“[Orbs of Annihilation!]”

A woman near or at 30 years old walked inside Depond Island as if she was merely walking in a park

Above her was a magic circle that releases black orbs. Everything that these orbs touch would be annihilated completely, not even ashes could be seen

This woman is one of the rare spatial mages and compared to a spatial mage such as Space Fox, her spatial spells were not focused on mobility but on offense

Spatial spells could be one of the most powerful spells for offense. Just the [Orbs of Annihilation] alone could alreadyerase everything it touches

It was as if the matter in the space that the orb landed on was erased completely from the world. Not even a single speck of ash would remain

Around this woman were hundreds to thousands of Tentacle Spawns. However, as soon as the [Orbs of Annihilation] made contact with them, holes would appear on their bodies

It was as if someone just gouged out a part of their body and left holes

“Ahh… this is boring…” the woman muttered with a yawn. A magic circle formed below her and from it, a flat black sphere came out

The woman sat on that sphere and it carried her around as she continued to kill one Tentacle Spawn after another

Just as one would think that this woman was actually acting really carefree, she suddenly turned her head to her left

As if on cue, a storm of blood bullets suddenly appeared, threatening to harm her

However, before the blood bullets could do what they were supposed to do, the black sphere below the woman moved

A part of it elongated and blocked the woman from the blood bullets. No matter how many bullets appeared, they would vanish as soon as they made contact with the black sphere

“[Blood Frenzy!]”

Suddenly, the blood flowing out of the holes from the dead bodies of the Tentacle Spawns trembled and move

The flowing blood targeted the woman and tried to harm her but they were unsuccessful

“[Orbs of Annihilation!]”

The woman casts the same spell from before and black orbs flew out around her. This time, the black orbs expanded in size

They were thrown off literally everywhere and numerous holes appeared on Depond Island

It was as if God has erased parts of the island. The cut was completely clean as if a knife cuts on butter

“Were both geniuses with no backing, do we really have to fight each other instead of joining hands to take down those arrogant young masters?” The woman said and for a moment no one answered her but after a few moments, a floating drop of blood showed itself

The blood instantly multiplied and turned into a man that was more or less at the same age as the woman

“Greetings, Miss Space Breaker!” The man greeted with a bow

“Greetings, Blood Immortal. That was one hell of a greeting you got there” the woman greeted back

Space Breaker and Blood Immortal are both mages at the 5th fusion rank. They are also the mages at that level that didnt join any force

They are completely independent but almost every bigwig would want to recruit them

They are mages at or below 30 that reached the 5th fusion rank! They are the ones with the most chance to reach the 6th fusion rank

Even peak forces dont have an unlimited number of mages at that level. Every loss of a 6th fusion rank mage is a great heartache while obtaining one more mage at that level is something to celebrate about!

Who wouldnt want to recruit mages that have the potential to reach the peak of the mortal world?

“My apologies for that” Blood Immortal replied with a chuckle and Space Breaker simply shrugged her shoulders

“So… how about it? Do you want to team up with me and take down those arrogant bastards? Slapping the faces of these young masters and miss is my favorite thing to do” Space Breaker asks while still leisurely sitting on her black sphere

She gave off a lazy aura but her guards were not lowered in the slightest and she could attack at a moments notice

“Forming an alliance is not bad. I kind of want to become this years grand winner. Receiving that extra life would be great”

With that, two of the few 5th fusion rank mages of the Tournament joined hands to attack other contestants at that level


On another part of the island, Rezen could be seen. On his feet were two magic circles and below these magic circles was a flowing mud

Rezen doesnt even have to lift his feet. His combination magic is moving him around and quite fast at that

His moving mud was fast and flexible as he ignored the Tentacle Spawns that he encountered along the way

The sure way to become one of the top ten is to hunt a fellow contestant or the suppressed 6th rank spawns

Rezen has to find either a fellow contestant at the 5th fusion rank since he is a Tattoo Warrior at the same rank or the suppressed Tentacle Spawns

The island doesnt have many of either of the two and Rezen has no time to deal with the small fries that would only earn him a measly amount of points

Rezen was minding his own business when he felt danger and magic fluctuations. He raised his head to see ten black orbs and he immediately jumped out of his flowing mud


Rezen with the help of his magic circle controlled where the mud flows causing a pillar of mud to rose

He was just about to see who attacked him when he sensed something weird on his body

His blood seems to be under the influence of something as his blood flowed on his body in disarray

If it was normal people, they might have already died but… Rezen is not ordinary!

He is not only a mage but also a Tattoo Warrior!

He soon dispelled the spell used on him as he activated an earth-type spell

“[Earth Dome!]”

With the creation of the magic circle, the ground around Rezen moved according to his will and formed an earthen dome

Even before he dealt with the spell that influenced the blood flow in his body, he already sensed other magic fluctuations. Meaning, a spell was on its way to attack him

As such, Rezen chose to raise his defense but clearly, it was not enough

A black sword stabbed his [Earth Dome] quickly and it even grazes his shoulder. The part where the sword stabbed him looks as if it was erased

Normally, when a person is stabbed by the sword, only a bloody cut would appear on their body

Their skin, flesh, and bones, were still there but are injured but that is not what happened to Rezen

A part of his shoulder completely vanishes as if it was bitten clean by something. With the absence of part of his shoulder, Rezen bled heavily

This kind of injury is definitely fatal to most people but not to Rezen. A simple recovery pill is all it takes to heal

This is still not a one-on-one battle between mages. His recovery pills still wouldnt be considered as a Mystic Item that would break the tournaments balance as long as he slowed down its consumption

Only in the last part of the Tournament would Rezen has to rely only on his own power. But for now, Rezen healed himself with recovery pills before he launched a counterattack

“[Combination Magic: Tri-elemental Stream!]”

Rezen used the power of sun, water, and wind at the same time to form a stream spell of three elements

As he sensed where the magic came from, Rezens spell knew exactly where to attack

“Wow… a combination spell of three elements. Thats sick!” Space Breaker commented before sending her [Orbs of Annihilation]

As Rezens spell was a combination magic, Space Breaker has to send quite a number of orbs just to block that spell

Spatial spells are not omnipotent. Spells such as the [Orb of Annihilation] that could erase everything it touches and [Heavens Gate] that could teleport an enemys attack have their own limit

Once the limit was breached, the spatial spell would collapse. But of course, not just any normal spell at the same rank could breach the limit of these spatial spells

“[Combination Magic: Blood Moon Tide!]”

While Rezen was attacking Space Breaker, he was also attacked by Blood Immortal

Earlier, he easily removed the blood spells effect on his body. But this combination magic was trickier

Rezen can sense his blood being manipulated by the other party. His face flushed as he felt terrible inside him

If he wasnt a Tattoo Warrior, he might have already bled from his seven orifices or even from all the pores on his body

“Tsk, a Tattoo Warrior. How unlucky, my spell is less effective with this kind of target”

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