While thinking of what he should do, Rezen suddenly received a phone call in the military phone lent to him

This phone has much better specs than normal smartphones in terms of taking and receiving calls

Even if Rezen is underground, as long as it was not too deep, he would still receive and make calls using this phone

Rezen accepted the call and listened to what the caller said. After the call ended, he then turned to his group members

“Its Captain Claude, they are asking all soldiers to gather back” Rezen explained

“Why? We only started three hours ago”

“I also dont know. He just asked to head back”

Rezen doesnt know what is the reason for Claudes decision but he feels like it might be related to the fact that the magic beasts were too scattered


Rezens group arrived at the foot of the mountain and there were some groups that already returned because of Claudes order

All of them were clearly clueless about the reason for this decision but Claude said that he would explain it when everyone returned

Minutes passed and from the 300 new reinforcements, only 251 of them returned

This means that 49 of them have died! This is a substantial casualty but also not at the number that would greatly alarm the military

The doubts in Claudes mind grew because of this. Yesterday, the number of casualties was also in the middle of alarming and not alarming!

Its hard to say if this is only a coincidence!

“I know all of you are wondering why I called you back but I guarantee you that this is for everyones safety and also for the success of the operation” Claude said to everyone

Although not everyone believes him but his prestige and power still force the soldiers to shut their mouths. They have great discipline as even if they are dissatisfied, they didnt speak against their superior

“I want to ask every group about your experience. Have you encountered only a few magic beasts at once? Is there anyone here that encountered a large group of magic beasts?” Claude questioned and none of the groups answered yes

Meaning, that none of them fought a large group of magic beasts, or at least not the ones that remained here!

“Captain, this is the report of the casualties and their basic profile” Claudes subordinate gave a tablet to him

“Thank you, Ysel”

Claude checked the report on the tablet including the basic profile of the dead soldiers and the more he read, the more he is convinced of his hypothesis

When he is finished, Claude returned the tablet before facing the soldiers again with a grim face

“Everyone, I think I now have a new clue on the reason for the unrest in the Ratois Mountain” Claude announced

If these were normal people, they would have clamored and spoken to each other already

However, the soldiers have discipline and they only stood straight while waiting for Claudes explanation

“Today and yesterday, the casualty rate is maintained between alarming and not alarming levels. That in itself is not weird”

“However, from the data that we have gathered, I can conclude one thing with almost a 100% certainty”

“There is someone controlling the crazed grey wolves!”

This was like a big bomb was dropped out of nowhere and even the disciplined soldiers showed some reaction on their faces or bodily reactions

“If I am right, the danger level of this operation has been increased many times!”

“Do you know the similarities of the soldiers that were killed? They are either far from us, your seniors to help, or they are considered as talented among all the new recruits!”

“Clearly, someone with intelligence at the same level as humans that have a way to see the situation in the Ratois Mountain is controlling things behind the scene!”

“Their full intentions are unknown but at the very least, they should be thinking of harming humanity by killing our talented soldiers before they can fully grow!”

Everyone trembled. If the magic beasts are simply in a crazy state, the danger level wouldnt be much

But if they are indeed controlled by someone intelligent then things are different

Captain Claude Preston is indeed a man deserving of his reputation!

Just because he felt that something is wrong as he encountered fewer wolves this day, he immediately started an investigation. And with just some basic information that he had gathered, he already created a theory that no one can refute or say is wrong!

“Then… Captain, what should we do now?” One of the soldiers asked

If it was dying because of misfortune as they have encountered magic beasts that they cannot defeat, the soldiers can only blame their luck

However, if that is not the case and the enemy is in the dark and choosing the target then wouldnt it be suicide to continue this operation?

Fortunately, Claude also doesnt plan on sending these young soldiers to death

“For now, we will change the plan. I want you to secure the foot of the mountain and prevent any magic beast from entering the residential areas!”

“As for us, your seniors, we would continue exterminating the magic beasts until the mage with sensory spells arrives. Only by finding the person causing this situation could we resolve it”

There is still almost a week before the mage with sensory magic would arrive and without them, there is almost no chance to find the culprit

This decision did not meet any resistance as this is clearly the best decision for now

However, it doesnt mean that the situation wouldnt be dangerous

If there is really someone targeting the talents of the military, who could say that they wouldnt come down or send wolves to the foot of the mountain while the seniors were deep inside the mountain?

But still, this is already a plan that would ensure the civilians and soldiers safety to a great extent. Why would they complain?

Out of everyone in here, only one person doesnt like this outcome and that is Rezen

If he were to stay within the foot of the mountain, how could he secure more magic beasts corpses?

