“N-no, you dont have to do that for me” Rezen hurriedly refused

What a joke! He doesnt have a heroic spirit that would sacrifice himself for other people!

He is definitely not fit to be a soldier, if ever, being a Demon General might suit him better

Just imagining commanding thousands of demons with a wave of a hand already made Rezens blood boil. How cool was that?

“Im serious. The military needs someone like you. Not only do you have the heart to protect the people but you also have the talent for it!”

‘Senior, please stop thinking that I am a one in a million talent! My talent is the worst and so is my personality compared to the great you!”

“T-that wont do, Brother Claude. I only have an ungraded talent. Im not suited to be trained and nourished”

“Sigh… alright, I will not force you but if you ever changed your mind, just say so…” Claude gave up as forcing someone to be a martyr is not his style

Since Rezen clearly doesnt want to be a soldier to the point that helied about the grade of his talent, what could Claude do?


Rezen returned to his humble home and after he washed up since he was dirty from fighting (spamming magic spells) the entire day, he lazily laid his body in his bed as he took out his phone from his storage

When he checked his phone, he noticed hundreds of messages from his friend and also more than a hundred missed calls

Since his phone was in his storage the whole day, Rezen did not receive the call

“Hmm? Did something happen?” Rezen wondered and he was about to call his friend when Neil called him yet again


“Rezen! Rezen! Rezen!”

TheRezen in question has to move his phone away from his ears due to the loud voice of his friend

He even suspects that Neil wanted to use his voice to burst his eardrums

“Neil! Neil! Neil!” Rezen copied his friend but he didnt receive a laugh for hiswonderful joke

“Rezen, what the heck did you have us sell?!” Neil questioned and Rezen raised his brows at that

“Vismian grass and soul-tearing peas! Why? Is there someone that dares to insult my goods? Let me know who they are, I will smash their faces!” Rezen said angrily

He spends aton of effort growing his crops! How dare anyone belittle his crops?!

Dont they know that insulting his crops is the same as insulting him?

“Fuck you! Still acting as if you dont already know! Whoever would insult your goods are blind! All the people that bought them almost demolished our shop to demand more!”

“But even if we want to sell more to them, people from the Ceres Family already bought most of our goods!”

“You have to help us, our shop might really be destroyed if we dont sell your spirit plants! Rezen, take responsibility for this!”

Neil sounds as if he would cry any moment from now and that made Rezen wonder whether the situation was really that serious

To think that his crops would be that popular… hard work really paid off!

Still, this is a surprise for Rezen since he thought that his crops are just a bit better than normal spirit plants. Mainly because he has to use a lot of them to achieve desirable effects because of his shitty talent and also severe lack of knowledge. He did not expect that they would be popular this fast

“Alright, alright, stop crying now. Come in my house now and give me the mana stones then come back tomorrow for another batch of spirit plants…”

“Thank you! Thank you! You dont know how afraid we are! Those crazy buyers are scary! We were originally happy that people from the Ceres Family bought half of the vismian grass and soul-tearing peas but if we know that those customers would go feral, we would feel differently!”

“Alright, alright, stop now. If people hear you, they might think that I am destroying your life”

With that, the phone call ended but Rezen received another call, and this time, it was from an unknown number

In curiosity, Rezen accepted the call

“Hello, you are Rezen, right?”

“Yes, what can I help you?”

“Do you still remember me? I am Fierce Fire!”

“Oh, youre that kind uncle! Of course, I remember you!”

There was a long pause on the other line of the call but Fierce Fire soon coughed before speaking again

“I saw that you sold another type of spirit plant and helped you advertise them. I hope I didnt offend you”

Hearing that, the question in Rezens mind was finally answered. And here he was, wondering why his crops are selling that fast!

It was true that his spirit plants have some great effects but their price was higher compared to the normal top-grade spirit plants in the market

Rezen has used the same pricing he does when dealing with the eternal cool Claude. Since Claude doesnt want to take advantage of him, that man raised the price quite a bit compared to other spirit plants

Of course, even just the vismian grass is already much better compared to the mana pills that cost 5,000 credits (5 mana stones) each, and if ever, the price should be at or higher than that level

However, Claude cannot buy the spirit plants at that price. Since he wanted stable cooperation with Rezen, he has to give the military a price that they could accept

The military definitely wouldnt use costly spirit plants to nourish the soldiers as there were too many of them

Despite the resources being exchanged for contribution points, if the contribution points are converted into money, the military was losing out a lot

After all, there should be a reason why people would choose to join the military and that is the system that they have created

Rezen knew the normal price at the market and he thought that with his high pricing, not many people would try to buy his spirit plants and that would normally be the case if not for Fierce Fireadvertising his goods

“Oh, I see. I knew it! You are really a kind uncle!”

