The air screeched loudly and many lower-ranking beings in Greenwood City were also affected

The ringing sound and vibration of the air cause their blood to move in disorder. Many of them even directly vomited fresh blood!

“[Lightning Steaks!]”

In front of Space Fox, an electric blue magic circle formed that sent thick streaks of lightning



The streaks of lightning collided with the numerous tornadoes. The moment that these two types of energies made contact, a storm of energy would occur

One by one, the streaks of lightning canceled out the screeching tornadoes, lessening the burden on Space Foxs side

Soon, a small space devoid of tornadoes was created but the mage didnt show any sign of joy

In the air, flying rapidly while dodging all the tornadoes nearby, Dominant Sky skillfully maneuvered her body into the air

She twists and turns in a way impossible for even other 6th fusion rank mages to do. The two pairs of wings on her back gave a massive boost in her flying speed that even a spatial mage that could teleport in an instant felt dread

“[Raging Wind Dragon!]”

When the distance is near enough. Dominant Sky suddenly moved both of her lances in front of her and combined them

A light green magic circle formed at the tip of the lances and the surrounding tornadoes suddenly twisted and they were seemingly absorbed by the combined lance

Soon, the image of a ferocious dragon created from the gathering of winds formed. Space itself trembled, showing off the terrifying might of this spell

The nearby mana particles were frantically sucked dry to create this wind dragon that opened its mouth


The wind dragon issued a loud roaring sound as if it was a real living creature and an apex existence

“Not good!” Space Foxs figure trembled. She knew that she fell into a trap

The [World of Tornadoes] spell is not just to seal her dodging space, it was also cast to expedite the casting of the [Raging Wind Dragon] spell of Dominant Sky

This kind of spell packed a massive power. Even Bone Sage cannot block that spell using just a single average spell. He must use his strongest spells

As for dodging? Heh… thats almost impossible

The [Raging Wind Dragon] not only creates a wind dragon but also restricts the target

The wind is ever-present. It was almost everywhere and Space Fox can sense that the air around her turned heavy and was suppressing her

Whether it be moving physically or creating a spatial portal, both actions were harder than usual

Spatial magic is great but it was not omnipotent!

While Space Fox can still cast spatial spells, the time it would take would be at least twice as longer

Considering that flying speed and aerial combat was Dominant Skys forte, Space Fox wouldnt have enough time to dodge

“Preston Family… how dreadful!” Space Fox muttered as she helplessly watch the wind dragon approaching her

Dominant Sky alone is already a terrifying existence but in the Preston Family, there were still mages far superior to her

Even mages at Bone Sages level… the Preston Family has them!

“[Heavens Gate!]”

Space Fox slapped her hand in front of her as she conjured a spatial portal. She could only try to send that dreadful spell to other places


The wind dragon once again issues a loud roaring sound. It clashed with the [Heavens Gate] but it was only delayed a bit before the spatial portal was forced to collapse


In the end, the wind dragon still slammed on Space Foxs body. However, runes suddenly glowed from her mage robe and an invisible shield protected her

“A defensive Mystic Item!”

Mystic Items are rare, especially those that have the power to be effective in battles against 6th fusion rank mages, and even if a mage has this kind of treasure, they would be unwilling to use it

It was because Mystic Items requires the power of 7th rank mages! And even if such god-like beings bestowed their power on the mystic items, using these treasures indefinitely is impossible!

They have to becharged constantly after every few uses. Some are even something that could only be used once

Even if it was the Preston Family, such items are still rare. They might have a number of the lower ranking ones but mystic items at the 6th grade are considered priceless treasures no matter what the organization is!

Dominant Sky herself maybe has one or two of such items but even she is unwilling to use it

Even Claude only received a Mystic Item after the matter with the traitor General Leon. That Mystic Item was what let him survive when he and Dominant Sky infiltrated the branch of Twighlight Beast even though he is just a 5th fusion rank mage!

Mystic Items are scarce and are enough to be considered family heirlooms. Many 6th fusion rank mages dont even have such items considering that these items could only be activated if a 7th rank mage decided to help

However, as rare as they may be, their might is also great

To not affect the people below, Dominant Sky controlled her spell so that instead of falling down, Space Fox would further ascend in the sky

This spell of hers should be enough to kill Space Fox over and over again once it hit her but the mage was saved by her Mystic Item

Even then, items are still just items and Space Fox still suffered injuries considering that even unparalleled 6th rank mages would fall from Dominant Skys spell, Space Fox only receiving moderate injuries already is already a surprise!

“Youre dead!” Dominant Sky said coldly as she controlled her wings to approach her opponent

She wants to kill Space Fox not just to keep Rezen and Greenwood City safe but also because of what happened before

Space Fox is an Imperial Lord of Twighlight Beast. When Dominant Sky and Claude infiltrated their base, this mage was the one that brought them great trouble

While Claude can release power equivalent to 6th fusion rank mages, that requires more time and concentration than real 6th fusion rank mages

Space Fox being a spatial mage was a particularly dangerous opponent for someone like him

If not for Space Fox being in an exhausted state and Dominant Skys speed, the battle between them wouldnt be like this

“You force me!” Space Fox spat. Underneath the mask that covered her face, she clenched her teeth angrily

“For Her Majesty the Serpentine Empress! Curse Mark, activate!”

On Space Foxs neck was a curse mark with the image of a black serpent. This mark was what enables her and the other members of Twighlight Beast to be unaffected by the poison they use to engulf Greenwood City

The curse mark has removed the danger of the poison for its bearer but its ability doesnt end there!


The curse mark suddenly twisted and move. The snake expanded and crawled on Space Foxs face

The intense energy undulations that it brought forth even causes Space Foxs mask to crack before ultimately shattering

A fairy-like beauty was revealed to the world but such an otherworldly face was contorted in pain

The splendor of her beauty only lasted for a moment before a massive change appeared not just on Space Foxs body but on her entire body

Her aura and energy went berserk and even her presence alone causes the world to shake

“What dreadful power!” Dominant Sky muttered in shock as she sped up


A large magic circle suddenly appeared above Space Fox. Her eyes glowed with resolve as she cast her spell that was far stronger than normal in exchange for her life

“[Thunder Storm!]”



A world-ending might dawn upon Greenwood City. Thick bloody streaks of lightning were sent down from the sky

Each streak of lighting was far more dreadful than the ones that appeared before

It was to the point that even Dominant Skys senses tingled. Her body screamed in danger and she scrambled to release a bronze shield

This was her defensive Mystic Item! It was enough to protect her from an all-out attack from 6th fusion rank mages

In fact, even Bone Sage an unparalleled mage cannot defeat her in a single attack with the help of her bronze shield

“Once the 6th fusion rank mages of Greenwood City and its other protectors die, the city would fully fall!”

“As for 7th rank mages… are they existences that could move at will? Twighlight Beast also has our 7th rank mages! Considering that such existences are normally forbidden to move… Greenwood City cannot escape its fate!”

Those were the last words of Space Fox before her whole body turned into ashes, only leaving the nightmarish spell as proof of her existence




The bronze shield shimmered before its size grew, trying to take on all the lightning streaks

If even one of these lightning streaks falls down, all the people below might die including Rezen

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