Once a mystic gem was destroyed or damaged, that would result in a horrible backlash for the mage enough to put them on the brink of death

“Master!” When Zero and the others saw their master that was sent flying with severe injuries, they were alarmed

All of them are completely loyal to Rezen and they dont want anything bad to happen to him

They were about to check on their master when Rezen suddenly stood up as if he wasnt on the brink of death earlier

Rezens injury is enough to kill or at last maim him but he suddenly bounced back as if he didnt suffer the least bit of damage

His hideous injuries suddenly disappeared and he was safe and sound again

As for the enemies, not everyone was as lucky as him since they dont have his recovery pills

Of the thousands of magic beasts, only tens of them survive. What was left of them was scorched flesh that gave off a horrible stench of burnt meat

Most of the Giant Sand Ants that died didnt leave a carcass while the others that did were burnt horribly

The surviving Giant Sand Ants were just lucky that they were out of the explosions range

“I-impossible! C-cough!”

The ghost fox mask mage also barely survive but he was far from being in a good condition

His robe was almost burnt completely. Even his skin gave off the scent of burnt meat

His mask was nowhere to be seen anymore and what was left was a face and body that was scarred. It was like someone burned him alive and his internal organs were in a mess

He had seen the state of Rezens mystic gems earlier but now, those mystic gems that are on the verge of crumbling were actually safe and sound again.

A mystic gem once condensed would become as if it was a part of ones body. If the mystic gem suffered damage, the damage would reflect on the mages body and soul

If the mystic gem wasnt treated and remained damaged, the mage would find it hard to heal their injuries or might even find it impossible

Since the mystic gems are considered part of the mage, Rezens recovery pills also recovered them back to their peak

However, whether they are recovered or not doesnt matter. The only thing that Rezen can see is red and the only emotion he has was extreme fury

He completely lost all reason. His mind is set on killing all members of Twighlight Beast that was the cause of the death of his parents!

“AAAAHHHH!!!” Rezen roared like a madman. His Mystic Gems and Tattoos worked to their fullest again

Raging winds blew and the surrounding temperature rose as if the sun itself descended

His eyes and hair were completely yellow in color


Rezen moved like a bullet that was fired by a gun. He crushed the ground below him as he appeared on top of the dying mage

“W-wai—!” The mage panicked. He cant even lift a finger anymore and can only helplessly lay his body on top of a Giant Sand Ant when Rezen attacked him


Unfortunately for him, Rezen didnt even give him a chance to finish his words. A fist carrying extreme temperature barreled down his face

His head exploded like watermelon and before the pieces of his flesh, organs, and bones were sent flying, they were cooked first because of the extreme temperature that Rezen emits

Without a rest, Rezen continued and attacked the remaining Giant Sand Ants

Bang! Bang! Bang!

One by one, the ants were slaughtered. The strongest of them were at the front earlier and they are the ones that suffered and died the most from the cherry bombs

The remaining tens of them are low-level magic beasts that cant even withstand a single blow from the frenzied Rezen

Even after all the Giant Sand Ants died, Rezens fury still wasnt sated. He heavily slammed his foot on the ground and a yellow magic circle formed

“[Golden Crows Descent!]”

Slivers of sun energies appeared below Rezen and they moved above him to condense into a bright Golden Crow

This was the magic spell that he learned after eating a mysterious peach and also the spell that enables him to reach the 4th fusion rank

With that as a base, Rezen created a combination magic of the sun and crow attributes using Roos body as the medium

Since Roo was not here, Rezen cannot cast the [Combination Magic: Golden Crows Transformation] but as a spell at 4th grade coupled with the blessing of [Link], the [Golden Crows Descent] is still a formidable magic


Rezen moved along with the golden crow. With Greenwood City as it is now, there is no lack of enemies and Rezen wants to slaughter them all

An eye of an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Lives for lives!

Rezen will not stop as long as he hasnt annihilated these people that was the cause of his parents death

The mages from Twighlight Beast, Werebeasts, enslaved magic beasts, clay dolls, it doesnt matter

All of them should die!

They are already originally not a bunch of good people. And now that they have caused Rezens parents to die, he sentenced them to eternal death


The Golden Crow suddenly flew faster as it met another army of magic beasts. The most enemies that were attacking Greenwood City were the magic beasts. They were literally everywhere

Only a few of these magic beasts are strong but with their numbers, they could exhaust the defending mages while massacring the normal people

There were literally countless solidified souls around and from time to time, mages with soul-type mystic gems would extract the souls and place them inside some sort of crystal

“Die!” Rezen dashed at a Clay Doll that was on the brink of killing a poor kid

With his current state, he doesnt care about that kid. No, that kid doesnt even enter his eyes

However, as long as they are enemies, Rezen would view them as his mortal enemies and all of them should die!


Like a phantom, Rezen appeared near the Clay Doll and sent it flying with his fist. He even channeled the power of the sun on his body to burn the Clay Doll to death

“M-mister tha-“

The poor kid tried to thank Rezen with beads of tears in his eyes but his savior already moved and run towards another target

“[Soul Extra—!”

A mage with a soul-type mystic gem was about to take the nearby souls and store them in the crystal when he earned the attention of Rezen

“[Water Lance!]”

Rezen sent a lance that was condensed using water magic to that mage and his lance successfully penetrated the mages heart, effectively killing him

“[Savage Moon!]”

“[Thunder Streaks!]”


“[Ice Stream!]”

“[Metal Bullets]”

“[Crow Grip!]

“[Water Jet!]”

One spell after another was released by Rezen. He turned into a human-machine gun that constantly spewed out one spell after another

It was to the point that he was attracting the opposing sides attention and they decided to gang up on him

Nearby, a freak with Spider features moved her spider legs. The aura of a 5th rank being emanating from her body

With the presence of a Noble Lord, the nearby mages of the Twighlight Beast gained confidence in killing the rampaging Rezen

A werebeast, three mages, a hundred Clay Dolls, and thousands of low-level magic beasts suddenly joined hands to kill just one person

However, to Rezen, the more enemies there are, the better. That saved him time to look for them

With them concentrated in a single area, it would be easier to kill them

“[Combination Magic: Mud Flood]”

From the magic circle that Rezen conjured, a flood of mud was released. Since his mystic gems and the spells were just in the 3rd grade, it wasnt as strong as his sun-type attacks

However, does that even matter?

If one spell is not enough then Rezen would cast it ten, a hundred, or even a thousand times!

He doesnt need to worry about mana consumption and the burden on his soul. He was constantly consuming recovery pills and he is always in his peak condition

Even 5th fusion rank mages can hardly resist him as long as they dont kill him in an instant

To Rezen, only 6th fusion rank mages are a threat to him

“How is this possible?!”


“Damn it, move!”

The enemies all have the same reactions. Disbelief and dread!

If it was a single magic spell then they would just snort and not think much of it. But the thing is that Rezen casts his combination magic more than once

Even until now, he was still casting it and a terrifying tsunami of mud was created by him

It was to the point that the Twighlight Beasts can only scramble away, not daring to receive and block that mud tsunami

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