In any case, even if his friends family suffered a bit, there is still profit thanks to the advertisement! Thats something to be thankful for!

“T-that… h-hahaha… w-well, anyway, truth be told, I wanted to buy all the spirit plants that you supplied but I thought that wouldnt be good for your business”

“I was wondering if there is a way for me to buy the spirit plants directly from you to avoid affecting the business in your friends shop?”

Now, Rezen realizes why Fierce Fire did all those things. He clearly wanted to form connections with Rezen

Of course, Rezen was not being arrogant or something. He just knew that with the reaction from the public, his spirit plants are highly sought

Fierce Fire wanted to form a small partnership with him

This uncle is kind but also shrewd!

“Then how about this uncle, you can send mana stones to my friend and they would give it to me then in the next day or maybe in the same day, I would have them deliver the goods to you? There is no limit on how much you can buy, I guarantee that!”

Rezen feels like he is transforming into a shrewd businessman. His capital was definitely lacking especially since he required way more resources compared to normal mages with his measly talent

If he has the legendary grade talent, he would only need a few spirit plants for his cultivation

However, his talent is really trashy! He cant increase his capital that much since he has to use the goods that he could have sold!

If Rezen can receive a deposit and then use them to plant and grow spirit plants wouldnt his capital grow faster than before?

Rezen wanted to smack himself for being such a genius!

“Really? Then I will gladly do that!”

“Then thank you, uncle! And oh, I actually have a new type of spirit plant to sell. Is uncle interested?”

“What kind of spirit plant would that be?”

“Its rainbow clementines, have you heard of them”

“Im afraid not”

“Its alright if uncle doesnt know them. Its a type of spirit plant that nourishes the elixir field and I can guarantee the effects! Uncle, believe me, I am not a scammer!”

Saying things like that would make a person sound like a scammer but Fierce Fire would not think that Rezen is a scammer

In the Ceres Family Mansion, Fierce Fire holds a tablet that his son gave to him, on it was a youtube video of the person he is currently talking in the phone

It was Rezen! That Pierre from the military has uploaded Rezens video of fighting (spamming magic spells) magic beasts and killing them effortlessly

Such talent is definitely a mage from a powerful and influential family or organization! At the very least, it would be a group stronger than the Ceres Family

Moreover, Rezensgroup actually sold spirit plants that look the same as the ones on the common market but their effects were unbelievably better!

Such an entity that could sell those things constantly is definitely not simple

They might have developed a way to grow those special spirit plants and even mass-produced them!

“No, no, I will never think that you are scammer” Fierce Fire said awkwardly

It was hard for him to treat a junior at least two decades younger than him this kindly

He might be a bit cold to other people but he is smart. If not, he wouldnt make his family rise to the upper middle ranking of the mage families in Greenwood City

He is a person that knows when to compromise!

“Okay, uncle, bye!”

With that, the call ended and Fierce Fire heaved a sigh of relief as he successfully formed a cooperation with the people behind Rezen

“Dad! Dad! How could he do that? Aside from the [Lightning Stream] spell and other few basic spells, I cant do something like that! How did he spam spells as if they were nothing? Could this be a fake and edited video?”

Hearing his sons agitated voice, Fierce Fire cant help but sigh deeply

It was true that Legendary talents are the best but even among the legendary talents, there were chickens and Phoenixes especially when it comes to the comprehension part

His son is already not bad. After just a few days, he already knows how to use more than a single spell

His son could definitely be ranked among the top talents in the Greenwood City

Unfortunately, this world contains monsters like Rezen. They are people that have monstrous talents that normal citizens would wonder if they are real

Thenormal geniuses would even become disheartened after comparing themselves to these monsters

“Maze, dont be obsessed with other peoples progress. The best thing that you could do is to focus on your own cultivation. With the help of the vismian grasses that we bought, you easily condense your first mystic gem”

“After using the soul-tearing peas, your soul even reaches the strength of 1st fusion grade soul. You only have to study magic theories a bit longer and you would reach the 1st fusion rank! Out of every youth in the city, not many have the same cultivation speed as you!”

Fierce Fire said those words as comparing ones self to a monster would be detrimental to a mages growth

He even purposely left out the part that when he first met Rezen, he was only an ungraded mage. But after just a few days, he is now a 1st fusion rank mage with enough skills and comprehension to master the [Sun Blast] spell

If his son knew that Rezen just reached the 1st fusion rank yet have that kind of power already, he would be further disheartened

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