“But this is interesting dont you think? Not only does he have that ridiculous number of mystic gems. I dont even know how he healed his shoulder that fast” Space Breaker replied

Tens of meters away from Rezen, two people could be seen staring at him in interest. One was a woman and the other was a man both of which are mages at the 5th fusion rank

“Interesting? More like troublesome” Blood Immortal retorted as he focused on his spell of controlling the blood on Rezens body

Rezen stared at the enemies that showed themselves at him. Seeing that there were two of them, he was actually quite glad

The rules state that every contestant could only obtain points by defeating another contestant once

As long as they dont earn the points yet, they could continue to attack a fellow contestant

Teaming up with each other is definitely a good thing to do as both parties would find it easier to earn a million points

If this was a battle that Rezen could only use his personal power without relying on any external help, there was no doubt that he would lose

Most of his strength comes from his Tattoo Warrior path which is at the 5th rank. But while that path offers greater power than an average mage, Space Breaker and Blood Immortal are not your average mages. Not to mention, there are two of them

Fortunately, this is still just the second part of the Tournament

Rezen retrieved a piece of red-colored lime from his void storage ring and forcefully consumed it despite how hard it was to move due to the disorder of his blood flow

As soon as he consumed that lime, his blood flow instantly stabilizes and no matter how Blood Immortal tries to affect his blood flow, the man was unsuccessful

The red-colored like was a mutated plant that Rezen has planted. Its use was merely for regulating blood flow and Rezen didnt expect that there would really be a time that he has to use it

His decision of always taking various mutated plants including the ones he thinks are not useful to him in his void storage is really the right decision

With Blood Immortal losing the ability to control Rezens blood flow, the formers fighting strength dropped by a huge margin

“Its payback time, am I right?” Rezen said with a sneer as he stomped his feet on the ground

“[Great Eternal Forest!]”

Rezen used the same spell that Florine uses in the past. If there were no trees nearby, this spell would sprout trees that would attack on the mages behalf

However, if there are trees where the spell was activated, the spell wouldnt grow more trees but control the already existing trees

The green magic circle covered a wide range and inside it were hundreds of trees

The ground trembled as if an earthquake appeared as the nearby trees uses their vines and roots to attack both Space Breaker and Blood Immortal

“Heh… his performance on the first round was the most eye-catching. But it seems like he is really a tough nut to crack. I kind of regret targeting him now”

A bitter smile formed on Space Breakers face as she casts her [Orbs of Annihilation]

Any roots or vines that made contact with her orbs would vanish as if they never appeared in the first place

“Just because someone is interesting doesnt mean you have to specifically target them” Blood Immortal replied with a sigh as he casts his own spell

“[Blood Strings!]

Magic circles formed on his hands and the tip of his fingers sent out thin threads of blood that wrapped on the vines and roots

The threads acted like the sharpest axe in the world as they easily minced the vines and roots

“[Combination Magic: Burning Leaf Storm!]”

Rezen ignored the burden on his soul as he immediately cast another spell and a combination one at that

The leaves on the trees detached themselves automatically and they were set on fire

The world was suddenly filled with burning leaves, raising the surrounding temperature

A chunk of the island was disturbed by the ongoing battle. Fortunately, while the island is quite small but since there were only a hundred contestants, its not easy to meet each other

They are scattered and with the tournaments rules, a mage could sense magic fluctuations in every direction

It was not only the area where Rezen and the others were fighting that was being ravaged

This is merely a common occurrence due to how destructive the spells in the 4th and 5th grades are

“Aish… these trees are really annoying” Space Breaker complained before clicking her fingers together

A large magic circle around a hundred meters in diameter suddenly formed in the sky as Space Breaker smiled


The magic circle engulfed the space below it in darkness. For a moment, a space of a hundred meters in diameter was completely submerged in darkness and no one could see what was happening inside

However, it only lasts for a short period of time. When the darkness dispersed, a horrifying scene was revealed

A circular space of a hundred meters in diameter was completely erased yet no loud sound was issued at all

Whether it be the trees, ground, or the Tentacle Spawns, all of them were completely erased. Not even a speck of them survived

Only a deep and extremely smooth crater remained. A chunk of the islands ground vanished yet the crater was completely smooth

This crater would definitely scare everyone

While it was not impossible for mages to destroy an entire mountain much less form a crater, but to leave such a smooth trace was something that only spatial mages could do

It could be said that it was an extremely horrible fate to die at the hands of a spatial mage that focuses on offensive spells

There wouldnt be anything left on your body in a literal sense

The only fortunate thing was that spatial spells also have their own limits

As such, despite all matter being erased, the three mages inside the spells range still survived

Aside from Space Breaker, the other two were in horrible condition though

A spatial spell could be broken but the power required was simply too great. Both Rezen and Blood Immortal were greatly exhausted by that spell and they even received some injuries

As for Space Breaker, she was a bit exhausted but she wasnt injured like the others

“Why didnt you just kill me? Who would use such a spell without any warning?” Blood Immortal complained while glaring at the woman smiling with a silly look on her face

“Hehehe… he might dodge if I warned you but it works. Hes exhausted and injured, this is our chance!”

Rezen wiped the blood at the side of his lips as he stared at his opposing contestants

At normal times, he might think that this situation was funny but that was only for the past Rezen

Right now, Rezen could only see these two as clowns trying to stop him from achieving his goal

With a single thought from him, a recovery pill appeared on his tongue and he swallowed it

The pill did its wonder as all the injuries and exhaustion of Rezen vanished as if they were never there in the first place

His recovery was simply rapid and could make peoples jaws drop on the ground

“No way!” Space Breaker exclaimed in surprise after seeing Rezen recover just like that

Even she used up a large chunk of her energy to cast her earlier spell. She definitely couldnt cast the same spell several times in succession

Her being a spatial mage has always been her advantage. Even if she fights a mage at her level, it would be her opponent that would run out of juice first as breaking a spatial spell requires more energy than casting it

She had never encountered an enemy like Rezen!

“His recovery speed is even faster than mine” Blood Immortal seconded but after seeing Rezen making a move, they took out items from their void storage rings

“I got this pill from an auction and I didnt expect that I would use it now” Space Breaker muttered while staring at the pill on her hand with bitterness

She can feel her heart aching as she swallowed the pill causing her power to rise temporarily albeit she would definitely suffer from side effects later

As for Blood Immortal, he took out a vial that has blood red liquid inside and drank it

His face instantly flushed and his body temperature rose. He can feel the blood in his body becoming livelier than before and even their production rate was faster

Using his own blood with his spell would definitely result in a greater power

“[Blood Strings]”

This time, the magic circle that Blood Immortal conjured was as large as his body. And this time, the blood strings not only appeared at his fingertips but throughout his whole body!

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