After resting for a bit, Rezen went to his farm half-excited and half-nervous

He was excited as he gathered around 200 magic beast corpses this day. Thats quite a lot considering that unlike when Claude protected him from the beast tide, the magic beasts in the mountain were not staying in just a single place

It took time to find them and Rezen is already satisfied to obtain these corpses

Not all of them are at the ungraded rank! Some of them were at the 1st and 2nd fusion rank with very few at the 3rd fusion rank

Rezen checked his blessing points and his eyes almost popped by what he had seen

“What the fuck? Isnt it 1/100 points before? Why is it 1/300 now? Is there a glitch in the system?!” Rezen exclaimed in shock

Here he was, expecting to redeem more than a single blessing but the required number of blessing points before he can redeem it actually increases 3 times!

“N-no way… i-is this because I advanced? Does this mean that the more I advanced the more blessing points are required for 1 blessing?”

Rezen felt like his entire life was falling apart in front of him. If he is not mistaken, a magic beast at the 1st fusion rank is worth 3 blessing points each

Does the system want to force him into constantly killing a hundred magic beasts at his level to redeem a blessing?

What a black-hearted system! Rezen shuddered at that

“Damn, you really dont make my life easier!” Rezen cursed at this development but since this is not something that can be controlled by him, he can only give up

With a wave of Rezens hand, magic beasts corpses that numbered around 200 appeared and were dumped on his farm

The pungent smell of blood wafted in the air and Rezen pinched his nose in disgust

Throughout the day, he already got used to seeing magic beast corpses in all condition

However, the scent still stimulated his gag reflex. This is not a problem with his mentality anymore but a natural bodily response

Before he could be forced to vomit, Rezen ordered the system to absorb all the magic beasts corpses and turn them into itsfertilizer

In an instant, the groundswallowed the corpses and the systems notification rang in Rezens head

[Ding! Congratulations to the Host for obtaining lottery tickets x211, blessing points x299. Current blessing points: 300/300]

The only thing that Rezen can be thankful for was the lottery tickets. It seems like they dont increase their price. It is still 1 point for 1 ticket!

Also, the system has some conscience to give him enough blessing points to redeem a blessing

“Sigh… if this was before, I could redeem three blessings with 300 blessing points…” Rezen lamented

If he knew that this would happen, he wouldnt have increased his rank yet!

“System, redeem a blessing!” Rezen ordered

[Ding! Using Blessing Points]

[Ding! Congratulations to the Host for receiving the Stigma of Fire!]

“Hmm? Thats new” Rezen thought before sensing a searing hot sensation in the back of his palm that made him hiss

When Rezen looks at the cause of his pain, he saw atattoo of fire that seeps into his skin

He cannot see the tattoo anymore but he instinctively feels that it was still there and he can summon and use it at will

However, that was only it. He cant feel anything new in his body as if nothing happened

“Is this a scam?” Rezen thought doubtfully before ordering the tattoo to reveal itself again and he soon saw a blue window in his vision

[Name: Stigma of Fire (Number of activation available: 1)

Quality: ♾

– A blessing from the fire element that would incinerate all and any enemy upon activation]

It was a brief description but Rezen focuses on theincinerate all and any enemy part

Does this mean what he is thinking? Would it kill any enemy that Rezen encountered no matter how strong they are?

Too bad that Rezen only has one stigma usage and he cant test its power

Since that was the case then might as well ignore it for now

“System, use all the lottery tickets!” Rezen ordered, hoping that with 211 lottery tickets, it woulddrop at least 1 mysterious peach, and Rezen was not disappointed by the system this time

[Ding! Congratulations to the Host for receiving recovery pills x208, mysterious peach x2, mysterious banana x1]

“Two mysterious peaches!” Rezen rejoiced. With how stingy the system is, he would already be happy to receive 1 mysterious but it actually gave him 2!

“But… mysterious banana? Hmm, first, it was peach and now banana. This system is quite naughty”

After labeling the system as a naughty system in his mind, Rezen excitedly ate the first peach

Its scent was still as mouth-watering as before and at the first bite, the taste that he had missed engulfed his taste buds

This peach is delicious and soon, a wave of knowledge poured straight into Rezens mind

[Ding! Congratulations to the Host for learning the ungraded rank Magic Spell: Rock Bullets!]

Disappointing! That was too disappointing!

Rezen already has his [Sun Blast] spell that is at the 1st fusion grade. What would he need a spell that is only ungraded for?

Aside from at least giving Rezen an earth-type spell, the mysterious peach is really disappointing!

“Ah, right, the mysterious peaches have different qualities, right?”

The first mysterious peach that Rezen consumed was Quality 1 and let him learn magic randomly that is either ungraded or 1st fusion grade

Since there is quality 1, there should be quality 2, 3, 4, and above, right?

Rezen checked the quality of the second peach but it was also only at the 1st fusion grade

“Damn, I would rather have one quality 2 mysterious peach rather than two quality one peaches!”

Since quality 1 lets him learn 1st fusion grade spell then quality 2 would let him learn 2nd fusion grade spells, right?

