“Myriad Treasure Lord, you better be true to your words. If not, even if we sacrifice our lives…” one of the red robe mages with white masks said with a threatening tone

The Daydream Chairmans nickname is Myriad Treasure Lord. He is most commonly known by that name

As a 6th fusion rank mage, he could definitely slay the two members of Scarlet Death Squad without a sweat

The Myriad Treasure Lord is not the strongest mage at his rank but he could defeat or even kill several mages at the same rank

That was all thanks to the treasures he possesses. As Daydream has the backing of 7th rank mages, the number of Mystic Items that Myriad Treasure Lord can use are numerous

Many Mystic Items in his possessions were infused with the power of 7th rank mages. If he use them, even a mage at the same rank would be at his mercy

However, despite Kacys tyrannical prowess, the Scarlet Death Squad would never be afraid

“Rest assured, whether it be Daydream or I, we dont want to be enemies with the Preston Family” Kacy replied and only then did the two guards blended with the shadows and vanish from everyones sight though they are surely still hiding nearby

“Are all the members of the Preston Family a darkness-type mage?” Rezen thought. Whether it be Claude, Shadow Dog, or these two guards, all of them have darkness-type mystic gems

“Rezen, can I negotiate with you? Dont worry, with the magic contract, I could never harm or take advantage of you. The Dark Saint paid quite a price to make me sign the contract” Kacy said with a polite smile

With his aura withdrawn, he only looks like a normal middle-aged man yet his eyes were glowing with shrewdness

“Alright…” Rezen agreed and he sent his spirit plantpets away

Since those spirit plants are lower in quality and in strength, both Kacy and Macy just ignored them.

Rezen guided the pair of father and son in the new arrangement outside his Mushroom Homes

The Mushroom Homes were altered and modified by Rezen to form a rectangular shape

In the middle of the Mushroom Homes of Rezens artificial humans was his own Mushroom Home

Outside of Rezens Mushroom Home was a pinkish table emitting a nice fragrance

That table was made from mutated rosewood and they kind of complimented the slight fragrance from the cherry blossoms tree

Rezen likes it and with the help of his people, he made a large round table along with chairs enough for him and the eleven artificial humans

“Nice table set” Kacy complemented with glowing eyes

Despite the average craftsmanship, the table was quite aesthetically pleasing. Depending on the woods price and other properties, Daydream can manufacture luxury woodworks and sell them to the rich

“Thanks, please have a seat” Rezen replied politely as he sat down followed by the pair of father and son

Before Rezen can speak again, Kacy placed a void storage ring on the table and pushed it toward Rezen

“I came uninvited. Please accept my small gift” Kacy said and in curiosity, Rezen checked the rings contents and he unconsciously inhaled a mouthful of sharp breath

“So many mana stones!” Rezen exclaimed

He had a hard time amassing a wealth of 50 mana stones before he triggered the advancement mission and upgraded his farm

However, right now, this ring alone contains a hundred million mana stones. Thats twice as many as the mana stones Rezen used to upgrade his farm!

When he asked the system, he learned that to upgrade his farm again, 500 million mana stones are needed. This void storage ring is already 1/5 of what Rezen needed!

Naturally, such a large wealth moved Rezens heart but he still forced himself to calm down

From the novels he had read, businessmen are always shrewd. Most of their gifts have meaning

“This… may I know the reason why you are giving me this much money?”

“Rezen, you dont have a formidable master backing you, right?”

Rezens eyes flickered at that and his body trembled. How did this man know?

“Hahaha… I was just trying to pry some information but your body reaction cant lie. Indeed, you dont have a formidable force backing you”

Normally, Rezen could simply lie. After all, he considers himself a great liar. Its just that, he was too surprised. His body language betrayed him before he can lie

“Dont worry, as I said, I had a magic contract with the Dark Saint. I cant harm you both directly and indirectly”

Despite hearing that, Rezen is still not comfortable

“What do you want?”

