[Ding! The farm absorbs enough mana stones to upgrade!]

[In order to upgrade the farm, the Host must complete the Advancement Mission First]

[Advancement Mission: A Farm with first-rate soil could grow first-rate crops

The host must improve the quality of the farms soil!

Mission Detail: Obtain and let the farm absorb feces from 5th rank Forest-eating Worm x10 kg, a piece of Mother Gaias Crystal (at least the size of the thumb), and an intact 5th fusion grade nature-type mystic gem]

As Rezen is no sage, a frown formed on his face after seeing the list of materials he has to procure

Aside from the 5th fusion grade nature-type mystic gem, he hasnt even heard the names of other materials

However, just the mystic gem alone should not be an easy thing to obtain. After all, a mage has complete control over their mystic gems

Considering that only mages two ranks higher could destroy others mystic gem, even 6th fusion rank mages cannot shatter a 5th fusion grade mystic gem

Not to mention, what the farm needed was an intact mystic gem. Once a mage dies, their mystic gems would follow suit

Unless the mage was sacrificed in the same way that the now dead Clay Doll Master did, even if Rezen were to hunt a mage from the Twighlight Beast, he still wouldnt be able to obtain what he needed

Perhaps, his farm could only absorb the mystic gem if the mage themself willingly give up their mystic gem

“Feces from the Forest-eating Worm and a piece of Gaias crystal…” Rezen muttered. No matter how rare these materials might be, he has to get his hands on them by hook or by crook

Rezens eyes flashed with a resolute light before he tried to search what those materials were on the internet

Just as expected, those things seem to be extremely high leveled materials that the normal people on the internet have no idea what those things were

“Daydream…” Rezen whispered to himself. If its materials that he would need, no matter how high level they are, Daydream still should have the ability to procure them, right?

However, Daydream is still a business company. Based on the contract, Rezen received a lot of mana stones, the companys protection, and also many seeds of various spirit plants in exchange for the exclusive deal

Rezen can only hope that the materials he needed are not precious enough that Daydream couldnt give them to him

After all, their relationship is just a business transaction. There should be certain things that even Daydream wouldnt be willing to give up


Vadena City, the Capital of the Eastern Country

As the Capital City, Vadena City is definitely the most outstanding city in the entire Eastern Country

In Greenwood City, a family with 5th fusion rank mages can be considered as part of the upper-class

In the Capital, however, while such families are not at the bottom of the food chain, they could be regarded as low to middle-rank forces

Only forces with 6th fusion rank mages could be considered to be at the top of the hierarchy

Yet even top-tiered family is still not the strongest. The real peak power is wielded by the goliaths such as the Military, Daydream, and Preston Family

These bigwigs all have the backing and support of 7th rank mages. They are the elites of the elites, nobles among nobles, superpowers among superpowers

While Vadena City is not much different than other cities in terms of infrastructures, the deep waters in the city were murkier as it was the place where the peak powers converged

In a corner of the City, a large mansion surrounded by a large expanse of land stood proudly for generations

The Capital City is the largest city to the point that it was at least ten times as large as the smaller cities

However, a significant amount of land that it possesses was something that the Preston Family owns to build their main headquarters

Such a large piece of land that could accommodate perhaps a hundred thousand people was fully occupied by a single family, showing off the said familys might and influence

On the road constructed on the Preston Familys land leading to the giant mansion that could even be called a Palace, a black car can be seen moving at a steady pace

This car only has two people inside it. One was wearing a black formal suit and the other wore a mage robe with one side white and one side black

This was yet another treasure that Claude obtained from the ownerless Blessed Land

While it wasnt the same as the defensive equipment that could be created from Rezens metal potatoes, it still offers great resistance to magic spells including the shockwaves and impact

It was unlike most mage robes on the market that could withstand magic spells but not offer much protection to the wearer

“Im back huh…” Claude thought in his head as he stared at the ridiculously large land of his family, his heart filled with complex emotions

As of right now, almost no one minded the fact that Claude was an illegitimate child. Most talented mages would still suffer peoples prejudice if they are illegitimate children but Claudes talent and luck were too great that even their prejudice was shattered

His background was very typical. His father is the current Patriarch of the Preston Family, a 6th fusion rank mage even stronger than General Bone Sage

The 6th rank is often divided into three: the normal or average, the elite, and unparalleled. Most mages arenormal while mages like Florine can be considered an elite

Space Fox and Snow Fox are also elites but their battle prowess only has a small difference from that of an unparalleled mage

Even unparalleled mages also have the weaker ones and the stronger ones. Excluding the reclusive 7th rank mages, there are few that could match the power of Claudes father not just in the Eastern Country but also from the other countries

As for Claudes mother, she was a servant that served the Preston Family but died upon childbirth

With Claudes background, many people bullied him, some really went too far that he was almost killed

However, as soon as he turned 18 years old, everything changes. From the start, he showed exemplary talent as a mage and he broke through in ranks at a fast speed

When Claude reached the peak of the 3rd fusion rank, he decided to travel outside as an excuse for gainingexperience and joined the military with the intent of fighting for the masses. But in truth, he was merely sickened by how people change their personalities after he showed his talent and decided to might as well just do good deeds instead of wasting his energy on them

Not to mention, the lawful wife of his father and their children are opposed to him. In fear that he would die prematurely, Claude decided to escape in the meantime

However, his achievements still entered the ears of his father and when he reached the 5th fusion rank, many signs shows that his father wanted him to be the next patriarch

After he was saved by Rezen, he was contacted by his father and his standing in the family grew even more powerful

Now that he already reached the 6th fusion rank and showed a level of power that easily dominated the Clay Doll Master, his father called him back

As for the reason? It was probably to formally announce his position as the heir

With the talent that Claude possesses, as long as he still hasnt reached the 7th rank, there would be a time when he could dominate all the mages at the peak of the secular world

While he is still a 6th fusion rank mage, the Preston Family could use him to pressure the other peak forces and further extend the influence and power of the family

The 7th rank mages after all have the unwritten rule of not meddling in the lives of the mortals except if their origin such as their clans or organization is on the brink of being destroyed for good

Claude knew all of this but… he wouldnt refuse!

Thats right, he wouldnt. Claude has never refused power except if he could not use it for his own goals

The power that the Preston Family possesses is immense. If Claude became the head of such a family just imagine how many people he could help!

As such, even before returning, Claude already has the intention of fighting to be the next head. He is not a fool to refuse power just because he doesnt like his father and other relatives!

After minutes of journey, Claudes car finally arrived outside the mansion of his family. The servants were already informed of his arrival and they opened the car door for him

Claude thanked them as he walked out of the car. His eyes staring at the massive mansion before his eyes

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