Rezen already saw a glimpse of what 7th rank mages could do. He wouldnt believe it if anyone were to say that Space Monarch was unable to act in time to save Grim Reaper

This development appalled even Rezen and he unconsciously stared at Space Monarch that has a cold look on his face

With a wave of the old mages hand, Grim Reapers headless corpse flew and he brutally shredded it. Even Grim Reapers parents wouldnt be able to recognize him anymore

He was no different than a lump of ground meat right now

This situation has caused the audience to gulp a mouthful of saliva. Why would Space Monarch do that?

If he wants to kill all the people present, no doubt that even thousands of 6th fusion rank mages would not be able to do that

“This is a warning to the Twighlight Beast. Dont cross the line! How dare you send one of your people to join the tournament that I, Space Monarch is holding?!”

The old mages voice sounded like thunder, surprising the people who heard it

The Twilight Beast? Could it be…

Everyone including Rezen unconsciously stared at the headless corpse of Grim Reaper. That mage always wears a mask but no one expected that he is actually a member of the Twighlight Beast, the most dreadful terrorist organization as of right now

With another wave of Space Monarchs hand, the ground human meat which was Grim Reaper seemingly vanished and turned into nothing

Just because a person has a good temper doesnt mean that they are unable to act in a cruel way especially if their bottom line was touched

After snorting coldly, Space Monarch pulled Rezen towards him and isolated the space they are standing on so that no one would be able to hear what they would be talking about

Although Space Monarch is the most amiable 7th rank mage, he is still a 7th rank mage. The way he acts shows that he still doesnt think that he is equal to the mortals

He would pull and push people away from him according to his will

“Youre a talented child but… do you know that you are too eye-catching?” Space Monarch said with a sigh

“Im already old and lived a long life. I dont have much ambitions anymore but others would be different. Im sure that there would be 7th rank mages that would try to pry whatever secrets that you have” he continued causing Rezen to clench his fist

Rezen himself is aware of his performance and that he is currently in danger. That is why he has to upgrade his farm again. In that way, he would have the ability to keep his life even if the 7th rank mages try to make a move against him


A gold coin with the symbol of a four-leaf clover suddenly appeared and landed on Rezens palm

“I already said that I would be the champions guardian. This gold coin would tell me if you are in danger. If your life is in danger, especially if theres a 7th rank mage involved, I would come immediately”

Rezen held the coin in his hand and bowed his head to show his gratitude. “Thank you”

“Umm. I know what you went through. I also hate the Twighlight so I would support you. I hope that one day, you would reach the same rank as I”

“Anyway, the champion also gets a wish of them fulfilled by me. What do you want? Resources? Teachers?”

Space Monarch was quite straightforward and Rezen politely asked for the resources he needed to upgrade his farm to the 6th level

Fortunately, mages at the level of Space Monarch are just on another level. Even Daydream couldnt compare to the wealth he possesses


The Tournament continued without much suspense. The contestants fought each other to determine their rankings

The higher a mages ranking was the more attention that they received. This was especially for those who are not part of any organization

This tournament has become quite a game changer in their lives

This was possibly one of Space Monarchs goals, to let the talented mages with no background show their talent so that they would be recognized and nurtured

The contestants and audiences were in a joyful mood but on the edge of the world, the atmosphere was very solemn

Floating at the opposite side of each other was none other than Claude Preston, the Dark Saint and Space Monarch himself

Just like what Claude promises, he would come to Space Monarch again after the Tournament has ended

“Was it true? Did you really kill a 7th rank mage from the Western Country?” Space Monarch asked, full of doubt inside him

In terms of knowing the disparity between a 6th fusion rank and a 7th rank mage, Space Monarch is completely aware

Mages at his level mostly resorted to the use of Mystic Items when battling another mage at their level since the power that exceeded the 7th rank will harm the earth itself

7th rank mages could use thousands or even tens of thousands of Mystic Items that have the power of 6th grade spells in a second without any burden

How could a 6th fusion rank mage possibly compete with that?

As such, although this was already the second time that Claude reportedly killed a 7th rank mage, it was still too unbelievable

“It was true. To save the earth plane, all the 7th rank mage that stole the realms origin energy causing it to walk the path of destruction has to die” Claude replied simply yet his words would definitely make people see him as a fool

Killing all 7th rank mages? Is that even possible?

There was almost no 7th rank individual that died in a battle. To say that Claude would kill all of them is like hearing a clown joke

“Im curious where your confidence is coming from…” Space Monarch replied

He still doesnt believe that Claude is capable of such a thing but he is also aware that Claude is not the type to lie like that

“I dont have any more ambitions since my path is already blocked by the broken laws and the unorthodox path that I took. However, I also dont have a wish to die yet. Claude Preston, if you insist on fighting me, I have no choice but to fight back” Space Monarch said sharply as thousands upon thousands of Mystic Items appeared

Each of these Mystic Items could release a power equivalent to a 6th grade spell. If cast on a country, it might be erased almost immediately

“And I also dont have any intention to see the earth realm collapse. This is my destiny!”

With a click of Claudes finger, the space on the edge of the world was solidified

Those who are outside wouldnt be able to see what was going on inside. Even if they wish to enter, thats not an easy thing to accomplish

“Y-you… how could you have this kind of power?!” Space Monarch exclaimed, feeling alarmed

If Claude has the ability to use magic without the aid of a magic circle then so be it. But for his strength to actually reach the realm of the 7th rank mages despite not being one… how is such a thing possible?

“You dont know? I guess thats to be expected. You are born and raised on the earth realm unlike the Serpentine Empress and her Elders” Claude muttered as if he realizes the reason why the Space Monarch was ignorant.

“You left me with no choice!”

With those final words, Space Monarch sent his Mystic Items to Claude

If it was an ordinary non-7th rank mage, these thousands of Mystic Items would be an overkill to dispose of them

Unfortunately for Space Monarch, Claude is not an ordinary person!

With a wave of Claudes hand, thousands upon thousands of light beams were condensed and met the Mystic Items head on

The Mystic Items were destroyed right off the bat, sending scraps around

“This… you are freely controlling the mana in our surroundings” Space Monarch said with a frown

Since seeing that using Mystic Items wouldnt work then Space Monarch has to use his real power!

The projection of his Blessed Land appeared above him. His Blessed Land was composed of different spaces connected to each other

As a mage that has space as his main attribute, Space Monarch is one of the strongest!

Using his realm power, Space Monarch causes the space to twist and shred to form dragon-like entities

These dragons were not real lifeforms and were instead created using the fabric of space itself!

The space that was torn to create these several spatial dragons causes a chaotic spatial storm but both Space Monarch and Claude Preston could deal with that

To think that the fabric of space could be used to create dragon-like entities. Space Monarch is really something!

“You are strong even among the 7th rank mages because of your spatial power but that is exactly the reason why I targeted you this early!”

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