“An evil woman such as you would die soon. Is there really a need for you to know?” Claude asked back. His tone was extremely calm but because of the words he uttered, it made him sound arrogant

“Hahahahaha!” The poisonous woman released an enchanting laugh that could entice thousands of mortals into kneeling and serving her as their master

Unfortunately, such an alluring laugh has no effect on Claude. His eyes aside from containing killing intent is still as calm as a serene lake

“Maybe because people always called you a genius hence you grow arrogant but trust me, over the course of thousands of years, 7th rank mages that died because of the doings of others hardly appeared. Even the ancestors of your family wouldnt be able to kill me even if you alerted them” Myriad Poison Snake replied

Her tone was also not arrogant as if she was merely stating a fact that was actually true. Even if a group of 7th rank mages ganged up to kill her, they might not necessarily succeed

“They are not the ones that will kill you but… me”

“You? Hahahahaha! A mere 6th fusion rank mage killing me? Hahahaha!”

Myriad Poison Snake bend her body while laughing hard as if she just heard the most ridiculous joke ever

Common sense dictates that even if there were hundreds of thousands of 6th fusion rank mages, they wouldnt be able to hurt a 7th rank mage

Just a single Claude Preston alone surely doesnt have the power of that many mages let alone exceed it. How could he possibly know the dread of a 7th rank mage?

The difference in power cannot be breached by even the most talented mortal mage

“Before I kill you… I think I have to deal with this first…”

Claude didnt mind the womans laughter as he merely waved his hand and space itself suddenly parted

Space cannot be ripped apart by mortal mages. Only 7th rank beings could do that albeit forcefully

However, the way that Claude opened a portal was not the same as 7th rank mages. Instead of forcefully ripping the fabric of space it was as if space itself gave way to him and obeyed him

Ripping space and doing so easily without using a magic circle… this shouldnt be something that the likes of Claude could do

This scene shook Myriad Poison Snake to the core but she is still confident in herself. The law that only 7th rank mages could defeat another 7th rank mage has already been established for a long time and that is not something that could be changed

However, in the next second, Myriad Poison Snakes eyes trembled as she saw what appeared on Claudes hand

It was a black snake similar to the ones that appeared in Greenwood City. However, while those snakes have to have enough numbers to cover an entire city, the snake on Claudes hand was different

That single snake alone could single-handedly poison an entire city

Since the capital is heavily guarded, even Myriad Poison Snake couldnt easily sneak in her snakes. As such, that snake was placed in another city and not the Vadena city

For it to suddenly appear here…

“This should be the snake that youll use to lure and force me out of the protection of my family, right?” Claude asks but he already knew the answer to that

Since he stayed in the Preston Family, Myriad Poison Snake didnt dare attack him

There is surely at least one 7th rank mage that supervises the Clan. If a being above the mortal rank tried to attack, the clans Ancestors would definitely make a move immediately

The power that surpasses the mortal ranks was just too dreadful. A single wave attack is enough to erase the Preston Familys estate along with the mortals living there

As such, there is a need for a 7th rank mage to always stand on guard

It was that reason why until now, Myriad Poison Snake still hasnt tried to attack and kill Claude

What she planned was to use Claudes personality against him. With an entire citys fate in her hands, she could force Claude out of his clan to kill him

She just didnt expect that Claude would know about her plans and be unfazed. This made her think that this might a trap of the Preston Family and she raises her guard


Claude exerted strength in his hand to crush the wiggling snake before he incinerated the remains with fire once again without using a magic circle!

“Lets go to the edge of the world. You dont want to attract attention, right?” Claude said

If Myriad Poison Snake really attacked here, it was easy to be noticed. While she thinks that she could kill Claude in one move, there is still the risk of alerting the Eastern Country

“You? Can you even go there?” The woman replied. While she was still confident on the outside, she was actually apprehensive on the inside

Without bothering to reply, Claudes body dissolved into black smoke that dissipated. He suddenly vanishes which was yet another shock

Myriad Poison Snake gritted her teeth and with a wave of her hand, the fabric of space was ripped as if she was merely ripping a piece of paper

When she reappeared, she was already at the edge of the world facing Claude once again


Her pride was provoked after seeing Claudes calm appearance and after she clicked her fingers together, a hundred Mystic Items suddenly appeared

Most of which were poisonous Mystic Items. A single one of them could definitely effortlessly kill a 6th fusion rank mage considering that Myriad Poison Snake was using them personally

The Mystic Items glowed with a poisonous glow as they flew in the air to take Claudes life

In return, Claude stretched his arm out before clenching his fist

The ever-present mana particles in the air moved on his will and soon, black smoke covered the hundred mystic items and crushes them

“Y-you… h-how…!”

Myriad Poison Snakes eyes trembled. Each of those Mystic Items has the power of a 6th grade spell

That was equivalent to a hundred 6th fusion rank mages attacking at once. How is it possible that Claude could easily deal with them

“No… wait! You shouldnt even be able to use magic without the aid of a magic circle no matter how much of a genius you are!”

“This is not a matter of talent but it is something that resulted because of the broken laws!”

“For you to do this could you be…”

This time, Myriad Poison Snake wasnt confident anymore as if she just thought of something

A hint of fear can be sensed from her as she stared at the calm face of Claude

She flew back and from behind her, a projection of her own Blessed Land appeared

Her Blessed Land has the appearance of a black swamp with thousands of poisonous snakes living inside

A normal person would no doubt die if they try to enter her Blessed Land. The air inside is not something those weak lifeforms could withstand



Suddenly, the space around Claude and Myriad Poison Snake was locked. Even if she wants to flee now, it definitely wouldnt be easy as the invisible wall of space would deter her

“Y-you…! You really are the…!”

Clank! Clank! Clank!

Suddenly, chains created from condensed light appeared and the chains either wrapped or pierced through the projection of Myriad Poison Snakes blessed land

“Stop!” The woman shouted as she felt her connection with her blessed land weakening

“[Yin-Yang Palm!]”

The image of Yin-Yang appeared on Claudes palm as he flew, reaching Myriad Poison Snake

Claude slammed his palm on the womans stomach before pulling it back


A strange scene appeared on the blessed land projection as a part of it was ripped

On Claudes palm, a distorted projection of thechunk of Myriad Poison Snakes blessed land that was ripped could be seen. It was as if he extracted a part of the womans blessed land that even other 7th rank mages couldnt do

“N-no! Claude Preston how dare you!” She raged and the projection of the blessed land trembled

On the chains of light that wrapped and pierced through the blessed lands projection, spider cracks slowly formed as Myriad Poison Snake resisted

Once her blessed land was taken away from her, she wouldnt be that much different than a 6th fusion rank mage

That is an outcome she should never let happen ever!

“Shut up! You are already a vile terrorist but turns out you and the other 7th rank mages are actually leeches destroying earth!”

“Despite knowing the consequences of reaching the 7th rank, you greedy people still hold on to your powers!”

Once again, Claude attacked the woman with his palm without the slightest bit of mercy

“Stop! Stop! You already know what your fate is! Dont you think your fate is cruel?! Why are you not rebelling against your fate?!”

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