The tattoo on Rezens stomach was stimulated and lines of intertwining lines of tattoos spread from it that covered the entirety of his body

His aura instantly rose as he held Maze on his shoulders before exerting pressure on him

Rezens heavy hands along with his imposing aura force Maze to his knees. He tried to stand but every time he would try to do so, Rezen would once again put him in his place

“I dont need someone as hotheaded as you. I dont have the time nor the desire to supervise you 24/7. Either you calm the hell down or get the fuck out of here”

“With your current state, if I give you even just a bit of power, you might go and seek death by searching and attacking the Twighlight Beast. Youll just waste my resources”

Rezens words were completely merciless, stabbing Maze in the heart. Indeed, if Rezen made him stronger than he is now, Maze really has planned on attacking the Twighlight Beast

Even if he cannot defeat them in one go, he would still slightly avenge his clan

“Y-you…!” Mazes cheeks flushed in shame and anger. No one has treated him in this manner before

“Be angry but dont be a fool. What I need is a person that uses his anger as a driving force, not a person that has become a fool because of his hatred” Rezen continued before letting go of the other mans shoulders

He waved his hand and a piece of carrot and pepper appeared on his palm. “Eat these and youll be my person with no ability to betray me and Ill give you more power. Refuse and you can work hard on your own but remember, not all hard work is worth it. If it was, everyone in this world would have been successful already”

Not all hard work is worth it… those words continuously rang inside Maze

As a mage, Maze worked really hard but Rezen… a mage at the same age as him is far more powerful than him

In terms of hard work, Maze has never lacked that. He never slacks off on his cultivation but…

Maze unconsciously glanced at Rezens stoic and emotionless face. Deep down inside him, he knew that if the two of them fought, he might not even last for a few minutes before he would he defeated

Not all hard work is worth it… what if Maze spends his whole life working hard but still cant have the power to enact his revenge…

The young man unconsciously clenched his fist and while gritting his teeth, grabbed the carrot and pepper before directly swallowing them

“Blind” Rezen simply said and Mazes body shook. He found out that he completely lost his sense of vision

“Betray me and thats not the only thing that would happen to you” Rezen said before returning Mazes vision back to him

“Eleven” Rezen called out and an artificial human brought two black boxes with him

“Take these and consume everything inside. After that, go and seek Zero, he would turn you both into a 5th rank Tattoo Warrior”

Zero was the first artificial human that Rezen grew. And it was also only Zero that could create a 5th rank Tattoo Warrior and naturally, he was also at that level

It seems like the great change that his Master undergoes affected him greatly causing a breakthrough


Vadena City

Preston Family Estate

Claudes room


After absorbing the last bit of essence that the Spirit Ruby has, a booming sound echoed inside Claudes elixir field

The abundant spiritual force elevated his soul to another level, making it more refined and powerful than before

From a mage with a soul that is just a bit superior compared to the weaker 6th fusion rank mages, Claudes soul undergoes a transformation and reaches the peak

Improving the soul to the peak of 6th rank should be a long process even if the mage has all the necessary resources

However, in just around a month, Claude has easily reached the peak all thanks to the Spirit Ruby

As expected of a treasure that could only be created by the sacrifice of at least 10,000 souls. Not to mention, the Spirit Ruby that Claude uses was definitely created using more than ten thousand souls

His soul reaches the peak of his rank in one go

Suddenly, the sky above the estate of the Preston Family turned black and the sound of thunder raged. There were even flashes of lightning that appeared

It was as if the heavens were angered and is baring its fangs

This phenomenon attracted the attention of many people and they all looked at the sky with a frown on their faces

This situation is not something that was created using magic but a natural phenomenon just like the ocean waves or the eruption of a volcano

But it happened so abruptly that people cant help but be doubtful of its origin

Back to Claudes side, the man opened his eyes as soon as he broke through. The moment he did so, it was as if the clouds blocking his vision parted

His body stays rooted on his bed, unmoving as if he was a statue. The mana particles in the space around him were stirred and became lively

It was as if the mana particles were communicating with Claude to the point that they became visible to the naked eye

Colorful lights suddenly surrounded Claudes figure because of the mana of various elements that gathered around him

It gave him an image befitting to the child of the heavens which was one of the titles people use to call him

After what felt like centuries, Claude finally moved, his face filled with a complex whirlpool of emotions

“So that was it… the reason why in the path of mages, I am talented and lucky that people started calling me the heavens chosen…”

“All the fortuitous encounters I had werent just because I was lucky… it was predetermined…”

“Even the formation of my personality is also… fated. My fate… so that was my fate… how cruel but… for the sake of thegreater good… I cant refuse my fate…”

Claude talked to himself before his enchanting blue eyes became moist with fresh tears

“Hahahahaha!! Fate… how cruel…”

The man laughed like a madman. His laughter contains endless bitterness as he unconsciously shed tears

It was as if he just learned that his whole life was a joke causing him to suffer a mental breakdown

“Hahahaha! Cruel… really cruel… but… this is my fate…”

After laughing for minutes, Claude stops and turned his head in a specific direction. His eyes seemingly have the ability to penetrate layers and layers of space

“Well then… the first target of my fate… not bad”

From someone that looks as if he just lost his mind, Claudes expression and aura instantly change. His eyes were filled with murderous intent as his body suddenly turned into black smoke and vanished

What he had done should be magic but he didnt create any magic circle at all. He is still clearly a 6th fusion rank mage but he managed to do something that only magic could do without using a magic circle

If this was known to all the mages in the world then they would definitely be shocked to the core


Outside Vadena City, formless black smoke suddenly appeared and condensed into the figure of Claude

He was floating in the sky, surrounded by clouds. Such a scene should be a great subject for painting but because of his serious and murderous expressions, the harmony between him and the clouds suffered greatly

“Myriad Poison Serpent, come out” Claude said calmly as if he was sure that someone called Myriad Poison Serpent is really nearby and could see him


Moments passed but nothing happened and Claude was forced to make a move. He raises his right hand that was suddenly engulfed with the power of light

He waved his hand aggressively and sent that beam of light in a particular direction

At first, still nothing happened but after the light beam traveled tens of meters away from Claude, space suddenly twisted as if someone that was hiding in it decided to show themselves

A woman with a beautifully alluring face and body appeared and with a simple wave of her hand, the light beam disintegrated

“Claude Preston… what a surprise. How did you know I was there? No, that was not important. How can you control the elements without the aid of a magic circle? I doubt that you are now a 7th rank mage” the woman said in interest though deep inside her, she was completely shocked

A 6th fusion rank mage controlling the power of the elements without the aid of a magic circle? Common sense dictates that something like that is impossible

Thebroken laws of earth made it so that themortal mages couldnt and would never be able to control the elements and form a spell without the help of mystic gems and magic circles

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