“System, can you tell me what that special energy pertains to?” Rezen asked, trying his luck

[No] the system replied in an instant

“Why do I sense sarcasm?” Rezen wondered. It really feels like his system changed after the farms upgrade

Rezen knew that it would be useless to try and get an answer from the system and he can only do the next best thing

“Black Dancer, Shadow Dancer, check that black snake corpse and see if you can sense strange energies from it” Rezen ordered and he watched as the two tried to inspect the corpse

“Sir Rezen, there is indeed a remnant of strange energy on this corpse but we dont know what or where this energy comes from” Shadow Dancer replied causing Rezen to frown

If even elite 5th fusion rank mages cant understand what and where these energies are coming from then there is really something fishy about these black snakes

“Can one of you take this corpse back to the Preston Family and have them analyze it? There are tens of thousands of these snakes moving towards Greenwood City” Rezen said. He really has a bad feeling about these black snakes

“Tens of thousands?” Black Dancer exclaimed in surprise

He was the one that caught these black snakes but he didnt engage them for a long time

He knew that there are a lot of black snakes underground but he didnt expect that their number was that high

If such a large number of snakes attacked the residents of Greenwood City then there would be thousands of casualties even if the 6th fusion rank mages decide to make their move

6th fusion rank mages are not omnipotent. If the black snakes decide to attack in different directions, it would be hard to kill them all while lowering human casualties.

“Sir Rezen, well call some people from the military to take the corpse and inform them. We cannot leave you”

“No, dont you already know there might be spies from the military? The previous General and Vice-general are not Clay Dolls but they defected to Twighlight Beasts. Although the black snakes might not be the Twighlight Beasts work, who knows what they would do with this information? It would be better if both the military and Preston Family analyze these snakes”

Both Rezen and Claude almost died at the hands of the traitor general. As of right now, Rezen is unable to trust the military

In the end, they decided to call and wait for other mages of the Preston Family to come and take the black corpse since Rezens guards cannot leave him and expose him to danger


Inside a pub, a drunk middle-aged man could be seen. The middle-aged man was sitting on a stool with a large glass of beer in front of him

In his hand was a pendant and inside the pendant was a photo of a woman

“Waahh!!! Honey, how *hik* can you leave me for another *hik* guy? I-is it because *hik* h-hes handsome? O-or y-younger?” The man cried out before chugging the entire large glass of beer

Due to how fast he was drinking, a trail of beer drips down to his chin, neck, and chest

After a few seconds, he even choked loudly and the bartender hurriedly handed him a napkin

Instead of being thankful, the middle-aged mans fierce eyes stared at the bartender angrily

“W-what *hik* did you do to my b-beer? *hik* do your job r-right! W-what kind of *hik* beer would choke p-people!” The man said in an unreasonable way

The poor bartender that was only trying to make a living can only apologize to the drunk man but inside him, he was fuming

‘Is it my fault that you choked like a kid? The bartender thought coldly but as he is afraid of losing his job, he didnt dare reflect his thoughts on his face

Unfortunately, despite just trying to make a living, in this world, there are assholes that would try to make your life harder than it already is

“H-how dare you to talk back?! I-is it you?! A-are you the young man that my *hik* wife left me for?!”

The drunk middle-aged man started throwing a fit. He grabbed the bartenders collar aggressively to hit him

It comes to the point that the guards have to drag him outside of the pub and threw him away for making a scene


The mans back landed on the large trash bin yet the pain it caused didnt do anything to help him become sober again

“D-damn you all!!” The man cursed and unknowingly to him, a small black snake suddenly emerged from the ground

The snake acted as if it doesnt have a physical body, passing through the ground like a ghost

The snake then moved towards the drunk man and entered his body through his palm

Such a snake entered the mans body yet he didnt even notice it

This kind of situation has happened more than once inside Greenwood City. The black snakes targeted the people that couldnt notice their presence and hid inside their bodies

There are a few snakes that were caught and killed because of their choice of targets

As such, the black snakes didnt cause much of an uproar in Greenwood City


The next day

“Keito, what do you think of this draft? Is this good enough to strengthen our farms defense?” Rezen asks the man sitting on his side

Currently, he was outside of his Mushroom Room. The ambiance that the cherry blossoms tree created was simply a paradise considering that the Nightmare Crows are outside today to help capture more magic beasts since theres still a large space left in the 1 acre of land assigned to them

As Keito lived his whole life as a human, Rezen decided to consult him with the outline that he had drawn

He planned on making his farm as solid as a fortress. Planting conscious spirit plants was just the first step and a band-aid solution

He has to reorganize his farm and make it harder for enemies to invade

“Master, youre not actually doodling? I thought you wanted me to watch you doodling and give you compliments after” Keito asks in surprise causing Rezens face to turn crimson red out of embarrassment

He even unconsciously hid the draft with his arms while crying inside him

This is something that he had spent a lot of effort to create, okay? This Keito although was brainwashed to be loyal to him still retains his personality and his words were painful

“Im sorry, Master” Keito apologizes after seeing Rezens reaction

“I-is it really that bad?” Rezen asks and Keito didnt hesitate to nod his head

“Master, even a 3rd grader would be better at drawing than you are” Keito answered honestly and Rezen grumbled inside him

This bastard is too frank! Cant he leave some dignity for Rezen?!

“Fine! Then are you good at drawing?”

“Im not the best but I could do better”

“Alright, then Ill say what I want and you draw it! If you have thoughts or you think that the plan is not good or it could be improved, say it!”

Rezen is aware of how lacking he is. If not for the system, he might still be struggling at the ungraded rank

He is also not narrow-minded to think that all of his plans are perfect and he wouldnt hesitate to consult his subordinates on things

This is why he likes the way that although all of his subordinates are overwhelmingly loyal, they still have their own personalities and emotions

“Master, can I first check the plants that we can use?” Keito asks and Rezen nodded his head

Rezen went inside his Mushroom Home to retrieve a laptop that also has the compilation of plants that he has and handed it to Keito

“Master, you forgot to close your tabs. And why is the video on the first five minutes. Could it be…”

Like a phantom, Rezen moved. His Mystic Tattoos spread all over his body and in a blink of an eye, his hand slammed on the laptop

As Rezen was unable to control the strength he exerted, he accidentally broke his own laptop


“You never saw anything, understood?”

“Yes, I never saw that Master only lasted for less than 5 minutes hehe” Keito replied with a chuckle

He was brainwashed to be loyal to Rezen but his memories are still intact. Naturally, he knew that he was captured by Rezen

He might have been brainwashed but deep inside him he might still be burning with rage

Now that Keito had seen something that made Rezen extremely embarrassed, he cannot help but be happy

“G-go inside! Use the computer!” Rezen almost shouted while crying rivers of blood inside him

He was deeply regretting sleeping right after doingsomething last night. This was one of the most embarassing moments of his life!

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