“First, take the mana stones as an expression of my goodwill. And second, if possible, I want Daydream to be the only group you would supply your spirit plants”

“If I refuse?”

“As I said, I cant harm you. I cant even use underhanded tactics to force you. The decision is up to you. But just know that even if you could earn millions of mana stones in a day for your spirit plants, I and Daydream could never harm you. If Im not wrong, attracting troubles should be your concern, right?”

Rezen doesnt know why but he felt like no matter what he thinks or does, he would still agree to what Kacy wants

He originally plan on slowly progressing and when he has enough power, he could unscrupulously sell spirit plants to make more progress

Kacy, however, comes knocking on his doorsteps and is willing to give Rezen a shortcut

“What a frightening businessman” Rezen thought. The aura from Kacy made Rezen very tempted

This smiling middle-aged man seems to have the talent to draw people in

“Can I think about it first?” Rezen asks since he doesnt want to make any careless decisions while he is still weak

“Certainly, and just take this as a bribe”

Kacy gave Rezen another void storage ring before excusing himself while bringing Macy along

When Rezen checked the void storage ring, he was once again given a surprise

“This… did he already investigate me?”

If the first ring has millions of mana stones, the second ring on the other hand has countless seeds of spirit plants many of which are something that Rezen doesnt have

Rezen with the help of Florine and Claude gathered a number of spirit plants but they are mostly common to just a bit rare

Thebribe given by Kacy on the other hand contains seeds of at least rare spirit plants to the ones that are practically impossible to be bought with money alone. Many of which are of great help to Rezen


“Is this the Blue Jade Tree?” Rezen muttered while staring at a newly grown tree

This tree as of right now is still small, only a meter tall yet the lifeforce it contains was already quite high

In this world, spirit plants are categorized. There are quality 1, 2, 3, and above that is only helpful to mages at certain ranks

However, there were also spirit plants outside of the usual grading which was the special Spirit Plants

Unlike the other spirit plants that havefixed value or strength if it was a conscious spirit plant, the special Spirit Plants are different

They can be a heaven-defying treasure if the conditions are met!

Just look at this Blue Jade Tree. If the conditions are met, it could bore blue jade fruits and these fruits are highly sought by all the forces in this world for a reason

These blue jade fruits are even particularly useful to Rezen since it has the ability to improve a persons absorption talent

Until now, Rezens talent is only around 20% but if he consumed enough blue jade fruits, he could reach the legendary grade talent. Of course, for that to happen, who knows how many fruits he would need

Rezens talent is still low and he consumed way more resources than other mages

He can upgrade his talent by redeeming blessings but it was a matter of luck unlike the blue jade fruits

From what he knows, although from ungraded to 6th fusion rank mages the absorption talent can be supplemented by resources it was different if a mage wants to reach the 7th rank

Heroic (60%) and legendary (90%) talents have some chance for a breakthrough, superior (40%) is almost impossible, and below that was impossible

Absorption talent doesnt play much role for mages at the 6th rank and below but once they broke through to the 7th rank, the absorption talent would either greatly hinder or greatly help them

All mages including Rezen want to upgrade their talents as high as possible and treasures like Blue Jade Fruits were one of the few ways to do so

Rezen was given the seed of the Blue Jade Tree and after a day, the seed grew into a tree but it still didnt bore any fruit and he decided to check the trees description

[Name: Blue Jade Tree

Quality: Special

– A great treasure tree of heaven and earth capable of producing blue jade fruits that can enhance a lifeforms absorption talent. The more fruits are consumed, the lower the effects would be

– Current Fruit Production Rate: 1 fruit/week

Note 1: the tree can absorb other treasures of heaven and heart to produce more fruits at a time or permanently increase its production rate

Note 2: Average treasures of heaven and earth can only be used as nourishment to produce more fruits but not permanently increase the trees production rate]

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