With a pout, Rezen consumed the second peach. If it cant give him a strong magic spell then he would at least enjoy its taste and soon, another wave of knowledge was poured into his brain

[Ding! Congratulations to the Host for learning a 1st fusion grade Magic Spell: Water Spear!]

With the magic spells grade, Rezen would originally be delighted but… why a water-type spell?!

Rezen doesnt have a water-type mystic gem! Without the corresponding mystic gem, he wouldnt be able to use spells of the other elements!

This magic spell is completely useless to him!

Since Rezen already condensed an earth-type gem, he cannot just abandon it, right?

“Damn, how many rainbow clementines would I plant and consume before my elixir field can store that many mystic gems? Besides, when I reach the 2nd fusion rank, I would have to once again upgrade my elixir field if I want to hold three 2nd fusion grade mystic gems!”

“Sunlight, earth, and water… is my fate really to be a farmer?”

Rezen almost cried tears of blood. This feels like suddenly receiving an atm card that has millions of credits but the thing is, he is living in the wilderness where he cannot possibly use the card!

“All useless!” He complained. The first peach gave an ungraded magic spell while the second one is a water-type spell

None of them increases his combat power at all

“Mysterious banana, I can only rely on you!” Rezen gave all of his hopes to the mysterious banana as he checked its description

[Name: Mysterious Banana

Quality: Top-ranked Quality 2

– A mysterious banana that would help the consumer comprehend magic theories up to the peak of 2nd fusion rank]

“Hope! There is still hope!” Rezen exclaimed

This mysterious banana is better than the mysterious peaches!

While the peach only lets Rezen comprehend magic spells, the banana on the other hand will directly upgrade his magic theories comprehension!

If his comprehension reached the mastery of 2nd fusion rank then wouldnt he be able to learn all the spells at that level?

As if he didnt just eat two whole peaches earlier, Rezen hastily devoured the banana. He even choked a bit as the bananas size was above average

Rezens head aches a bit at the forceful injection of knowledge and he was forced to clutch his head

[Ding! Congratulations to the Host for comprehending the mystery of the water element up to the 2nd-grade rank!]

“NOOOOOOO!!!!” Rezen screamed miserably

It was water! Water again!

If the system would help him comprehend the element of water itself then why have him learn a water-type magic spell first?

Moreover, the same problem still stands. Without a mystic gem that would resonate with the natural laws, Rezen cannot use a water-type spell!

His knowledge is useless until he condensed a water-type mystic gem!

Painful! This is too painful to the point that Rezen is sobbing hard from theinjustice

If mages that spend a long time for their magic theories knowledge to reach the 2nd fusion rank were to know that Rezen is complaining like this… just what would they feel?

Rezens elixir field can now hold 3 mystic gems at the 1st fusion grade or below

Originally, he have 3 mystic gems but now, he only has 2 as he used the ungraded sun-type mystic gems to have a 1st fusion grade mystic gem. Because of that, Rezen can now condense another mystic gem but he planned to allocate that spot for another earth-type mystic gem since he needs two to upgrade them to the 1st fusion grade

After the fusion, that would leave Rezen with two 1st fusion grade mystic gems and he would only have 1 more slot available

However, to condense a water-type mystic gem at the 1st fusion grade, he would need two ungraded mystic gems!

This means that Rezen has to upgrade his elixir field until it can hold 4 mystic gems!

To do that, he would have to eat at least a thousand rainbow clementines more thanks to his shitty talent

To harvest a thousand rainbow clementines, Rezen would need 200 seeds and that would cost 4,000 mana stones when he only has around 1,200 mana stones that he saved up for emergencies!

He didnt expect that his savings would be far from enough to solve the emergency!

“The fuck? Are you crying? Hahahahaha! Rezen is crying! What a cry baby! Gosh!”

Along with the sound of Neils laughter, Rezen can also hear the sound of camera snaps and his face turned grim

“Bastard… here, I was grieving but you are actually taking pictures of me!” Rezen cursed as he tried to snatch Neils phone to delete the embarrassing image of himself but Neil hurriedly secured his phone

“What are you crying for? Does being an internet celebrity made you that happy?” Neil teases and Rezen creased his forehead

What internet celebrity?

Rezen has to admit that his looks were really above average. He is quite handsome but of course, not as handsome as his cool Brother Claude

However, he doesnt have any memory of being an internet celebrity and he doesnt know what the hell Neil was talking about

“Aiya, aiya, looking at your face, if I didnt know better, I would think that you dont know what I am talking about!”

Rezen cant help but roll his eyes. He really doesnt know anything alright?!

“Fine, fine, since you are still acting oblivious, Ill show the evidence”

With that, Neil played a video from his phone and Rezen can see himself fighting with magic beasts

“I only saw this while on my way here!” Neil said and Rezen glanced at the car of his friend

Neil didnt have anyone with him and that means that this bastard was using his phone while driving

Neil should be glad that he is still alive until now!

How can he carelessly drive while using his phone?

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