Not far from Rezen and company, an entourage of thousands of large ants can be seen. All of these ants have brownish carapace and sharp mandibles, giving off a threatening aura

On top of one of the large ants, a mage can be seen sitting. He was wearing a loose white robe with a ghost mask on his face

His aura showed his identity as a 5th fusion rank mage. If it was just him, the situation wouldnt be too dangerous

However, he brought with him thousands of ants with over a dozen of them even reaching the 5th rank!

If the artificial humans along with Keito, Black Dancer, and Shadow Dancer joined hands, they could fight against at least 6 or 7 enemies at that level

However, the opposing side has more than a dozen 5th ranks. This has turned the situation extremely dangerous

“Go” the mage casually said and the large ants made their move

These ants are called Giant Sand Ants. They have sharp mandibles, hard carapace, and the ability to use sand magic

Each of them was at least 1 meter long and the stronger ones were usually larger. Even the Giant Sand Ant that the ghost mask mage was riding on was 2.5 meters long at the very least


A large amount of sand was instantly generated as the Giant Sand Ants spat a sandy breath

“Defend!” Zero screamed in rage. His aura rose as his whole body was filled with the power of light

Raging winds appeared around him as the source as he dash. His Mystic Tattoos worked to their fullest and he waved his hand, sending a thick beam of light towards the sand

The other artificial humans along with the guards from the Preston Family also worked hard to defend against the enemies


All the people protecting Rezen were blown away. Just the attack from the combination of more than a dozen Giant Sand Ants were already something that they can hardly resist. What more if there were thousands of lower-ranking ants included?

Rezens subordinates are in better condition. They are weaker but they at least have Rezens recovery pills with them and most of them managed to consume the pills to heal while more than half of them were instantly rendered unconscious with heavy injuries

The strongest of Rezens protectors were the guards from the Preston Family but since they dont have recovery pills, a single round of attack from the enemies also heavily injured them to the point that they lost consciousness

The ghost mask mage was about to order the ants for another round of attack when he snorted

“[Ghost Hand!]”

A deathly aura covered the mages hand and strange purple fire covered it that he uses to block a vine that tried to slap him to death

The whole Greenwood City was covered with trees from Florines [Great Eternal Forest] spell

These trees could either attack the enemies or heal the allies. After sensing the strong aura coming from the ghost mask mage and the Giant Sand Ants, the trees were stirred and they started to attack

“If the Fairy of the Forest is focusing on this old man then I can only die. But with a large-scale spell that covered an entire city, even if it was a 6th fusion rank mage, they have to exert an effort if they want to kill this old man!” The mage harrumphed and as soon as his hand made contact with the vine, the vine instantly turned to ashes

In fact, it wasnt limited to that vine. The corrosion spread until the trees nearby turned to ashes

After that, the mage released some sort of crystal that floats on top of his palm

“[Soul Extraction!]” he casts a spell directed to the souls of Rezens parents

The two souls instantly distorted as if something was trying to suck them

Rezen that was safe from the Giant Sand Ants attack all thanks to his protectors saw this and his vision instantly turned red


Rezen roared like a madman. All the mystic gems inside his elixir field showed themselves

One by one, mystic gems that resonate with the laws of heaven and earth appeared

After Rezen advanced to the 4th fusion rank, he hasnt obtained even a single quality 4 mysterious peach or mysterious banana

However, aside from his sun-type gem at the 4th fusion rank, the others all reached the 3rd rank

With the help of the blessing of [Link], these 3rd fusion ranks mystic gems could exert strength at the peak of the 4th fusion rank

But since the sun-type gem is still the strongest of all, it was the one that Rezen uses

The power of the sun flowed on Rezens body. The power of the sun can sometimes be warm and comfortable but with the immense rage that filled Rezen, the sunlight on his body was exceedingly hot

He worked his mystic gem and tattoos to the fullest to the point that his eyes and hair all turned yellow as if he was the embodiment of the sun itself

“DIE!” Rezen howled, his figure leaving a yellow streak. The area that his feet touched was boiled and scorched as if they would liquefy if Rezens foot stayed even a single second longer

Behind the mask, the mages eyes flickered. He had never seen a mage with mystic gems reaching that ridiculously high number! He suddenly felt the threat of danger coming from a mere 4th fusion rank mage

Anxiety grew in his heart and he was forced to deactivate his [Soul Extraction] spell to cast another spell

“[Banshees Wail!]”

The soul-type mystic gem of this mage glowed with purplish light as it resonated with the natural laws

A magic circle was conjured in front of his face and he howled


A female eerie wail rang around and this sound directly targets the soul

As Rezens soul was merely at the level of the 4th fusion rank mages, a spell at this level would naturally affect him

However, to the ghost mask mages horror, his spell only causes Rezens movement to falter a moment before he regained his momentum

Any spell as long as they cannot instantly kill Rezen is worthless even if they attack him thousands of times!

Despite the loss of his rationality, he still remembered to consume recovery pills all for the sake of annihilating the enemies

Rezen continued and his opponent frantically ordered the Giant Sand Ants to block for him


One of the 5th rank Giant Sand Ant met Rezens fist with its head and the sound of bones cracking rang around

The hard carapace on the ants head cracked and blood gush out before it was sent flying, even colliding against the other low-ranking ants

Rezens sun-type mystic gem is at the 4th rank and the same was true for his Mystic Tattoo

The [Link] effect exponentially raises his strength. While it wasnt as overpowered as before where 4th fusion rank mages are like bugs to him when he was at the 3rd fusion rank, even creatures at the 5th rank must take Rezen seriously as he is right now


Rezen himself was not unscathed by the earlier clash. His whole fist along with the flesh and bones near it exploded into pieces

Excruciating pain filled his being but compared to the pain from personally witnessing his parents die and in such a horrible way on top of that… this much pain was nothing!

Another recovery pill was consumed by Rezen and his fist instantly regrew as if nothing happened

“I SAID DIE!” Rezen raged and with an aggressive wave of his hands, thousands upon thousands of cherry bombs flew out

Each of the cherry bombs has the might of a spell at the 4th fusion rank. If there were enough number of them, their might could even reach the power of 6th-grade spells

However, a 6th fusion rank mage has more than one means to escape outside the range of these cherry bombs. They are not something that the cherry bombs could kill with ease

But the current situation was different. There were thousands and thousands of targets that wouldnt be able to dodge

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Countless explosions occurred causing a large mushroom cloud to appear in Greenwood City

The shockwaves alone were already terrible. While the range didnt increase much since the cherry bombs are concentrated in one area, just the shockwaves alone are already horrible

Rezen has completely lost his mind, not minding if there would be collateral casualties that his indiscriminate use of cherry bombs will cause

Even his subordinates were thrown at the back of his mind. If those that are still conscious didnt take the unconscious ones away from the explosion site, some of them might have died including the two guards from the Preston Family

Rezen himself suffered and his figure was thrown like a rag doll. The power of the sun flowing on his body was dispersed and even his mystic gems cracked!

A mystic gem can generally only be destroyed with attacks that were two ranks above them and even then, it wouldnt be easy

The sun-type mystic gem was still in better condition but the others looks completely terrible

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