1st Place: Rezen Virion (3.5 Million Points)

2nd Place: Grim Reaper (2.9 Million Points)

3rd Place: Hyrin (2.8 Million Points)

4th Place: Soul Crusher (2.8 Million Points)

5th Place: Lancelot (1.6 Million Points)

6th Place: Hunderson Glow (1.6 Million Points)

7th Place: Moon Fairy (1.5 Million Points)

8th Place: Mency Sea (1.3 Million Points)

9th Place: Kluivet Hum (1.2 Million Points)

10th Place: Sea Oracle (1.2 Million Points)

A few days have passed since the second part of the Tournament and only then did it end

The top ten were announced and their names resounded in the entire Eastern Country. Their fame skyrocketed along with their status

Some people from the top ten originally dont have any organization or Family backing them but after their performance, many have invited them to be a part of their organization

Out of all the mages that are included in the top ten, Rezen was the one that gathered the most attention

Not only was he the one with the most points, but he is also the most mysterious

No one believes that he comes from an ordinary family but no matter how much they investigated, they cant find anything

From what they know, Rezen has an ungraded talent. The lowest of all. Even if he has Daydream, the earlier contact he had with Kacy was just a bit more than a month ago

As such, everyone thinks that Rezen was hiding his real origin. Some even think that he is a 7th rank mages illegitimate son

With his shockingly young age and the talent that he had shown, people already thinks that he was a mage even more talented than the famed Claude Preston

If not for the rumors of Claude defeating and killing a 7th rank mage, most people would have seen Rezen as a talent far superior to the Dark Saint

An 18 years old mage at the 4th fusion rank is simply a monstrous genius. But such a mage with more than ten mystic gems at that level…

Everyone cant help but think that if Rezen only focuses on one or two types of magic, he might have reached the 5th fusion rank by this point

Along with fame comes danger as such, Rezen cant wait for the final part of the Tournament to obtain Gaias Crystal

As soon as he upgrades his farm to the 5th level, he would definitely ask Kacy for more mana stones in exchange for recovery pills so that he could directly elevate his farm to the 6th or even 7th level

Rezen knew that even Daydream and Kacy are not omnipotent. His shocking performance attracted too much attention and he must reach the 6th rank as soon as possible

Showing such a shocking performance is a risk that Rezen took to expedite his progress

However, the final part of the Tournament would only happen a week later for the contestants to be given the time to rest and recuperate

For now, Rezen returned to his farm which was being fortified every day

There were various spirit plants and mutated plants that guarded his farm. Even small cities might not be as strong as his farm

He was only lacking combatants at the 6th rank!

Currently, Rezen was training with two people with the same goal as his. Two people that also lost their parents at the hands of the Twighlight Beast

“[Water Stream!]”

Neil who was wearing a blue mage robe stretched his arms as he condensed a blue magic circle

From the magic circle, watery energies flew out like a steady stream that targeted Rezen

Not far from him was another mage at the same age as him

Maze stood with a stoic face and eyes holding a sea of hatred. His lightning-type mystic gem floated in front of him as an electric blue magic circle formed on the area he was standing on

“[Lightning Flash!]”

Electric blue currents covered and flashed on his body, increasing his speed by a large margin as he charged at Rezen who silently watch them

While Neil could only use one spell at a time with his rather lacking talent, Maze who was originally already considered a genius has further improved compared to a month ago

While running towards Rezen at a fast speed thanks to his spell, he activated another spell

His mystic gems followed him and one of them was a fire-type gem that resonates with the natural laws of the world

“[Fire Claw!]”

Maze stretched out his hand and a red magic circle instantly formed. The fire covered his right hand and the fire assumes the appearance of a fiery claw

One water stream spell and one mage moving at a fast speed with a flaming claw attacked Rezen at the same time

However, Maze right now is only a 3rd fusion rank mage while Neil is only a 2nd fusion rank mage

Even if Rezen doesnt use his strength as a Tattoo Warrior, these two are not people that could defeat him

Rezen simply stretched his hand out as a metallic gray magic circle formed

“[Metal Bullets!]”

Rezen sent a storm of metallic bullets. He deliberately lowered the strength of his spell, only enough for him to give these two a chance to fight back

However, the end was already set from the start. Rezen is far stronger than these two

“Damn it!”

After the training, Maze angrily punched the ground. Rezen alone is already someone that he cannot defeat, what more for the people that are the target of his revenge?

This made him both angry and disgusted at himself

As for Neil, he dejectedly sat on the ground. His talent was originally not at the level of at least a normal genius and despite the fact that he wants to avenge his parents, his talent didnt improve that much

“Maze, you are too focused on offense. You have great offensive strength but you are severely lacking in other areas. Work on that”

“Neil, you always get flustered in a fight and your spell casting speed constantly faltered. Be more decisive”

While Rezen is not an expert in combat, right now, he already has a lot of experience. Compared to the likes of Maze and Neil, he could already be considered an expert

Even if their strength were at the same level, Rezen is confident of winning even without using any cheat

While giving these two a lesson, Eleven who has become a housekeeper on Rezens farm arrived and reported something on Rezen

“Master, there are two more orphans that entered our territory” Eleven reported and Rezen sighed

If it was the infrastructure, Greenwood City has returned to normal already. But the people…

Because of the attack, many citizens didnt dare return to the city and decided to live in other cities

The orphanages have their limits and considering the number of people that died, the number of orphans skyrocketed

This world is not much different than Rezens previous world. There are still corruptions and children that dont have anywhere else to go

“Bring them with the other orphans for now” Rezen replied while touching his forehead

As those orphans have the same experience as him, he sympathizes with them. And since food could easily be grown or bought by him, he allocated a space on his farm to house these orphans but he still doesnt know what to do with them

“Should I really form an army with them?” Rezen thought in his head

Before Greenwood City was attacked, Six already suggested recruiting orphans and forming an army of Tattoo Warriors using them

At that time, he just threw the matter at the back of his head since his morals dont want him to exploit children

But now… Sixs suggestion sounds appealing to him

He took the orphans to his territory but there would definitely be a time when their lives would be in danger, especially from the Twighlight Beast that was giving him too great of an attention

If not for Daydream protecting Rezen, he might have died already. Having a backing is really something

It wouldnt be a surprise if the Twighlight Beast decides to kill the orphans staying at his farm

Turning them into Tattoo Warriors with power would give those orphans the strength to protect themselves

“Rezen, would you take all the orphans?” Neil asks. He was there when Six suggested the orphan army. And these days, Six continues to suggest that

He felt bad for exploiting the orphans but Neil is also aware of how necessary having power is

“I think it would be the best to take and train them. Having no power… its terrible” Maze seconded while clenching his fist

He is aware of how horrible it was to not have any power. And since the orphans are in the same situation as them, he too sympathizes with them

“Maybe…” Rezen muttered. Having more people wouldnt hurt since there is strength in numbers

There are things that Rezen could only do with the help of a large number of subordinates

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