Fritzs facial expression was as if he had witnessed the most terrifying scene in this world

After a few moments…

“Coughed! Coughed!”

Due to the fear and agitation, Fritz was forced to puke out a mouthful of fresh blood that splashed on the broken table below him

Only then did the magic circles on both Claude and Fritzs eyes vanishes

However, even then, the Vice-generals face was still ghastly pale

Claudes magic might not leave a permanent effect on him since he is still a 5th fusion rank mage but as of right now, he requires more time to recover

“Will you send more reinforcements or not?” Claude questioned harshly

His darkness-type mystic gem hovering on top of his palm as if he would not hesitate to use magic if ever Fritz refuses

“FUCKING BASTARD!” Fritz raged. His face showed a ferocious expression that is not something that a Vice-general should make

Fritzs fire-type mystic gem flew out of his elixir field but before he can cast any spell, a cold gleaming blade already threatened to cut off his neck

A mages cultivation wouldnt improve their physique that much even if they were to reach a high rank

But that doesnt mean that there is no way to have a body as strong as those of the magic beasts

Its just that, it would require a ton of resources and also harsh training

Claude is clearly one of the mages that have a trained and fortified physique judging by how fast he moves from taking his sword out to placing it directly in front of Fritzs neck

“I repeat, will you send reinforcements or not?” Claude repeated, his tone sounding even more dangerous than before as if a demon from hell was demanding something from a mere mortal but that is when a sudden sense of pressure bore down on the two of them

This pressure was not a physical one but a pressure that attacks their souls

Claude was in a better condition as he merely frowned a bit but Fritz was different

He can feel his soul trembling from that pressure

“Stop causing a scene”

From the offices door stood a muscular man. The pressure he emits was stronger than mages at the 5th fusion rank

“General Leon” Claude greeted as he took his sword back and only then did Fritz heave a sigh of relief

“Vice-general, if you want to continue holding your post, I suggest you dont do anything to disgrace yourself” the General said and Fritz can only lower his head in shame

“Captain Claude, I dont care how famous or strong you are. Even before entering the military, you already know that we have a strict hierarchy. As a Captain, show respect to the Vice-general”

“Understood, General but my request still remains. I need reinforcements in the Ratois Mountain. I fear that if we dont do anything to resolve the situation as fast as possible, it would continue to deteriorate”

“I understand but although the Vice-general is wrong to send only 20 newbies, with the current situation, the military protocol wouldnt allow us to send high-level mages. I could only send more ungraded and 1st fusion grade”

In that, Claude didnt argue anymore since he is also aware of how the military moves

Since the situation still has not caused enough damage, the military wouldnt send their experts

After all, if in every incident, they send their experts, who could they send if ever a real danger arrives?

“Thank you, General” Claude said before excusing himself while General Leon watched his back

‘He is still young yet his soul already reached the 6th rank… The General thought in his head


“Fuck… I finally finished cultivating!” Rezen sighed in relief at that but looking outside, he saw the sun is almost rising

For an entire night, the only thing he did was digging holes in his farm to plant the thousands of seeds

After that, he waited until they were fully matured, and only then did he harvest all of them

However, harvesting the crops doesnt mean that he finally has free time

Since the rainbow clementines are ripe, Rezen ate a thousand of them, and only then did he upgrade his elixir field to a maximum capacity of 4 mystic gems! His stomach was on the brink of exploding many times but who would have thought that the recovery pills would bring him back to full health?

After that, Rezen shook of his sleepiness with the help of more recovery pills to condense two mystic gem embryos with the water element before fusing them into a 1st fusion grade water-type mystic gem

Currently, his comprehension of the water element is the best and Rezen made a major sacrifice (1 sleepless night that was relieved by pills) to obtain a 1st fusion grade mystic gem

When all of his tasks were finished, it was already early morning. If he have chickens on his farm, they would have woken him up already

“Why is cultivating this hard?” Rezen complained although he only pulled a single all-nighter when other people have to spend almost all of their time in cultivation. Not to mention, his pills relieved his sleepiness

“Since its early morning already, it would be inefficient to sleep as I have to exterminate magic beasts again later…”

Since sleeping is not an option, Rezen just called his friend

“Are you still holding a grudge with me for thinking that you edited that video? Rezen, you are too petty!” Neil said as soon as he accepted the call

‘The hell? I already completely forgot about that! Just how bad is this bastards impression of me?!

Rezen just called Neil to have him pick up the spirit plants since he has somewhere to go later. What grudge is this bastard talking about?

Because of a sleepless night, Rezens mood is already not good and he scowled

“Just come here and take the spirit plants!” He said before ending the call

Since there is still some time before theproject magic beasts extermination would start again, Rezen decided to scroll the internet for now when he remembered hisviral video and he checked it on youtube or more like he checked the comments to see what people think about him

[Wow… is it just me or that mage is handsome?]