This wouldnt do! Rezen cannot let this happen and he panicked

“Brother Claude!” Rezen called out and Claude turned his attention to him

“What is it?”

“Do you have items that could attract magic beasts?”

Rezens thinking was simple. If he were to stay at the foot of the mountain, perhaps, the magic beasts he would encounter were too little for his appetite

In many fantasy novels, there were always bitches or bastards that backstab the protagonists using a sort of powder or other items that would attract magic beasts

If Rezen can use the same item as them, wouldnt he have no need to explore the mountain anymore as the beasts would come to him automatically?

His physical strength was pitiful! If not for the pills restoring him back to peak condition, he would have passed out many times already! It is better to just call the magic beasts and spam spells from a distance

“What do you need them for?” Claude asks in confusion

“To attract magic beasts and kill them!” Rezen answered truthfully

He just wanted to attract some beasts for their corpses but Claude misunderstood him

The Captains eyes twinkled and the way he stared at Rezen was very intense

It was as if Rezen turned into the salvation of mankind

“Youre a genius, Rezen!” Claude complimented him and Rezen was stupefied

What the fuck? How is someone like him that has the lowest talent available labeled as a genius by none other than the cool Brother Claude?

Is this the worlds standard of genius? What the heck is wrong with them?

“Everyone, change of plans. We will implement Rezens plan to exterminate the magic beasts. We might not be able to take care of the cause but we would at least remove the symptoms”

‘My plan? When did I have a plan for this operation? Rezen thought in confusion

“We will attract the low-level magic beasts using the beast-luring powder. I and your other seniors would be responsible for killing most of them and I want your cooperation to kill the ones that would try to escape!”

Hmm, that sounds like a very plausible plan. Its just that… when did Rezen create that plan? Why is he not aware of it?

Did someone erase his memory or something?

“Rezen, I want to thank you. If not for your plan, if the culprit decided to be sneaky and target the soldiers at the foot of the mountain, we would have a lot of casualties”

“But with your plan, we can reduce the casualty to the minimum or even prevent any more soldiers from dying!”

‘Brother, please dont decide anything on your own! I really didnt think of that!

Rezen wanted to cry but the validation he got from Claude is both sweet and bitter

It was sweet as that is a validation from the person that he admired but also bitter because this was all just a misunderstanding

“A-ah… Y-yes… a-anything for the country…” Rezen replied awkwardly and he saw Claudes face brightening even more as if he was looking at the Saint of humanity

“After this operation, just tell me anything you want as a reward. I would try my best to get it for you!” Claude promises and Rezens mind automatically thought of getting an autograph

No doubt that with Claudes personality and talent, he would become more famous in the future

Rezen could sell his autograph for a ton of money!

But in the end, Rezen merely smiled. “T-theres no need for that…”

“No, I mean it. I would definitely reward you…”

In the end, Rezen wasforced to accept the reward

‘Should I ask for a private plane? Helicopter? Boat? A million mana stones? Rezen thought but everyone dont have much time as Claude wanted to exterminate magic beasts as soon as possible

Even if the sensory type mage wont be arriving today or tomorrow, Claude wanted to continue the investigation but he can only do that if the threat to the civilians were mitigated using the deaths of the magic beasts

Everyone moved with Claudes order and just few hours later, they are already to enact the plan


In the part of the mountain a bit far from the foot, Claude and his subordinates have gathered

They chose an area that they can easily defend but also a bit far from the foot so that the magic beasts wouldnt come down the mountain

Claude and the other soldiers sprinkled some white powder that is odorless to humans but alluring for the low-level magic beasts

The area they chose was a place with a narrow front where they will face the magic beasts but the area behind them was spacious so that if an unexpected event occurs, they have room for retreating

The powder that they used can only attract low-level magic beasts with that lack intelligence

As such, as long as Claude and the other seniors were there and no unexpected situation arrived, they should be relatively safe

5th fusion rank mages were not to be underestimated!

Moreover, Claudes subordinates although only a dozen or so in number but at the very least, they are 3rd fusion rank mages with some of them even at the 4th fusion rank!

Since the magic beasts are mostly ungraded to 1st fusion rank with some 2nd fusion and even fewer 3rd fusion rank, even if there were thousands of them, they should still be safe

“My blessing points and lottery tickets will soar!” Rezen thought greedily and excitedly. His facial expression showed his excitement that Claude misunderstood again

“I know that you are eager to resolve this problem but still, you must not let your guard down, alright? Although I am here, on a battlefield, there is always the risk of death. Dont let excitement swallow you” Claude advised kindly and Rezen was riddled with guilt again

He is excited about the blessing points and lottery tickets, not about the resolution of this problem!

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