5 days later

Greenwood City

The Slums

Hidden inside the slums was the branch of Twighlight Beast inside Greenwood City

Inside the meeting room was a group of people sitting around the rectangular table

In front of the tip of the rectangular table, there were two seats reserved for the two people that have the highest authority in this branch

Both of these two mages were wearing fox masks. One mask was of a snow fox and the other was of a brownish red fox

They are mages at the 6th fusion rank, Snow Fox and Space Fox!

In this branch of Twighlight Beasts, they are thehead wielding endless authority and not for no reason

Even amongst the 6th fusion rank mages, they are considered elites. Even the Fairy of the Forest – Florine was unable to capture or kill Space Fox when she attacked Greenwood City

Aside from these two, there were also other mages wearing their own masks sitting at their sides numbering more than a dozen

The aura that these mages emitted were only inferior to Snow Fox and Space Fox, this more than a dozen mages are at the 5th fusion rank!.

Just with the prowess of these people alone, they could already be considered a peak force in Greenwood City

In fact, they might be the strongest force including the military at least at the surface

The top forces in Greenwood City only have one 6th fusion rank mage. Even the military only has the General at that level

However, aside from the strength of these forces that are in thelight they surely also have more mages hiding in the dark

Still, Twighlight Beast was undoubtedly a top force in Greenwood City. Not to mention, this is just a branch of them

“How did the military discover the black snakes this early?! And why is the Preston Family also investigating?!” Space Fox questioned

Because of the masks and the fact that their bodies were covered with mage robes, it was hard to determine whether the two top mages; Snow and Space Fox were male or female

However, everyone in this room has power and status. As such, they are aware that these two mages are both females

But in this world where toppling mountains and parting the seas was completely possible, the other mages wouldnt dare act in a rude way

In this world, it was almost impossible for a 5th fusion rank mage like them to defeat a 6th fusion rank mage

Not everyone is the same as Claude Preston that is said to be blessed by the world itself

As such, after hearing that question, all these mages that are normally arrogant can only lower their heads. They were frightened to the core

As the Twighlight Beasts is adark faction organization, the members they have naturally are far from being kind

“Is no one going to answer us?” Snow Foxs bone-chilling voice entered everyones ears

It felt as if both their souls and bodies were suddenly engulfed by a chilly air

The more than a dozen mages are all Noble Lords of the Twighlight Beast but in front of the Imperial Lords, they are as weak as a chicken

“Useless! To think that I have to investigate on my own!” Space Fox said angrily

Out of everyone here, she is the most suitable for the job since she is a spatial mage. In terms of escaping and gathering information, she is one of the best

The Noble Lords shuddered in fright, their heads hanging low when the space above them suddenly twisted

A hole in space appeared and the way it appeared was different from the way that spatial mages did it

Spatial mages use magic to create and stabilize portals they could travel in. However, this hole in space was in a literal senseripped apart to forcefully create a spatial portal

Even 6th fusion rank mages cannot do something like this. This only means that the holes creator was an existence above the 6th fusion rank mages

This was the doing of a 7th rank mage!

From the hole in space, a figure clad in black robes came out. All of his features were covered with the robe and there was some sort of power around him that made it impossible to see his face

“E-Elder Shadow Snake!”

Someone from the group of mages exclaimed and everyone inside the meeting room hurriedly kneeled down in panic

This is Elder Shadow Snake! The mage that is the closest to Her Majesty the Serpentine Empress!

The mages at thesecular world meaning, the ones at the 6th fusion rank and below have never seen the Serpentine Empress

However, the Elders like Elder Shadow Snake are different. They have seen the Empress

The Twighlight Beast has more than one or two 7th rank mages. Even their members are unaware of just how many 7th rank mages they have

However, every 7th rank mages of them are afraid of the Serpentine Empress for some reason

Their fear is only for the Empress though and definitely not for themortal mages

Out of all the 7th rank mages of the Twighlight Beast, Shadow Snake is the most active of them but is also one of the strongest

Mages at his level seldom interfere in thesecular world but he actually appeared here

A proof that the plan for Greenwood Citys fall is a big deal for the organization and not even the slightest bit of mistake could be tolerated

“Its not only your subordinates that are useless, both of you are also useless! It was not enough that the hidden Clay Dolls are discovered one by one causing the plans to be forcefully altered. Even after days of the military and the Preston Family sniffing around, you still havent found the reason!” Shadow Snake rebuked

He was floating in the air and not releasing even a hint of aura. Its like he was just a normal person. No, its like he doesnt even exist, he was no different than air and empty space

Even though he was in everyones eyes, they cannot sense his existence at all

An entity that cant be sensed even if they are in front of you is more fearsome than a strong entity with an overwhelming aura! The latter at least is straight and direct and not mysterious unlike the former

“E-Elder, w-we a-apologize for our incompetence!” The trembling Space Fox apologizes in fear

She was normally the arrogant and furious one in front of her subordinates earlier but in front of an Elder, even a thousand Imperial Lords are nothing!

“Hmph!” Shadow Snake snorted coldly before Space Fox trembled even harder than before

“N-no! I-I apologize! P-please forgive me!”

Everyone inside the meeting room suddenly saw Space Fox crawling in fear while trying to remove something from her body

However, everyone, including the silent yet also fearful Snow Fox cant see whatever Space Fox was trying to remove from her body

They didnt even sense any magic fluctuations nor did they witness the Elder using a magic circle

For mages at the 7th rank, they could effortlessly cast spells without the aid of a magic circle with a might and versatility surpassing even 6th-grade spells

To outsiders view, Space Fox just suddenly acted insanely but it was different for her

In Space Foxs eyes, she can see countless snakes crawling on her body while slowly devouring every inch of her

No matter how much she tries to resist, the endless number of snakes coming for her was not the slightest bit affected

“Hmph! Be thankful that me using magic might be sensed by the other 7th rank mages. If not, all of you would suffer for your incompetence!”

As soon as the Elder said that, the vision of endless snakes that Space Fox suffered from disappeared and she stared around her in confusion

Themortal mages might have not sensed any magic fluctuations but mages at Shadow Snakes level are completely different

In fact, if this place wasnt a branch of Twighlight Beast that was protected by magic, he wouldnt dare use even a little bit of power

Once he unleashes his power, he would be akin to a blinding light in the middle of a dark night

His appearance here could never be known to anyone

“This bastard is the reason why the military was alerted this early and why the Preston Family has become involved. If all of you are not incompetent, I wouldnt even have to investigate myself!”

After saying that, Shadow Snake flicked his finger and more than a dozen small black beams were sent by him that entered everyones forehead

“If you met that bastard outside, kill him without the slightest bit of hesitation but do not go on your way just to purposely kill him! Hes under the protection of the Preston Family and killing him would attract their attention. Remember, we have to destroy Greenwood City but not in a way that would earn too much attention!”

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