While Rezen was contemplating what he should do with the orphans, he sensed the Heaven-seeing Eyeflower warning him that there are intruders that entered his farm

When he gave the flower the permission to transmit images into his mind, his body trembled

His face flushed in anger and his Mystic Tattoos instantly spreads all over his body

“Twighlight Beast!!” Rezen shouted in range, the power of the sun coursed through his body as he run at the fastest speed he could

Both Maze and Neil could only see his blurry figure and the two looked at each other before they decided to follow him

In just a short period of time, Rezen arrived at the edge of his farm. The scene that was only transmitted to him through the Heaven-seeing Eyeflower is now playing directly in front of him

At the edge of his farm were more than a dozen Demolisher Shrooms. The shrooms that are originally just staying in their places as normal houses grew larger than before

They now have long arms and legs and are as tall as a five-story building

Inside the Demolisher Shrooms were the crying and fearful orphans. Although they are children but most of them are actually not that young anymore

Back when the Twighlight Beast attacked, the younger a person is, the more likely that they would die

The orphans on the farm were mostly 13 years old and above. They are only a few years younger than Rezen

However, even if it was just a few years, theres a large difference between the mental fortitude and maturity of an 18-year-old man to those at 13 or 14 years of age

These orphans that havent reached the age of 18 yet have not started to cultivate yet. None of them have any mystic gems and they are essentially as weak as normal children with no power whatsoever

Right now, they are being protected by the Demolisher Shrooms but at the same time, some of the orphans were dying

“[Fire Stream!]”

“[Lightning Streaks!]”

“[Metal Bullets!]”

“[Water Jet!]”

The Demolisher Shrooms were facing the attacks of at least fifty mages wearing masks on their faces

One spell after another flew in the air, targeting the Demolisher Shrooms. As soon as one Demolisher Shroom was breached, the children inside were no different than an ant in front of an elephant

“B-brother! Brother no!! Huhuhuhu!”

“H-hey! D-dont close your e-eyes! Nooo!!”

“E-everyone! C-calm down!”

“M-mommy!! H-help!”

“Ahh!! B-bad guys!”

“W-we have to fight b-back!”

Most of the orphans were consumed by fear and there were few that were trying to be calm and brave in this situation

While most children would be cowardly, some of them would definitely have enough courage to think of fighting back

However, having the power to fight back is a different matter


Along with Rezens appearance was the crushing of a bastards skull. He punched the mage the closest to him causing that mages head to explode like a watermelon

“Hes here, retreat!”

Amidst the members of the Twighlight Beast, a shout calling for retreat resounded. It seems like they are only here to harass Rezen and his people which was to be expected

The Twighlight Beasts previous action hasnt passed for a long time yet. Their main enemy is the military while other peak forces in the country only give lip service

If they were to send a force that could easily crush Rezen, the Twighlight Beast would incur the wrath of Daydream

Daydream itself was also on standby as it wants to weaken the militarys force but if they are provoked, that would be a different story

The Twighlight Beast is a vengeful organization but they are no fools. They could send some people to kill and make trouble for Rezen but there is a limit to that

If they sent several mages at the 6th fusion rank, both Daydream and the Military would focus on them

In essence, this was a compromise. They could attack Rezen but not with force enough to utterly crush him

Unfortunately, the force needed to kill Rezen inside his farm would need the presence of 6th fusion rank mages!

He wasnt idle for the past month as he constantly upgraded his farm. With the help of Blood Ginseng, almost every defensive unit he has is already at the 5th rank!

Cow! Cow! Cow!

In a short time, the Nightmare Crows already appeared and they sent purple beams toward the members of Twighlight Beast

The ground also trembled a bit as the Ground Shrooms showed themselves

Not only that but on the ground, root-like entities that have the shape of snakes suddenly appeared as if they were already there in the first place

There were also carnivorous flowers that showed themselves and many more plants

Rezen has massively increased the number of plants that could defend his farm and it takes a short time before they could arrive

With the appearance of Rezen and his plants, it took almost no time to kill all the invaders

However, Rezen was not happy. He knew that this was just the Twighlight Beasts way of harassing him

They couldnt attack in full force and they are resorting to this shameless tactic. The people that sent are cannon fodders with not much strength and value

Rezen stared at the bloody corpses of the orphans as the children never ceased crying

The scent of fresh blood was especially strong right now. Whenever he witnessed people being killed by the Twighlight Beasts members, he would always be reminded of his parents

The invaders had already died when Maze and Neil arrived. Both of them were saddened and angered by the scene in front of them

“Twighlight Beast! Twighlight Beast! Its them again!” Maze said through gritted teeth

This was not the first time that the Twighlight Beast attacks the farm. Its just that the attacks from the past were directed toward Rezen

These bastards wanted to kill Rezen but they cannot breach the farms solid defense

After seeing that their attempts were futile, they resorted to attacking the children that Rezen took in

“S-sir! Please help my brother!” A young boy crawled to Rezen with teary eyes as he begged desperately for his brother to be saved

Unfortunately, Rezen could only shake his head. “Im sorry, hes already dead”

If reviving the dead is easy then Rezen would have done it to his parents already. With his words, the young boy cried even harder, unwilling to accept the death of his brother when another orphan kneeled in front of Rezen

“S-sir! Please help me! I want to become strong like you! I want to avenge my family. Please make me stronger, I would do anything!”

This time, it was a young girl. She also has tear stains on her cheeks but her eyes were burning with resolved

She was no different from Maze that is also hell-bent on avenging his family. And Rezen knew that he was also not that much different

Revenge is also what he craved for!

“R-Rezen… w-why dont w-we help them?” Neil said while stuttering

The loss of their parents changed the two of them but the change that Rezen had was greater

In the past, they could easily joke and mess around with each other but right now, Neil is a bit fearful of his friend

He knew that he is only safe and sound because of Rezen that has become unfathomable

They are not the normal and average young men of before anymore. While Rezen doesnt treat him bad, Neil finds it hard to ask his friend for any more favor

Rezen stared at his friend then at the young girl. He was already thinking of helping them when the braver orphans also followed the young girl to beg Rezen to help them stronger

Their resolve was clear to see and in the end, Rezen nodded his head

“Follow me, its not safe here anymore” Rezen said as he went to the center of his farm which was also the safest place on his farm

The Demolisher Shrooms followed him along with the orphans and Rezen ordered Eleven and his other artificial human subordinates to bring the necessary resources to him

While these orphans are not at the age to become a mage yet, for now, they could be turned into Tattoo Warriors

As long as the elemental radiation is removed with the help of recovery pills, they could have the power of a 5th rank Tattoo Warrior soon

With enough 5th rank Tattoo Warriors, even 6th fusion rank mages would die. When Rezen gained the power to defeat the upper echelons of the Twighlight Beast, his army of Tattoo Warriors could deal with the lower rank members for him

He doesnt care whether he would exploit these children and put them in danger anymore. If they are helpful and useful to him, why not use them as a tool for his revenge?

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