“Brother, youre here again!” Rezen said, delighted. Despite the dark look on Claudes face, he still looks very much handsome

Every guy should take him as their role model!

Just like the previous two times, Rezen happily guided Claude inside his humble home and had him sit on the small sofa

“Brother, I was not able to treat you the previous two times you visited me. At least accept my gift” Rezen said as he handed three pieces of rainbow clementines but his stinginess strikes again and he took one back

Rezen brought those clementines straight from his storage. Anyway, with the transactions he had with Claude, it wouldnt be surprising anymore if he has the money to buy a void storage

Normal people that usually use credits for transactions would have to save up for a long time to buy one but for mages that usually transact using mana stones, buying void storage isnt that hard

“You dont need to but thank you” Claude replied as he stored the clementines inside his own void storage. With the situation in the Ratois Mountain, he doesnt have the appetite to eat them

“I wish to buy your items again. Do you still have vismian grass and especially soul-tearing peas?”

“Yup! I have 1,000 of each!”

Rezen decided to sell all of his crops and just plant again later. Right now, money is the most important thing to him!

“Im buying them all, at the same price as before”

Since Rezen already knows that he will regularly transact with Claude, he already prepared the Tupperware. Fortunately, he bought many of them in the city

Stacks of Tupperware containing 1,000 blades of vismian grasses and 1,000 soul-tearing peas appeared on the table before they were stored in Claudes void storage

“Ah, right, brother, can I receive half the payment in form of mana stones and the other half for magic books? Especially the sun and earth-type books”

With Rezens mastery of the [Sun Blast] spell, he already has enough comprehension torank up using his sun-type mystic gem but it wouldnt be bad to increase his knowledge to further lessen the chance of failing

As for fusing 2 ungraded earth-type gems, that would have to wait as Rezens knowledge about the earth is too superficial

“The earth-type magic books, I have them now. It would be enough to help you reach up to the 4th fusion rank. As for the sun-type magic books… mages having that element is rare and I can only send someone later to deliver the books”

“Thats alright, brother then… how much would those books cost…?”

Thinking about buying those things with a lot of money, Rezen can feel an ache in his heart but this is needed

He doesnt want to be a mage that only knows how to use the [Sun Blast] and stream magic of sun and earth element! How uncool was that?

“No need, you dont need to pay for them. You wont listen to me into moving back inside the city despite the danger in the Ratois Mountain. I can only hope that those books would help increase your strength if ever we failed to prevent all the magic beasts from attacking the residential area”

Rezen is already filled with overflowing awe in this saintly soldier but he felt even more amazed now!

Really, who could be as kinder as this soldier?

“Thank you, brother! But the situation in the Ratois Mountain, is it really that bad?”

At that, Claude nodded his head. “Its really bad. The magic beasts are really agitated now and more and more of them are coming down the mountain. We would soon be forced to exterminate the magic beasts before they can come down but that also comes with a risk. We are already short in manpower but killing magic beasts would attract more magic beasts because of the blood and mana waves and we dont have enough people to clean up those corpses. Thats why I really suggest that you moved to the city in the meantime”

Turns out that the situation was much worse than Rezen originally thought. But wait… isnt this a good chance for Rezen?

“Brother… cleaning the corpses of magic beasts… can I help with that?” Rezen asks greedily

If he can go with Claude and watch him kill the magic beasts, not only would he have something cool to watch. Rezen can even store the magic beasts corpses in his storage and have the farm absorb them for blessing points and lottery tickets!

Rezen definitely cannot miss this chance!

“I understand that you want to help but this would be dangerous. Leave it to us, soldiers, we chose this profession to protect civilians like you!”

‘Ahh! He is too dashing! Im getting blind… and also guilty

Rezen didnt really want to help for such a noble cause, he just want those corpses!

“Brother, I am also a citizen of the country. Even if I am not a soldier, I also have the moral obligation to help our citizens. Its just storing corpses, I have void storage for that!”

Rezen can only grit his teeth and lie. Fortunately, it seems like Claude is weak against people withconviction and a great desire to help the country and protect the weak

“Alright, but you must promise me that you will take your life the priority. You dont need to collect every single corpse if it would endanger your life!”

“I promise!”

Even without Claude saying that Rezen would do that

What a joke! It would be a shame to his golden finger if he die this early!

