“Rezen, I feel like I could shatter a boulder with a single punch!” Neil exclaimed while clenching his fist

Currently, the three of them; Rezen, Neil, and Six were strolling around the Greenwood City

They already finished turning both Maze and Neil into Tattoo Warriors with the latter definitely stronger than the former

After all, Maze is only a 2nd fusion rank mage and a 1st rank Tattoo Warrior. Even if Neils mage path is inferior, his brute strength as a 3rd rank Tattoo Warrior could definitely defeat someone like Maze

“Thats not an illusion, you definitely could shatter a boulder with a single punch” Rezen replied

Tattoo Warriors at that level can send a punch as strong or stronger than magic spells at their level

Shattering a boulder is nothing but a piece of cake

“Really?! Damn, youre really amazing. And to think just months ago you were complaining about not having a golden finger. Wait, dont tell me you actually have one? Be honest to me!”

Neils eyes were staring at Rezen eagerly as if he wouldnt let him off without receiving an answer

“Y-youre thinking too much. I-I just had some fortuitous encounter” Rezen answered awkwardly while looking at Neil incredulously

Neil definitely hit the bullseye to the point that Rezen wondered if this friend of his actually broken through thefourth wall

“Tsk… aside from you, who could have such a powerful and mysterious Master suddenly?” Neil sneered.

“A-anyway, Im eager to watch you get your revenge from that asshole from the Ystantine Family. Where can we meet them?” Rezen said to change the topic and fortunately, he succeeded

“Youre right, thinking of it, Im also eager to avenge myself. Hehehe, with my new powers, I definitely could avenge myself! But wait, he is from the Ystantine Family. Wouldnt I be courting death if I offend them?”

In his family, Neil is the only one that is treading the path of mages yet he is only a 1st fusion rank mage

Compared to the Ystantine Family, he was like an ant. No matter how much he wants to avenge himself, there are still a lot of things to be considered

“How is the strength of the Ystantine Family? Do they have 6th fusion rank mages?”

“I dont know if they have one but they have a lot of mages at the 5th fusion rank! More than what the Ceres Family has!”

Now, this is tricky. Rezen can only hope that there isnt a peak powerhouse amongst the Ystantina Family

After all, even if Rezen has connections, 6th fusion rank mages are still at the top of thesecular world

With Rezens current strength, even if he and his subordinates cannot kill 5th fusion rank mages they can still survive. But a mage above that rank… if they were angered then with their various means…

“Then Ill ask Rain or Florine later. If they dont have then dont be afraid of them!”

The trio continued on their way when Rezens attention was caught by a part of the city where several houses in a row were utterly destroyed

“What happened here?” Rezen asks curiously while pointing at the demolished houses

“Oh, right, I almost forgot about this! Rezen, you dont go inside the City often but the City is actually very dangerous these days!”

ɴ[0)ᴠᴇʟ “There are many cases where civilians and weak mages are attacked by the terrorists, Twighlight Beasts!”

“Their battles resulted in the destructions of property. Sigh… these people are pitiful, they lost their valuables but the legendary mage didnt appear again to fix things”

The legendary mage that Neil was pertaining to is most likely the mage that returned the infrastructures back to normal after Space Fox and the others attacked the Greenwood City

Neil doesnt know who that mage was and even Rezen from his connections only learned that the mage was above the 6th fusion rank mage and with their mysterious power, they easily returned all the citys infrastructure back to normal

After all, in that battle, the damage to properties was severe and would take a long time and a lot of money to restore everything back to normal

As for the small battles, it seems like it wasnt enough for the legendary mage to make a move again

“Such power…” Rezen cant help but admire that mage after he remembered them

With a wave of their hand, the severely damaged City was restored back to normal. How could they do such a thing?

“Wait… how about you and your parents? Dont you want to move out considering the dangers?” Rezen said with a frown

He rarely went inside Greenwood City after acquiring his system and he is really clueless about what was happening inside. He didnt expect that even the inside of the city is already dangerous

“Sigh… even if we want to move out, where? Other cities are also like this. No one expected that the power of the Twighlight Beast was already this terrifying!”

“I even feel bad for the parents that loses their children and the children that became orphans! There was a sudden large influx of orphans in the city!”

Without power, ones life would be at the mercy of others. That is the truth of this world

“Indeed, they are pitiful…” Rezen agreed before Six joined the conversation

“Master, I have another suggestion. Can I speak?” Six said respectfully

No matter how many times Rezen tried to make his subordinates treat him like a friend, they are still overly polite

“Yeah, sure, what is it?”

“Master, why dont you adopt the orphans?”

“Huh? Like a charity? Why the sudden suggestion? Do you feel bad for them? If you do then I can give you some money and you can donate it to the orphanage”

“Master, I dont care about other people, I only care about you. I suggested for Master to adapt the orphans so that you could turn them into Tattoo Warriors and add them to your force”

At that, Rezens eyes twinkled. An Artificial Human is definitely superior to most humans whether it be their absorption or comprehension talent

These AH are all above average by human standards. Although they are not the cream of the crop, they are still considered elites

Moreover, they are all loyal to Rezen. The only downside was that growing each and every one of them was extremely expensive

However, if Rezen takes in more subordinates and turns them into Tattoo Warriors that dont need to fear the side effects of the said path… wouldnt Rezens dream of forming a powerful organization comes true?

Right now, that dream of his was halted considering that it would cost a lot of money. He cant just plant one Artificial Human after another

But if its normal humans then things might be different

Rezen already had a taste of how convenient and awesome having subordinates was

Just look at theKeito incident. Rezen wouldnt be able to subdue him if not for Zeros help. Not to mention subdue, Rezen might have died back then

“B-but adapting orphan ehem… isnt that like child labor?” Rezen said awkwardly. He still has some humanity inside him and to make kids his subordinates and make them work their asses off…

“Master, those orphans would starve to death if they continue to increase. With their feeble strength, they also have a high chance of dying”

“If Master recruited them then Master could turn them into powerful warriors! Even if Master cannot mass produce 4th rank Tattoo Warriors, an army of 3rd rank Tattoo Warriors shouldnt be a problem”

A single seed of quality 4 Spirit Plants costs tens of thousands of mana stones. If Rezen only needed one or two of them then there is no problem

But if he decided to form an army then he would definitely need millions of mana stones that he currently lacks

As such, Rezen could only form a small elite group of 4th rank Tattoo Warriors and a large army of 3rd rank Tattoo Warriors with his current finances

“Master, if you recruit them then you would be helping them greatly. Besides, doesnt master like cute things? Just imagine an army of kids charging at your enemies”

In Rezens imagination, an army ofminions was attacking a mighty dragon. Instead of being cute, it looks funny but if that imagination is turned into reality then Rezen felt like he was abusing the kids

“Wow… I didnt expect that Six could be this heartless” Neil unconsciously muttered while seeing Six in a new light

“Im just trying to help my Master” Six justified

“Lets forget about this now. But your suggestion sounds good just that instead of recruiting kids, I would like to recruit adults”

Rezen would definitely be frowned upon if he does Sixs suggestion. Since he wanted to form more connections while he was still weak then he cant recruit those orphans

Still, Rezen is already considering mass-producing Tattoo Warriors that are adults

He doesnt want to resort to child labor. But soon, without him knowing, whether he likes it or not, he would still decide to gather the orphans

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