“I understand. So… what exactly could I get from you?” Kacy replied while nodding his head in understanding

It seems like the experience of losing his parents made Rezen impatient but also shrewder than before

Kacy has already know that there was something different with Rezen. How exactly could Rezen produce many special products?

Not even Daydream has an idea of where the metal potatoes grew or how could they be produced

Kacy has an idea though and he thinks that Rezens secrets are directly related to the blessed land that he accidentally entered

Without saying anything, Rezen summoned his fire-type mystic gem and he casts a spell


It was the basic fireball spell and Kacy watched as Rezen scorched his own hands with the fireball


Almost instantly, Rezens entire hand was burned. The scent of cooked meat wafted in the air

“What are you doing? Even the most expensive healing items might not be able to return your hand back to normal if you continue!” Kacy cried out, thinking that instead of becoming shrewder, Rezen seems to have gone insane

Who in their right mind would actually burn their hand like that?

Not to mention, Rezen didnt even show any reaction as if he cannot feel anything from his hand. He didnt flinch, wince, or showed any pained reaction

After making sure that the condition of his hand was severe enough, Rezen activated his Mystic Tattoo to boost his physical stats

He used his other hand to break his burnt hand that snapped like a dry twig. He literally broke off his own hand

“Youre insane!” Kacy exclaimed while staring at Rezen. His eyes were completely wide open. He now felt some apprehension over Rezen as if the man was a madman

These are the kind of people that one shouldnt mess with. They are cruel to themselves and are very unpredictable. No matter how smart you are, it would be hard to guess what their next moves would be

However, in the next second, Rezen suddenly swallowed a pill, and the hand that he personally cut off from himself instantly regrew as if he was merely growing a random grass

“T-this… h-how…”

At this point, even Kacy was flabbergasted. A pill could actually do something like this?

Even the most precious elixir doesnt have such a miraculous effect. This world might have things that could regrow limbs but they are incomparably rare and precious

They are not something that could be easily obtained. It doesnt matter whether a person comes from forces with 7th rank mages, such treasures could only be obtained through luck

After the demonstration, Rezen waved his hand, throwing five recovery pills at the table as if they were nothing

“This… this is what you could get if you are able to meet my demands” Rezen said and Kacy unconsciously touched the pills, his eyes glowing with desire

If he has this kind of pill… gulp

“W-what are your demands?” Kacy questioned and Rezen list out the things that he wanted


After around an hour of talking, Rezen was finally out of the Daydreams company building and he unconsciously stared at his hand

No matter how his parents death affected him, it wasnt enough for him to be broken enough to become numb to the pain of burning his own hand

Even the current him cannot endure that kind of pain without wincing. The reason why he didnt flinch from the pain was that he took preparations beforehand by consuming a mutated crop that would help him not feel the pain

Kacy is actually right. Rezen has become shrewder

No matter how beautiful Kacy painted the magic contract, as this is a world of magic, Rezen thinks that there might be ways to void such contracts

Even the pepper and carrot he used are simply a show of power. The carrot symbolizes his unpredictability and bizarre means while the pepper would let him spy Kacy whenever he wants to thusknowing it if the man betrays him

The pepper was the same pepper he used to find the location of Zero and Shadow Dog when they were abducted

As for why he burned his own hand? That is to show insanity!

Kacy is a smart man but the smarter a person is, the more they would overthink and overanalyze things

Unpredictable means, a means to prevent betrayal, and also a man that has turned insane after the death of his parents. A smart man wouldnt easily betray such a person for no apparent reason because of the unpredictable results that it would have

“I got most of what I wanted but the Gaias crystal is a bit of a problem”

There were several things that Rezen demanded. The most important is that Daydream would start researching how to resurrect the dead and they would also provide Rezen with all the information they have regarding that matter

The second is also information but this time in regards to the Twighlight Beast. Their people, their strength, their location, etc.

Rezens parents died because of the Twighlight Beast and the souls that would be consumed to maintain his parents souls inside the Yin-Yang Mirror should also be from the Twighlight Beast!

Rezen also asked for the feces and a 5th fusion rank mage that would only listen to him. That mage has to have a 5th fusion grade mystic gem

The only problem now was the piece of Gaias crystal. Even a tiny bit of it was priceless as the effects they have on the soil were simply a miracle

They make even the driest and dead soil have the ability to grow spirit plants. Unfortunately, they are terribly rare that they might not be something that could be found in ten years and even the bigwigs dont have much of them

Besides, the organizations that have growing Spirit Plants as their main business monopolized Gaias crystal

Rezen obtained half a thumb size of the crystal from Daydream but the system requires a full thumb size

Since Daydream is focused on research and manufacturing, they dont focus on growing their own spirit plants. Them having a small piece of Gaias Crystal is only because they want to have all kinds of resources in their hands

“I have two choices, the Tournament of the Space Monarch or try to get the help of Brother Claude…”

Out of all the 7th rank mages of the Eastern Country, the Space Monarch was the kindest to the common people

Every time a calamity struck, although he cannot help in everything as people at his level couldnt meddle nor use power too much, he would still at the very least recover the infrastructures back to normal

If calamities strikes, people would suffer huge mental burdens and food problems, the least he could do is to recover the poor peoples shelter so that they still have a roof over their heads

The Space Monarch even regularly hold a tournament every year for mages at and under 30 years old and grant them their wish as long as it is within his capabilities

30 years old… since mostly only the talented would participate in the tournament, most of them would be 4th fusion rank mages

People with enough talent and resources could reach the peak of 3rd fusion rank in under a year. But to reach the 4th fusion rank would at the very least take years

As for the 5th rank, only the most talented could reach that at the age of 30

They are most likely the heirs of prestigious families that were nourished with the best resources and environment

In the Capital or even all the four Countries, mages that reach the 5th rank at the age of 30 are also rare

Based on what Kacy said, there should only be around ten mages at that rank that would participate

Rezen can join the tournament and ask for Gaias Crystal from Space Monarch but he still felt insecure

If he wins, all eyes would be upon him and how many of them would have funny thoughts in their heads?

Aside from that, Rezen could overpower a 5th fusion rank mage all because of his recovery pills. But what if they are not allowed?

He doesnt think that he can fool a 7th rank mage nor does he think that people would accept it if he could instantly recover from injuries and soul fatigue after overlapping several spells at once

That poses a problem as gaining too much attention is something that Rezen really tries to avoid

“But… if I always try to rely on other people and stay low-key…” Rezen clenches his fist

He doesnt want to become lazy and complacent again because of the advantages that he has

He doesnt want to be a fool that thought everything would be alright. He originally thought that he could slowly improve and hole himself in his farm and the territories that humans dont occupy but it was not enough

If in the first place, he let go of his inhibitions and taken more risks early on, he would have been stronger than he is now and might have possibly prevented his parents death

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