The world was suddenly engulfed with a crimson color as pillars of lava rose from the ground. The molten hot lava splashed on the surroundings and Rezen nimbly move to evade them

With the help of his Tattoo Warrior path, he could move fast even without the help of spells

As Rezen continues to dodge, he inched closer to his opponent that suddenly clicked her fingers together

“[Lava Swamp!]”

As soon as Rezens right foot landed on the ground in front of him, a crimson magic circle suddenly formed and it changes the properties of the ground

Instead of a solid ground like before, it changes into a small swamp made entirely of molten lava

Fortunately, Rezen was quick enough to use his left foot as a pivot and he changes his direction instantaneously

“[Lava Stream!]”

Out of all the 5th fusion rank mages, Hyrin of Daydream seems to have one of the fastest spell casting speed as she casts one spell after another

A stream of crimson energies flew in the air to attack Rezen that uses his physical advantage to run and dodge

However, Hyrin was skillful enough to control the trajectory of her spell. The stream spell curved and changed in direction to continue chasing Rezen

Seeing that the stream spell continued to chase him, Rezen waved his hand causing a yellow magic circle to form

“[Sun Stream!]”

Rezen used a stream spell against another stream spell. Since Hyrins mystic gem was the combination of fire and earth mystic gems, although her stream spell was not as strong as a combination spell, it was still stronger than normal

Even Soul Crushers stream spell was not as strong as Hyrins stream spell

Sparks flew around as the stream spells collided. One spell holds the power of lava and the other holds the power of the sun

These two energies cause the surrounding temperature to continue to rise. Heat waves spread around but the one being affected by it was Hyrin and not Rezen

Hyrin is just a mage while Rezen is also a Tattoo Warrior. There is a big difference in their physique

In the end, just like what happened to Soul Crusher, Hyrin was also overpowered in time

Even if her mystic gem holds greater power, Rezen has the blessing of [Link]

Hyrin waved her hand to the side causing their clashing stream spells to land on the ground, blasting a small pool of lava

“[Lava Stream!]”

Despite being on the losing end, Hyrin casts the same spell in hopes to catch Rezen offguard

Unfortunately, Rezen didnt fall for that and he also casts his own stream spell. The same thing as before happened, Hyrin has to cancel both of their spells by letting the stream spells blast the ground

“[Lava Stream!]”

“[Sun Stream!]”

“[Lava Stream!]”

“[Sun Stream!]”

“[Lava Stream!]”

“[Sun Stream!]”

This exchange happened several times. As soon as their stream spells are canceled, Hyrin would cast another one until…

“[Vulcans Hug!]”

Hyrin suddenly casts a different spell. The viscous lava that was slowly flowing around suddenly moved at a rapid speed

The lava tried to swallow Rezens body whole

The clash of stream spells forced both Rezen and Hyrin to stay in their place without moving their feet, giving the nearby lava a chance to come close to Rezen before Hyrin controlled them to defeat her opponent

This tactic was quite good but it was too bad that her opponent is Rezen


Rezen uses the same spell he used against Soul Crusher. The surroundings distorted as the light was manipulated to show an illusion that could fool peoples senses

This time, it was not a forest that appeared but a large sea. Hyrin suddenly found herself standing on a piece of land surrounded by endless water

She couldnt see Rezen anymore and although she could still sense her lava, she cant see where they are nor could she see where her opponent is

If that wasnt enough, the sea even spawned large aquatic monsters

There were sharks, piranhas, octopi, orcas, sea lions, sea snakes, whales, etc

Each of these aquatic animals was gigantic and Hyrin cant help but shudder

Despite the fact that she knew the [Distortion] spells effects, these aquatic monsters still look extremely real

Humans have always dreaded creatures far larger than they are as in the wild, size is often equal to strength

These gigantic aquatic animals made Hyrin feel like she was an ant in front of the titans

Still, although Hyrin is not as experienced as Soul Crusher, she is also not dumb

“[Lava Tornado!]”

The woman waved her hand and she condensed her magic circle to form a large tornado of lava

However, although she can sense that she was successful in the creation of her magic circle and the release of the spell, she cannot see both of them

Hyrin controlled the tornado of lava to swallow the aquatic animals approaching her but it was as if nothing happened

She cant see the lava tornado and although she felt like the tornado hits the aquatic animals, in her vision, nothing has changes

The aquatic animals are still as vigorous as power

Since most creatures rely on their vision too much, Rezens spell was especially deadly to them

A frown formed on Hyrins face. Her other senses could tell her what was happening but her vision is still affecting her

She decided to cast a spell with an extremely wide range when she sensed danger

Hyrin turned her body around as she conjured a magic circle but she was too late

A palm struck her stomach without her seeing the culprit. Since her body is only slightly superior compared to normal humans, if the palm attack was successful, she would at the very least be heavily injured

Space Monarch has determined that Hyrin couldnt deal with Rezens attack and he intervened

The scenery of a large sea along with the aquatic animals was dispersed, revealing Rezen and Hyrin

Rezen is in the process of launching a palm attack at Hyrin but his palm was suddenly met with a strong resistance

It felt like space itself was blocking his hand from going further

Rezens apathetic eyes stared at Hyrins shocked ones

“Rezen won again” Space Monarch declared and only then did Rezen take his hand back

Since Hyrin is a member of Daydream, Rezen nodded his head as an acknowledgment

“Another win!”

“What the heck, how could he be so heaven-defying?!”

“Is the [Distortion] spell supposed to be that strong?”

“Right? I dont think that spell is that powerful!”

“He won two times in a row thanks to his [Distortion] spell”

“If the Grim Reaper doesnt do something about that spell, he might also lose!”

The audience felt their blood boiling. This time, Rezen didnt create the illusion of towering trees

As such, the audience was able to see Hyrin inside the sea and aquatic animals

Some of them have never seen a battle against high level mages and they are naturally excited about it

“Both of you did well!” Space Monarch complimented before the last match of Rezen against the 5th fusion rank contestants started

Space Monarch stared at Grim Reaper with a profound look in his eyes before sending him to Rezen


“Kekeke, would you cry if I defeated you?” The Grim Reaper said with a light excited laugh

He was still wearing a black robe that covered his entire body along with a skull mask on his face

Since Rezen has already fought and defeated two mages at the same rank as him, he should be quite tired as of right now

He shouldnt be at his peak anymore and that would give Grim Reaper a high chance of defeating Rezen

If Grim Reaper decided to drag out the fight, wouldnt he be the one that would hold the advantage?

“You cant defeat me” Rezen replied coldly. Grim Reaper cant defeat him as he has to become the champion of this tournament

As long as he upgraded his farm to another level, he wouldnt have to fear 7th rank mages too much

He cant defeat or kill them but as long as his farm is upgraded to the 6th level, he could definitely keep his life even in front of them

As such, winning the tournament and becoming its champion is a big deal to Rezen. This is a fight he cannot afford to lose no matter what

Rezen is aware of the performance that he shows. Space Monarch is similar to Claude as they both dont bully the weak but the other 7th rank mages are surely different

They would definitely be attracted to Rezen after learning of his feat. They might capture and search his memories to check his secrets

Before those 7th rank mages could target him, Rezen has to win the tournament and upgrade his farm once more!

“Kekekeke! Quite confident are we? It should feel good hacking you into pieces!”

With that, the battle between Rezen and Grim Reaper has started

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