“Okay, come tomorrow, we will start the extermination then if the situation continues to progress in this state”

With the matter concluded, the two finished their transactions. The 1,000 blades of vismian grasses were exchanged for 2,500 mana stones while it was 3,000 mana stones for the 1,000 soul-tearing peas

When Claude was finally gone, Rezen exchanged 1,000 mana stones for 100 vismian grass seeds, 1,300 mana stones for 100 soul-tearing pea seeds, and also 1,000 mana stones for 50 rainbow clementine seeds

After that, Rezen exchanged another 1,000 mana stones to recharge his blessing, and just like yesterday, he gained 50 lottery tickets and 50 blessing points

“System, use the blessing points!” Rezen ordered, expecting that he would increase his talent by another percent but…

[Ding! Congratulations to the Host for obtaining the blessing of good sleep!]

Rezen almost coughed out all the blood in his body along with his internal organs

The fuck? Blessing of good sleep? What would Rezen do with that? Can that be eaten?

“No way… does redeeming blessing points also gives out miscellaneous blessings?”

The lottery tickets have miscellaneous rewards which were the recovery pills and they rarely gave out other rewards such as the mysterious peach and spirit plant seed

Rezen didnt expect that redeeming a blessing also has a chance of receiving a miscellaneous blessing!

Seems like the first time that he received an increase in talent is really just the beginner or first-time redemption reward!

“System, fuck your father!” Rezen cursed

He was expecting to increase his talent. It might not make him that strong but Rezen has to take everything he could to ensure his safety for tomorrows operation!

With a mouthful of curses, Rezen used the fifty lottery tickets and to his dismay, he only gained recovery pills

The probability of obtaining other things aside from the recovery pills is too low!

Rezen had 120 recovery pills, plus the 49 pills from the previous one and another 50 pills today. He now has a total of 219 pills in total and he hasnt even tried them!

With a stomp of his feet, Rezen curses the nine generations of the system as he waited to harvest all the crops that he planted

When four hours passed, they were finally ready to be harvested and they went straight to Rezens storage before he head back into his room to advance through the next rank

Rezen has already stayed at the ungraded rank for along time (only 3 days or so) and it is now time to reach the next rank

He originally planned on increasing his comprehension first but the operation of tomorrow made Rezen feel a sense of crisis and he has topower up now

Anyway, if he failed and received a backlash, he would check just how special the recovery pills were for the system to give him so many of them!

Rezen first consumed more soul-tearing peas to advance the level of his soul to the next level and his loud moans rang inside his bedroom and only after that did he start his advancement to the next rank

From Rezens elixir field emerged his 2 sun-type mystic gems. They were completely identical in color and aura as if they were more than twins

When Rezen willed it, the mystic gems moved andtouched each other. Rezen ordered them to fuse and in fact, the fusion itself is not that hard

As long as the mage has enough soul power, the fusion is relatively easy

In fact, it didnt even take that long before the two sun-type mystic gems fused together, and after that comes the hard part

The resulting mystic gem from the fusion starts resonating with the natural laws but it was extremely unstable

It was gathering even more power from nature (specifically the power of the sun) and this is now a test of Rezens control and knowledge

He waved his hand as a magic circle appeared in front of his palm

Rezens eyes were glowing with yellow light as he controlled the power of the sun to stabilize his mystic gem

People with lacking comprehension would not succeed in stabilizing their mystic gem

If not for the mysterious peach, Rezen definitely wouldnt be able to stabilize his mystic gem

The process of the mages was accumulating knowledge and understanding the elements and only then would they slowly learn, master, and upgrade magic spells

Complete mastery of the spell required an extremely high level of comprehension for every rank

Mastering the spells is already hard yet upgrading them to a higher rank is even harder

After all, if 1st fusion magic spells require extensive magic knowledge at the boundary of the 1st fusion rank, then 2nd fusion magic spells require the comprehension at the boundary of magic knowledge at the 2nd fusion rank

Rezen was still an ungraded rank mage when he mastered the [Sun Blast] that was at the 1st fusion rank

It can be said that he skipped the long process. He learned the corresponding knowledge of 1st fusion magic spell before even reaching that rank!

As a result, reaching the 1st fusion rank was simply a breeze for him and it didnt take that long before he successfully stabilizes his mystic gem

Its appearance still looks the same as before. It was still an oval shape, light yellow gem with the mark of the sun inside but its resonance with the natural laws was at another level now

The stronger the resonance, the stronger Rezens control over the power of the sun would be and in return would also increase the limit of the lethality of magic spells!

This is a qualitative increase in power that comes with upgrading a mystic gem to the next level!

This is not something that just increasing the number of mystic gems that a mage has could achieve!

Rezen raised his palm and his mystic gem landed on top of it. With his gem at the 1st fusion grade now, the power of his [Sun Blast] would definitely increase

After all, his ungraded mystic gem of before cannot fully unleash the power of a 1st fusion grade magic spell

“I have more confidence now in sweeping the benefits of the unrest in the Ratois Mountain. I hope Claude can exterminate thousands of magic beasts!”

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