[+1 to the person above!]


“Psh… what are they talking about? Im just a bit better than average!”

The compliments of the netizens improved Rezens mood to a great extent. His vanity was being satisfied

After all, who wouldnt want to be famous with people thinking that you are very handsome?

Who would feel bad for receiving these compliments?

However, Rezens good mood was soon shattered

[Meh, hes only so-so]

[Right! He only knows how to use one spell!]

[He might be a pervert that spends all his time learning only one magic spell to show off!]

“You bitches! I worked really hard to learn that spell! How dare you insult me?!” Rezen raged

Do they know all the hardships he went through to learn the [Sun Blast] spell?

His life was literally in danger when fighting those grey wolves and he barely survived!

Moreover, obtaining the mysterious peach has a very low probability!

“Out of all mages in the world, who could be as hardworking as me? They only have to consume resources and calmly sit down to read magic theory books while my back has to suffer every day from my farm work!”

Rezen felt resentful to these netizens that were insulting him when they didnt know how hard he worked to have even just alittle bit of progress

“The internet really is an ugly world!” Rezen commented and he exited the youtube app as he felt discouraged by those comments

He just decided to scroll on memes before Neil arrived at his house with bloodshot eyes as if Rezen just killed the seven generations of his family

“Whats up? Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Rezen, youre too bad! You purposely forced me to come this early, right?”

“Why are you accusing me! I have somewhere to go later and I only have this morning as my free time!”

“Tsk, I dont believe you!”

“Whatever! Just go take the spirit plants!”

Rezen let Neil enter his house and the man saw the piles of vismian grass, soul-tearing peas, and rainbow clementines on the floor as if they were just useless things

This is really a heartless way to store them but in Rezens defense, he was toosleepy andtired to place them in his Tupperware. Besides, with the quantity of these spirit plants, Rezen dont have enough Tupperware to store them in the first place

“You bought the Tupperware, right?”

“I didnt!”

“How are you going to take them then? I already told you last night to use some of the money to buy more Tupperware! Did you hoard them all? Ill snitch you to uncle!”

“Bah! Who would expect that you would treat these spirit plants that almost became the cause of our shops demolition like this?!”

“Just go and fetch Tupperware in the city and come back immediately! Im really busy!”

“I knew it, you are holding a grudge! You want to make it hard for me!”

In the end, Neil was still forced to drive back to the city before returning to Rezens house

Rezen was expecting Neil to return with Tupperware but the man returned with large herb boxes

But since Rezen is happy as long as his goods are picked up, who is he to nitpick?


Rezen headed to the foot of the mountain earlier than the intended time as he realized something

Although he now has a water-type mystic gem, he doesnt know any water-type spells at the 2nd fusion grade!

Of course, with his comprehension at the 2nd fusion, Rezen can create his own magic spells since magic spells were basically a practical application of the magic theories

However, that would take a bit more time and it would be faster to learn an already made spell

Anyway, he feels like he could easily understand water-type magic spells not exceeding the 2nd fusion grade

“Brother Claude, do you have water-type magic spell books?” Rezen asks, trying his luck

“Water-type spells? Hmm, wait for me” Claude replied as he talked to one of his subordinates

He didnt think much about Rezen needing those magic books

Anyway, many mages at the lower ranks would try to learn as many types of magic to see which suited them best

Mages with 1 and 2 mystic gems at their level are common since as long as their soul reached the peak of their rank, they could store 2 mystic gems at their level

But of course, most of the time, those two mystic gems are of the same type as two of them are needed to reach the next rank

However, with some effort and resources, a mages elixir field could be upgraded to hold 4 mystic gems

But of course, again, those 4 would only have two types. If not, how could the mage advance the gems into the next rank?

As for beyond the 4 slots, not many mages could achieve that

They either have to consume treasures or spend a long time nourishing their elixir field since a mages soul power can also be used as a substitute for the treasures. Though using only soul power would not be practical

Mages with no resources could only rely on the automatic mana recovery of their elixir field to condense mystic gems and also the automatic restoration of their soul power to nourish their elixir field

If a mage only relies on themselves alone, although there is hope that they could advance in ranks, their speed would be painfully slow!

Since Rezen received a fortune from who knows where Claude wouldnt even be surprised if this kid upgraded his elixir field to have the capacity of 6 mystic gems

Claude already saw Rezen having a sun-type and earth-type mystic gem, his third type of mystic gem might have been water-type

After Claude talked to his subordinate for a moment, he received some books that he then handed to Rezen

“Here, you can read them for now but I have to return them since these are not mine. But later, I would have someone send you more books and you dont need to return those”

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