“Oh, right! Your father is that kind uncle. If you have money then thats good. I have a way to make you stronger, do you want to become a Tattoo Warrior?”

Rezen has eleven Tattoo Warriors under him. Ordering one of them to turn a person into a Tattoo Warrior is not hard

Rezen just thought of another money-making scheme. Could he open aTattoo Shop for the people that wants to become Tattoo Warriors?

After all, there are many people with no talent but if they can become Tattoo Warriors, although they cant increase their strength on their own, they would still obtain stronger power

“Tattoo Warrior? Whats that?” Maze was puzzled. Since he was still young and Tattoo Warriors are rarely seen, he obviously doesnt know that path

“No, Young Master, you cant become a Tattoo Warrior. That path gives people great power but it has strong side effects that can lead to death! Only those that are at the 7th rank can be safe from the side effects!”

“If thats the case then I only need to reach the 7th rank, right? Thats my goal!”

“The 7th rank… thats not something that can be achieved easily!”

“Uncle Rem, my goal has always been to become the strongest mage! Even if its hard, I have to reach that rank!”

“Young Master please listen to me! Many Tattoo Warriors died because of the side effects!”

Rezen doesnt really like watching people arguing with each other. If he does then he should have just called his parents that are still traveling the world right now for theirretirement vacation

Still, this was better than letting Maze irritate him to death and Rezen just focused on cooking

When he was done cooking simple fried pork meat, he served them to his guests that are still arguing with each other

‘Tsk, tsk, here I am, a hospitable host yet they are actually arguing in another persons home. How mannerless Rezen thought before he cleared his throat

“Ehem, if its the side effects you are worried about, dont worry, I have a way to fix it. If you really want to become a Tattoo Warrior, you can pay me to turn you into one. As for removing the side effects, it would be a regular thing. Whenever you think the side effects react to a certain point, you can come here and after paying themaintenance fee, I could clear you of the side effects”

Rezen just turned Maze into acar that would need his regular maintenance and that would give him a steady income

“Y-you can do that?” Rem asked in doubt and Rezen nodded his head

One recovery pill would do the trick since that is what Rezen always use

He literally already has hundreds of thousands of them, using one from time to time to remove the paths side effects wouldnt hurt

“Yeah, so if youre interested, Ill visit you tomorrow” Rezen said since he also plan on going to the city again



After Rezen cooked several dishes, he took a shower before coming out of his Mushroom Home

He could finally upgrade his farm!

Without wasting any more time, Rezen waved his hand and the ten corpses of Twighlight Beasts members appeared

“System, absorb the quest materials and upgrade the farm!”

[Ding! Detecting corpses of Twighlight Beast members x10!]

[Ding! Advancement Mission completed!]

[Ding! Initiating Farms upgrade!]

A mysterious and marvelous power suddenly descended on Rezens farm. This mysterious power feels similar to the power that envelops this place when he designated it as his farm and also when he first upgraded his farm

However, this descending power also gave off a superior aura as it seeps into the farms soil

Rezen can feel the ground below him shaking as the mysterious power transformed his farm into another level

The upgrade happened in a short duration and after it, the farm still looks the same but Rezen knew that wasnt the case

[Ding! Congratulations to the Host for upgrading the farm. The farm can now grow Spirit Plants at Quality 4]

“Success!” Rezen exclaimed happily. With this, its only a matter of time before he and his subordinates reach the 4th rank

As long as he has his supply of Spirit Plants and he obtained a Mysterious Peach or Banana in the 4th grade, his power would increase one more!

After upgrading his farm, it is finally time for a celebration and Rezen called his subordinates and ordered them to return

Those subordinates of his live simple lives. Half of them would typically stay in the Rising Sage Academy to study while the other half from day to night would hunt magic beasts

However, that would soon change. Since the farm is upgraded, Rezen can have his subordinates focus on studying the Tattoo Warrior path and reach the peak of 4th rank


The next day

As soon as Rezen woke up, he washed up a bit before taking a visit to a certain tree on his farm

This tree wasnt that tall and is only a few meters in height. It gave off a slightly sweet scent and despite it looking like a normal true, its aura was far from normal

Rezen can sense the countless types of power that this tree possesses. It was a bit similar to mystic gems but instead of only containing one kind of power, this tree seems to hold all and every type

This tree was precisely the Mysterious Peach Tree. Even without sacrificing some corpse or mana stones for lottery tickets, this tree regularly supplies Rezen with a mysterious peach

Its just that, the number of fruits is completely random. This day, the tree could bear one fruit but give ten tomorrow

Theres no telling how many mysterious peaches Rezen could gain from it every day

“Wow, lucky, it actually bore 50 fruits today! This is the most number of fruits it gave me in a day!” Rezen said happily as he plucked off the peaches one by one while checking their quality

To Rezens surprise, the peach tree actually has one fruit at quality 4! This means that this peach after consumption would teach Rezen a spell at the 4th fusion rank!

This is also the highest quality of peach he had received!

“Hehehehe…” Rezen cant help but laugh happily when his phone suddenly rang

He took it out of his pocket and saw Mazes number on it as they exchanged numbers yesterday

“Hello?” Rezen said after answering the call

“Big brother, when will you visit me? I already informed my father and he said as long as you can prove that you can remove the side effects, he would be paying you with 150,000 mana stones!”

For now, Rezen planned on turning Maze into a 3rd rank Tattoo Warrior at max and receiving 150,000 mana stones for that is not had considering that mages at that level would spend years earning that much money

However, Rezen has some plans. In the past, he was too lazy to compute since math is not something that he is very good at

But now, since just upgrading the farm to level 4 already costs 50 million mana stones, Rezen can only imagine how ridiculously expensive it is to upgrade it again

Rezen has to start raising the prices of his goods that in other peoples eyes is almost the same as giving them out for free!

“Alright, alright, I got it. Ill go there soon” Rezen replied before directly hanging up the call

There is still something that he should do and that is of course eating the quality 4 mysterious peach!

With a grin, Rezen hold the peach in his hand and he excitedly bit on it. That sweet fruity heavenly taste of the peach covered his taste buds

This peach is simply divine. It was tastier than the other mysterious peaches that Rezen had eaten before

His whole body trembled as it felt like he was floating in the sky while sleeping on the clouds when…

“A-argghh!!!” Rezen cried out from pain. His mind was suddenly assaulted with waves and waves of information

There was so much information that Rezens head literally hurts as if it would explode any moment from now

Rezen sweated heavily and he was forced to kneel down on the ground. He can feel his clothes sticking on his body because of the excessive amount of sweat he released

“Huff… huff…”

Fortunately, the pain didnt last long since the informations rate of transmission was fast

“Damn… that was painful but… totally worth it! I was lucky this time, that mysterious peach gave me a sun-type spell! With this, I dont have to condense another mystic gem from scratch!”

After all, to have a 4th fusion rank mystic gem, Rezen would need two 3rd fusion rank gems. To have that 3rd fusion rank gem, Rezen has to fuse two sets of 2nd fusion rank gems and so on

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