“We are here” Kacy said and after his bodyguards opened the car door for him, he went out

His presence instantly attracted many peoples attention. The stronger a person is or the forces backing them, the more famous they would be

This yearly tournament for Space Monarch is simply giving the countrys mages a chance to showcase their strength and talent while giving the ones who performed in a spectacular way some prizes

However, the same thing was not true for the mortals. They view the Tournament as a way to show off

If they win that means that their younger mages are superior to the others. The more powerful the mages of one group were, the higher their standings in the world would be

After all, the 7th rank mages rarely interfered in the secular world. A peak force plummeting down despite having the backing of 7th rank mages still happens albeit rarely

While such groups would not be completely erased, they would still be suppressed

As such, everyone wants to show off the might of their mages and the yearly Tournament is one of the best places to do so

With the allure of the rewards from a mage more powerful than an entire country, if the 7th rank mages are excluded, the young geniuses wanted to be the winner and obtain the prize

They hope to reach the peak of 6th fusion rank as soon as possible in hopes that they still have a chance to transcendmortality and wield even stronger power

The younger a mage reaches the 6th fusion rank, the higher their chance of reaching the 7th rank!

“The Chairman of Daydream!”

“Is Miss Hyrin with him? Shes the current face of Daydream, right?”

“With Miss Hryin reaching the 5th fusion rank the earliest, I think she has the highest chance of winning!”

“I think so too! Even if her fast progress was because of the resources she used, reaching the 5th fusion rank first gave her more time to consolidate her foundation and strength!”

“If Miss Hyrin won the Tournament, Daydreams standing this year would definitely be higher than it already was!”

The contestants for the Tournament are asked to come to the grassy field belonging to the military

This grassy field was often used for exercises and training. With such a large field, even if there were thousands of people that want to try their luck, the space could accommodate them easily

It was not only the contestants that were here, ordinary people and people from various forces are also present

The ordinary people simply want to watch something exciting while the others wished to uncover a hidden gem

The number and strength of mages of an organization affects their standing and the treatment that they would receive

If they were able to discover a hidden gem and recruit them, that would be great

Its not only the low to middle-ranking forces that would recruit the tournaments dark horses. Even a goliath such as Daydream would do the same

Thus, peoples attention was grabbed by Kacy just by showing himself here

The door of the other side of the car was also opened by a bodyguard and from it, a young man with dark hair and eyes went out

Not even a hint of smile or friendliness can be seen from him. It was as if he was asking everyone to get as far away from him as possible

Rezen was wearing a black battle robe created from his metal potatoes. The potatoes were metal but the robe created from it looks as if it was created from the finest of silk

No one would ever think that the robe was something created using metal and it even has the ability to block attacks at the 6th fusion rank!

Even the impact on the wearers body would not harm the wearer!

But of course, if Rezen was attacked on the head, he was sealed, or suffered from a soul attack, the robe would be completely useless

“Who is that handsome guy?”

“Ive never seen him before! He looks handsome but I feel like hell kill me if I stand 3 meters away from him!”

“Who is he? Why is he with the Chairman?”

“Is he a hidden gem of Daydream?”

The surrounding people discussed things about people that were just meters away from them

All of them were curious about Rezens identity as they have never seen him before

Shortly after the chairman arrived, another car parked on the grassy field, and from it, a woman walked out

This woman has short brown hair and a serious demeanor. She was also wearing a battle robe that Daydream has provided

Her eyes which were green in color hid a certain sharpness in them

This woman was none other than Hyrin of Daydream. The mage under 30 years old in Daydream that is the most promising

She is one of the few people that reaches the 5th fusion rank without exceeding the age of 30!

Hyrin glanced at the Chairman and bowed her head in respect before curiously looking at Rezen

Even if it was her, the chairman has no obligation of escorting her here. As such, her using a different car was not a surprise for her and the others

What surprised them though was that there was another mage that ride in the same car as the chairman

He even looks extremely young. While mages could maintain a youthful appearance by using some treasures, no one has used an appearance as young as Rezen

This young man has earned everyones curiosity but with Kacys position and the unfriendly aura around Rezen, no one tried to talk to him

Time passed and more and more people arrived at the grassy field. Many mages of the country wanted to try their luck in the tournament and they flooded the grassy field along with the ones that are not participants but are part of the audience

Rezen stared at the people with numbers on their chests. The militarys soldiers gave those numbers to differentiate the contestants from the audiences

Rezens number was 180 and right now, he could already see contestants with a number that exceeded a thousand

That means that there were already a thousand contestants and the numbers are even increasing!

More time passed and when the time reached exactly 3 in the afternoon, the senses of the contestants tingled, warning them of danger

As for those that are not contestants, some sort of power wrapped all over their bodies and locked them in their places to prevent them from making any moves

Whether the audience was a civilian or a 6th fusion rank mage, it doesnt matter. They were still forcefully sealed on the area they were standing on

Rezen himself sensed the danger and both his Mystic Gem and Mystic Tattoo were activated at the same time

With the power of the sun coursing through his body, Rezen punched on the incoming danger

The saiddanger was a blue needle-like thing that appeared out of nowhere


It was not only Rezen that made a move. The other contestants did the same thing. One spell after another was activated as they confronted the blue needle coming toward them

Magic fluctuations spread on the surroundings and the contestants either successfully blocked the needles or the needles poked their bodies and render them unconscious

Rezen was one of the contestants that managed to dispose of the needle and he stared around him to check where that needle came from

Clap! Clap! Clap!

The sound of palms hitting each other resounded in the area and the surviving contestants unconsciously raised their heads to look above them

In the air, an old man can be seen. He didnt give off any sign of his arrival and the contestants were about to attack when they realized who this person was

The old man in the air is none other than Space Monarch! One of the 7th rank mages in the Eastern Country and is affiliated with the military

A mage so powerful that if there were no mages at his level present to stop him, he alone could destroy not just the Eastern Country but also the other three countries

A 6th fusion rank mage could already destroy mountains and part the seas what more for a mage far stronger than them?

“To those that are still standing right now, very good. Your reflexes were not bad. You need that if you dont want to be assassinated” Space Monarch said while nodding his head

It seems like the Tournament or more like the trial has already started without an announcement

Soldiers appeared and escorted the unconscious contestants. Those that were not able to react in time are now disqualified

They couldnt go to the second round. Reflex is important to a mage after all

If their reflex was trash, it would be an easy thing to assassinate them if the security around them is not strong enough

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