Vadena City

“Wow… look at that. Is that the new Borxton Max 3.0?”

“I heard that it costs at least 300 million mana stones! Heavens! If thats converted to credits it could definitely feed ten generations of my family with no worries!”

“If I can ride such a luxurious car even once, I wouldnt have any regrets even if I were to die after!”

The civilians that watched the long shiny black vehicle moving on the road cant help but exclaim in admiration

Most things even if they are just your day-to-day objects once got a price tag that no normal people could afford would definitely gather everyones attention

The Borxton 3.0 is a luxury car that Daydream has developed. Most of the companys projects all have to do with magic but they also create something like this

Their business is wide encompassing, they dipped their hands in almost all kinds of industries out there

Anything that they released would definitely attract peoples attention whether they are your average Joe or young masters from prestigious families

The luxury car ignored the comments thrown at it and just continued on its way. The car only stops when it arrived at a certain company building that has at least 50 floors

A steady stream of people go in and out of the company building and most of them cant help but stare at the car that suddenly parked in front of the entrance

After parking, the drivers door was pushed open and your average-looking guard went out to open the car door of the passenger seat

From it, a young man around 18 years of age walked out. He has dark hair and eyes with a facial feature that people would consider as handsome

However, he gave off a very unfriendly vibe. His eyes seem to hold a bottomless abyss of indescribable emotions in them. He was the type of person that people would choose not to approach if possible

Not to mention, whether it be his inner shirt, his long sleeve outer shirt that was open on the middle, pants, socks, and even shoes were completely black in color as if he just attended a funeral

“Sir Rezen, the Chairman is already waiting for you in his office” the driver politely said and guided Rezen inside the company building

Inside, more people wearing formal suits gathered around him as if they intend to block other people from trying to approach him

With that kind of display, the company employees naturally didnt dare act badly. They stood on the side to give access to the apparent VIP that arrived

Instead of using the public elevator, Rezen used the private one that only those with a high enough position could use

He calmly walked inside and the elevator stops at the 48th floor. The 48th floor was where the office of the Chairman was located

The entire floor is dedicated to him and Rezen steps onto the shiny floor that looks as if they were created from glass

Along the way, he walked passed some office rooms, possibly the office of the Chairmans secretaries

With how large the company and with the number of industries they dabbled in, it was normal for the chairman to have many secretaries under him

The office of the chairman was at the very end part of the floor. The people that guided him knocked on the door first before entering

Kacys office was your typical corporate office though it was large considering his position in the company

Some of the products that Daydreams sell were even displayed on a cabinet on the side. They were mostly pills considering that spirit plants that are not top-notch have to be processed first before they could be consumed

“Rezen, welcome” Kacy greeted with a smile. He acts perfectly normal but deep inside him, he was sighing

He naturally is aware of the unfortunate passing of Rezens parents and he even feels bad

As soon as his meeting with Rezen concluded, he immediately returned to Vedena City. As such, he was not present when the Twighlight Beast attacked

He cant help but think that if he was still present back then, he might have been able to prevent the death of Rezens parents

However, he just feels a bit bad considering that the two of them arent really close

Rezen nodded his head and he sat on the chair prepared for him and he gave Kacy a signal

“You may withdraw” Kacy said to his men and they all went out of the office, standing guard outside

“So… how may I help you with?” He asks curiously

If it was as ridiculous as destroying the Twighlight Beast, Kacy would definitely refuse. The other side after all has its fair share of 7th rank mages

Beings at that level wouldnt offend others just for the sake of the business that Rezen could provide to Daydream

“Are you willing to gamble for the sake of benefits that you could only get from me?” Rezen asks directly. He is in no mood for beating around the bush

“Oh, what kind of gamble?” Kacy asks in interest and Rezen waved his hand causing two objects to appear on the table

“Pepper? Carrots?” Kacy blinked his eyes repeatedly. He is aware of Rezens hobby of planting but what do peppers and carrots have to do with anything

“Youre probably already aware of what happened to your daughter when I first met her. These items could do the same to you. The carrots have time-limited effects while the pepper could prevent you from turning against me though it wouldnt affect your life too much”

“Are you willing to gamble and consume these items for the sake of special benefits?”

Rezen is aware of the magic contract that Kacy couldnt betray him. But he still felt insecure. He needs to showpower with the help of his mutated crops

At normal times, he would just slowly but steadily improve his power but right now, he is impatient. Despite not having enough strength yet, he is forced to offer another business deal with Kacy that is definitely way better than the ones they originally already has

“May I first know what the benefits are?” Kacy asks while narrowing his eyes. The pepper and carrot contain traces of mana on them but they clearly arent spirit plants

How could they do what Rezen claimed they could?

“My apologies but I cant. All I can say is that its something that you definitely would want to have”

“Ohooo… dont you think that this was a bit ridiculous? I dont even know what these things could do yet I have to consume them before you tell me what exactly I could get?” Kacy mused

Who would actually eat these things with unknown origin and effects all for the sake of Rezen disclosing something that he could give?

“Youre a businessman. You have your intuition, what exactly is your intuition telling you?” Rezen replied

“Hahahahaha!” The chairman suddenly burst into a fit of loud laughter. His voice echoing in his office

After he finished laughing, he stared at Rezen with amusement all over his eyes

“Indeed, Im a businessman. My instincts are telling me that I couldnt let go of this opportunity but…”

Kacy suddenly stops talking as the pressure that comes from a 6th fusion rank mage was exuded by him

“Although I cannot do anything to you directly and indirectly but if these items are actually a bad thing and the 7th rank mages learned of what happened then although I would have to convince them to not act because of the contract, they wouldnt listen to me. No funny actions, do you understand?”

No matter what, Kacy is still someone that is truly at the peak of the world. If he was fooled by Rezen then even if he has to help Rezen and prevent him from dying, the 7th rank mages would definitely not listen to someone like him

“Rest assured, these are simple precautions on my side”

Rezen is also apprehensive of the 7th rank mages especially after witnessing the kind of power that they have

Thats the reason why Rezen didnt try to use his mutated pea. He doesnt want to risk angering those legendary mages

Kacy grabbed the piece of carrot and peppers before swallowing them directly in a fearless manner

One of the reasons why he could be bold is because of his backing. He doesnt believe that Rezen could do something that even his backing couldnt solve

7th rank mages are just in an entirely different realm! They were like the gods of earth!

“Blind…” Rezen muttered and Kacys vision instantly turned dark

He knew that a similar thing happened to his daughter but he was still surprised to personally experience it

The loss of his vision was so abrupt. He cant even understand the mechanism behind this phenomenon

“I can temporarily make you blind with the carrot. As for the pepper… if you try to betray me… Im afraid that even the people behind you wouldnt be able to save you”

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