Since mages dont normally refine their bodies, there werent many spirit plant seeds that Florine included in the boxes that have such effects

From them, Rezen chose the Thorny Sunflower. From the brief description that was included in the box, these spirit plant sunflowers have the best effects when it comes to refining the body

The downside is that it was also the hardest spirit plant to grow but once successful, it also has one of the highest yields

The petals can be brewed into a tea that would expel the waste or impurities on the consumers body

As for the seeds, they can be eaten directly and would refine the entire body

Most body tampering spirit plants only targeted one part or system of the body along with a side effect. For example, the box includes seeds of Yellow Tomato

This tomato improves the consumers muscles by literally electrocuting them. Consuming that tomato would injure a persons body but as soon as they recover, their muscles would be better than before

The Thorny Sunflower is one of the rare spirit plants that tampers the body that doesnt have side effects but it also has its own disadvantages

One of them is that this spirit plant would absorb the nutrients of the surrounding plants and soil, making it impossible to plant another crop near it

The second is that the consumer must eat a lot of the sunflower seeds to receive a substantial effect

Spirit plants are already expensive and not everyone can afford to buy many seeds

However, to Rezen, this is the most suitable spirit plant for him. He doesnt have to worry about the quantity as he can simply plant them and he doesnt believe that the Thorny Sunflowers would affect the other crops on his farm since he has the system

The disadvantages of Thorny Sunflowers are basically non-existent to Rezen and he chose this one. And also, another reason might or might not be because sunflower seeds are delicious and Rezen wants to turn this spirit plant into his snacks…

“Time to stretch my bones again!” Rezen said and he stood up from his seat while holding the box of Thorny Sunflower seeds of quality 1 to 3 when he thought of something

“Can you help me dig holes in the farm? I will plant these spirit plants” Rezen asks

Since he has a subordinate now, is it possible to obtain Zeros help when planting?

Maybe Rezen just has to be the one to plant the seeds but the digging of the holes could be left to Zero?

“Certainly, Master” Zero replied affirmatively and the two went to the farm

Fortunately, Rezen has a spare hoe in case the one he used broke in an unconventional time

Rezen chose a part of his farm and had Zero choose another part for efficiencys sake

Rezen just finished digging one hole when his attention was attracted by the sound coming from Zero

Not far from Rezen, he saw Zero covered with tattoos hacking the hoe into the soil

The way his arms and feet moved was way faster than Rezen. Zero doesnt even look tired with such a pace

Compared to Rezen that slowly makes holes to conserve energy…

“I absolutely have to become a Tattoo Warrior” Rezen muttered

With an attitude that as the Master, he cannot lose to his subordinate, Rezen sped up his pace

Nevertheless, no matter how fired up he has become, his physique still cant compare to a Tattoo Warrior in the 3rd grade

In just a matter of minutes, the whole farm is now filled with holes

More than 2/3 of the holes were created by Zero and the rest was to Rezen that is now panting hard on the ground

Rezen has never occupied his whole farm with holes before because of his lacking endurance

But now, in just a matter of minutes, the farm is completely filled with small holes. There were thousands of them!

With the efficiency generated from Zeros help, Rezen could definitely supply more spirit plants to his customers

This made Rezen decide that he should absolutely treat Zero and his future subordinates well

“Master, should I grab you some water?” Zero asks respectfully and Rezen nodded his head

“Yes please!” He replied as his throat felt perched

After Rezen recovered his physical strength and drinking water, he had Zero the carry boxes

Rezen planted the seeds that he took from the box that Zero was holding and after he was done, he covered the seeds with the soil all by himself

All this farm work exhausted Rezen but he still continue to slightly water all the seeds before he and Zero went back to the farmhouse


After 8 hours, all the spirit plants of quality 1 are finally ripe and ready to be harvested

Quality 2 spirit plant seeds bought from the system have a maturity time of 4 hours and 30 minutes while it was 5 hours for the quality 3 seeds

Rezen hopes that this increase in maturity time would be the same even for quality 4 spirit plants and higher

Rezen was not impatient to check the spirit plants, especially the sunflower as he went to the area where he planted normal seeds

Only now did he have the time to plant seeds that he bought before that are not spirit plants

There were cabbages, tomatoes, potatoes, and fruits like cherries and apples

The first that Rezen checked was the cabbage. It was very thick, almost the size of a watermelon

Every leaf has a vibrant green color and its fresh scent would make a person crave a cabbage dish for dinner

However, when Rezen checked the description from the system, it only states that the cabbage contains a bit of mana

It was not enough to become a spirit plant but it was still better than nothing

Besides, they would definitely taste better than market-bought cabbages and Rezen can use these vegetables and fruits for his day-to-day diet

The tomatoes were the same as the cabbages, only containing some mana but are still not enough to be categorized as spirit plants

As for the potatoes, it attracted Rezens attention the moment that he dug them up from the ground as their skin has a metallic luster

[Name: Metal Potato

Quality: Mutated

– A potato as hard as steel. Can be used as a material to create weapons or armors]

“Hmm, weapons or armors?” Rezen rubbed his chin

From the study session with Zero earlier, Rezens knowledge was expanded

The people of the mage path seldom use weapons and armors (that are made from metal). As of right now, the only person that Rezen knows that uses a weapon is the cool Claude

This was again because of the physical stats of the mages. Even if they were to have a sword, with their measly physical stats, could they wield the sword perfectly? And if they were to use armor, they would choose ones that arent made from metal

As for Tattoo Warriors, although most of them fought using just their bodies, some of them also use weapons, and at least, there are more of them that use weapons compared to mages while armors are used by many of them

This was because most Tattoo Warriors lacked comprehension and they only have their raw power

Their manipulation skills are lacking. Most of them can only imbue their body with the power of the elements, there are few of them that can imbue weapons with their power

A battle between fists and feet that has the power of elements and a metal weapon would most likely result in the victory of the former as long as the latter is not made from a special material

As such, these Tattoo Warriors also seldom use weapons and even if they did, most of the time, it would be hammers or some hand gauntlet with spikes

The metal potato doesnt have much use for Rezen now but this discovery is still a great discovery for him

This means that not all normal seeds that he planted would only improve to the point that they contain some mana

There is also a chance of obtaining mutated crops!

And from the looks of it, although the cabbages and tomatoes did not mutate, it doesnt mean that they wouldnt in the future considering that not all potatoes turned into Metal Potato

This might be up to chance and as long as they mutated, their seeds would be available for the system shop to be purchased!

Rezen whistled as he continue to harvest more crops. There was a small cherry tree that mostly bore improved cherries but there were also some that mutated

[Name: Cherry Bomb

Quality: Mutated

– A cherry that would explode whenever the user wishes to]

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, am I in the world of plants versus zombies or something?” Rezen wondered while clicking his tongue as he harvested all of the cherries and the tree turned into ashes

Rezen moved on to the last one which was the apple tree and he was disappointed as all of them looks delicious and plump but are still normal apples

Even then, Rezen still checked the apples one by one just like what he did to the other crops, and his eyes lit up when one of the apples have a different description in the system

[Name: Poisoned Apple

Quality: Mutated

– An apple that contains potent poison that cannot be detected. The poison would put the consumer in a coma]

“Hiss! Earlier, it was Plants Vs. Zombies and now, I have the famous apple from the Evil Queen!”

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