude Preston is a very talented and kind mage. He helped a lot of people and he never bullied the weak. People call him the most fortunate person in the world due to the various fortuitous encounters he ever had that let him reach the 5th fusion rank at such a young age”

“Reports said that he is even close to reaching the 6th fusion rank and he would be the youngest to reach that rank”

“However, the Preston Family now issued an order. Whoever could help them find the missing mage, they would reward them handsomely”

“Much of the details are unknown and classified information but what is known is that Captain Claude Preston has accidentally entered a stray Blessed Land with no owner”

“A Blessed Land could either be a graveyard or land of wealth. Would the Lucky Star Claude Preston die inside or return stronger than ever?”

Rezen finished surfing the net. He thought that whatever happened to Claude would not be broadcasted and spread easily but it was actually the opposite

Mainly because the prestigious Preston Family itself was the one that issued an order to help them find their family member

“Just what exactly happened while hes saving my people” Rezen muttered before he sat on the ground

Around him were various types of vegetables, fruits, flowers, tea, and more. As long as it is something that could be planted, Rezen has or would have them

He literally filled his floor with mutated plants that he had grown in the past. There are hisfamous cherry bombs, the metal potato that he planned on handing out to Daydream after their contract was finalized, and many more

He was trying to see if he has something that he could use to locate where his Brother Claude is

He knew firsthand how dangerous Blessed Lands are. Even Rezen was a victim of it in the past

If not for the fact that the Blessed Land he entered prepared a trial that adjusts depending on how strong every individual is, Rezen would have died already

He isnt sure but he thinks that the Tattoo Warriors he encountered all have the strength of 6th rank individuals

Add that to the fact that they are Tattoo Warriors, even mages at the 6th rank would definitely not survive inside

If 6th rank mages have a high chance of dying inside those Blessed Lands, what more for Claude?

“Damn it, I should have fed him with the mutated pepper” Rezen said to himself

He managed to locate his people since all of them ate his mutated peppers but Claude is different. Rezen never had him eat the peppers that he is now regretting

Rezen stared at his crops in a defeated manner. He has many things but none of them could locate a person without prior arrangement

“Shit” he cant help but curse. The sense of weakness overcomes him again

He is just a 3rd fusion rank mage and Tattoo Warrior. If his mutated plants are useless then theres nothing else he could do

“Brother Claude…” Rezen muttered while remembering that kind and cool brother. He feels bad for not being able to do anything but he can only clench his fist

“Strength, I need strength. Maybe its not too late, as long as I grow strong enough soon, I might still be able to save Brother Claude”

Rezen renewed his resolve as he went out of his Mushroom Home to dump the mana stones he had received from Claude

His plan of exploiting the members of Twighlight Beast for money has failed but he still received enough money to upgrade his farm again

“System, upgrade the farm!” Rezen said with no hesitation

He expected something to happen to his farm but…

[Ding! Advancement Mission activated!]

[In order to upgrade the farm, the Host must complete the Advancement Mission first]

[Advancement Mission: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth

The host must use the blood of his enemies as the farms nourishment

Mission Detail: Hunt a hundred members of the Twighlight Beast and use their bodies to nourish the farm

Hunted Enemies: 0/100]

Rezen didnt know that before he can upgrade his farm, he should finish a mission first

However, since the mission is hunting the Twighlight Beast then this is at most a minor inconvenience. After all, Rezen already wants to destroy that organization that is the scum of this world

Killing a hundred of these vile people isnt a problem for him

“Twighlight Beast…” Rezen muttered while clenching his fist and to start the mission as soon as possible, he called Keito

Out of all the people, Rezen knows, only Keito could possibly help him locate the members of Twighlight Beasts

“Master, its a bit hard to locate the members. As you know, we have our masks. Most of us will wear our masks when meeting without seeing each others faces”

When the members that dont know each other meet, they often would wear masks to hide their identities

Outside, if they dont want or they cant let people know their affiliation, they would not wear the masks

This is the same situation as Crafty Snake and Keito when Rezen met them

Crafty Snake and Keitos group were out to hunt materials for the organizations werebeast nuclei. As such, they dont wear masks

The people that Keito called for Rezens failed plans are the ones he had already seen the faces

Since Keito is practically already branded as a traitor, he cant enter the base anymore to talk with those he doesnt know the faces of and learn where they are living

“Is that so…” Rezen sunk in deep thought before a lightbulb lit up in his brain

“How about the members that go outside? Arent they hunting magic beasts? Do you know where they headed?” Rezen asked

Keito was part of the Twighlight Beast. He should at least know where they are hunting

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