“[Erupting Lava!]”

A woman with a short brown hair and green eyes waved her hand. Her mystic gem which was crimson in color with earthen brown patches floats in front of her as a large crimson magic circle formed with her as the center

This woman is another contestant of the Tournament and is originally Daydreams most promising candidate

The dimension she entered was a canyon. She was teleported on top of the canyon while magic beasts crawled upwards to reach her

The magic beasts were the Killer Tongue Lizards. The lizards have deep green color and chocolate brown eyes. Their most lethal weapons were their tongue that could stretch for more than a hundred meters in length

Their tongue attack were extremely lethal and fast but fortunately these magic beasts are low rank beasts

Individually, the lizards only has the strength of ungraded to 2nd rank magic beasts with very few at the 3rd rank. However, there were already literally hundreds of them and they doesnt shown any sign that their numbers would stop increasing

Fortunately, a 4th or 5th fusion rank mage could deal with thousands of enemies at the 3rd rank and below

Hyrin is a mage that specializes in lava-type spells. She combined her fire and earth-type mystic gems to create a lava-type mystic gem

She doesnt have to use combination magic to use a lava-type spell though in return, her spells might was weaker compared to a combination magic

Still, her prowess was really something. Pillars of lava rose around her that fried the Killer Tongue Lizards to death

As long as they were hit by the lava, the lizards would die like mere thin sheet of papers

Every time that they die, their bodies would dissipate into specks of light but they would left behind gold coins

The way to obtain gold coins in this dimension is by killing the Killer Tongue Lizards!

Individually, they are not strong but it was exhausting to fight with them considering their increasing numbers!

Despite that, Hyrin stayed calm. She only casts spell with a wide range and only use them when there were enough lizards to kill to prevent unnecessary usage of mana


In yet another dimension, a figure clad with a black robe and wearing a skull mask mask could be seen

In his hand was a metallic scythe with black energies covering it. To his left was a steel gray mystic gem and to his right was a black mystic gem

The Grim Reaper of the Terroso Family specializes in metal and dark-type magic and is extremely cruel

The dimension he entered was a grassland with a giant grasshopper that would drop gold coins every time that it was attacked

Only by attacking the giant grasshopper could the Grim Reaper obtain the necessary gold coins

He uses his scythe to mercilessly cut the grasshopper apart as if it was a dead piece of meat

Every cut was created without the slightest bit of pity and mercy. The scythe itself was sharp and the black energies covering it would cause the flesh of the grasshopper to rot

However, every time that the giant grasshopper wasinjured it would heal almost instantly

At first, obtaining gold coin by harming the grasshopper was easy but the more gold coins that the Grim Reaper obtained, the more aggressive and stronger the grasshopper becomes. Not to mention, the rate in which the gold coins drop also decreases

But even then, the Grim Reaper was unfazed. And he was even laughing merrily

“Hahahaha! More! More!”

His sick laughter rang around the dimension as his body trembled in excitement


“[Ghost Field!]”

A woman with long black hair aggressively stepped on the ground causing a purple magic circle to form

From the magic circle, disgusting ghost-like entities with seemingly illusory bodies emerged and they attacked the spiders around them

This woman is Captain Soul Crusher of the Military. Another 5th fusion rank magic beast and the dimension she entered was a labyrinth with spiders everywhere she goes

Every room in the labyrinth that she entered would have a chest of gold coins but to enter the said rooms, she always has to fight with numerous small spiders

Fortunately, she was one of the lucky contestants. The spiders seems to haveweak souls and her specialization specially countered them

She only has to consume time and energy to kill these annoying spiders


Back to Rezen, as soon as he saw his opponent, he didnt waste any time. He stretched out his hand causing a blue magic circle to form and he controlled the water surrounding Greg


The water surrounding Greg suddenly moved in a rotating manner, creating a whirlpool inside a body of water

The whirlpool was very aggressive and dangerous. The mermaid tail of Greg was instantly torn apart along with his skin and if this goes on, no doubt that he would definitely die

Fortunately, before he could die in this dimension, a crack in the space appeared and pulled him out, only leaving the gold coins that he had collected

As a 4th fusion rank mage, Greg is definitely not an opponent of Rezen. He could defeat that kind of enemy without much trouble

Gregs home advantage was nullified since Rezen is both a mage and tattoo warrior that could use the element of water

Without wasting any time, Rezen swam and took the gold coins. Greghelp him save a lot of time

Greg has already collected quite a number of gold coins and there are only few that Rezen has to find

With the help of magic, Rezen could breathe in water and he swam to collect more gold coins while encountering the aquatic magic beasts in the dimension

While Rezen was grabbing two gold coins on top of a rock, he was found by two sharks

These sharks amongst magic beasts has one of the fastest swimming speed and are called Torpedo Sharks

They look like normal sharks except that their bodies were really slim

The sharks cut the water as they approached Rezen that met them head-on. While it might not be a problem to outswim most of the aquatic magic beasts in this dimension, the same couldnt be said for these Torpedo Sharks

Rezen might as well kill them here!

He used the power of both his Mystic Gem and Mystic Tattoo. The water around him obeyed him and Rezen rapidly rotated his body

He turned into a water tornado as he charged at the Torpedo Sharks. It seems like the dimensions could somehow adjust the difficulty of the trial. It could be hard but there is also a chance of surviving and collecting all the gold coins

These sharks only has the strength of 4th rank magic beasts. Even if Greg met them, although he cant outswim them, he still has a chance of defeating these sharks

As for Rezen? Its not much of a problem for him to kill these sharks


Rezen met the sharks head-on and his power tore apart these sharks as if they were paper

Instead of turning into mincemeat, the sharks actually exploded into a 3D map of light

It showed Rezens current location as green and there were little gold dots on it

“Are those gold dots the location of the gold coins?” Rezen thought

The dimensions might not be terribly large but in this dimension of water, the difficulty of collecting all the gold coins rose exponentially

The gold coins could either be above you or below, or even on the sides. They could be everywhere which was unlike Rezens dimension where the gold coins are placed on the small floating land masses

Seems like the Space Monarch designed it so that after some time, the sharks would appear and upon defeating them, they would turn into maps that shows where the gold coins were located

Rezen wanted to go further in this Tournament and even become the grand winner. As such, after looking at the top, he hurriedly swam to the gold coins the nearest to him

Good thing was that the map actually followed him which would make things convenient

In a short period of time, Rezen managed to collect all the gold coins in this water dimension


In the grassy field where the audiences were left, their eyes were focused on the bubbles that the Space Monarch has created

These bubbles shows the scene inside the small dimensions. This gave the audience a chance to check what was happening to the candidates

“Woah, that guy that the Daydreams Chairman brought with him is already going to his third dimension!”

“He might indeed be a genius hidden by Daydream! Hes not bad compared to the geniuses like Miss Hyrin, Captain Soul Crusher, or the Grim Reaper!”

“Indeed! Hes really great but he looks to gloomy!”

“Right? This is a trial and the other contestants also dont smile much but hes just on another level!”

“Its like he was carrying the whole world!”

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