“Carrots, peas, cabbages, potatoes, tomatoes, bell pepper, corn, cucumber, broccoli, garlic onion, ginger. Hmm, what dish should I make today?” Rezen wondered

He has more variety of vegetables now thanks to his hard work but that also made it hard for him to choose a recipe

“Master, what about spring rolls?” Zero suggested and Rezen was about to agree when he remembered something

“Nah, we dont have a wrapper” he said with a sigh. Now that Zero said it, Rezen is kinda craving some spring rolls. It is a dish made with the combination of meat and vegetables, a perfect dish for him to make

Too bad that he does not have wrappers and the nearest store was minutes of drive away from here


Suddenly, the two sensed the movement of a huge amount of mana and they hurriedly went out to check what possibly causes it

“H-holy shit! Who can create such a large dome of crystal!” Rezen exclaimed, his eyes popping and his jaw widely opened

The Ratois Mountain is close to Rezens home but it would still take minutes to get there

However, since the crystal dome also covered the space above, even from this distance, Rezen and Zero can see it

“Should I evacuate inside the city?” Rezen muttered as the stigma of fire reappeared at the back of his palm

The trial of the Artificial Humans is filled with danger but the danger also depends on the challengers strength

The mortality rate is high but it was not impossible to emerge victorious and alive

However, if Rezen were to fight an entity that can create such a large dome of crystal then even if he has millions of recovery pills, as long as he was instakilled then they would be useless

“But I cant leave my farm. This is my lifeline”

Rezen is unwilling to abandon his farm as he tried to think of a solution for several minutes and he remembered something as he took his phone to dial a certain number

“Hello, Sister?”


“Are you free?”


“Actually, no, scratch that. I need you to be free”


“Please visit me in my home as soon as possible. I think my life is in danger”

“What?! I will go immediately!”

With that, the call ended and Rezen was about to head back when he heard a wolf howl

Soon, a familiar person entered Rezens vision. It was the soldier that was always calling himboss

However, Pierre currently cut a sorry figure. His head was bleeding and there was also a horizontal scratch mark on his nose

His lips were stained with blood while holding his side which was also bleeding. Behind him were tens of grey wolves chasing him

“What the hell… Zero!” Rezen shouted and his subordinate instantly made his move

Tattoos covered Zeros body starting from his stomach and his physical stats were raised to the maximum

In no time, he intercepted one grey wolf that almost succeeded in biting Pierre to death


The wolfs head exploded upon contact with Zeros fist, its lifeless body falling to the ground

“B-boss!” Pierre called out as Rezen hurriedly approached him

“What happened?”

“B-boss… t-there is n-no time”

“W-wait, dont speak yet!”

Rezen retrieved one recovery pill from his storage and he tried to feed Pierre with it but the man swatted his hand away

“B-boss… r-run…”




“P-please survive…”

“I am saying…”

“D-dont forget m-me!”

Pierres eyes were on the brink of closing for good. He has wounds on his nose, side, and even on his back

He was literally on the brink of death and Pierre already accepted his fate

Only high-level mages with healing spells can save him now. But there is almost no chance that such a mage would arrive in time and help him

“Im asking you to shut up!” Rezen said irritatedly as he slapped his palm into Pierres mouth to force him into consuming the recovery pill

His slap was just in time when Pierre was almost fully unconscious and braced for his death

Moments passed and Pierre opened his eyes

“H-huh? What happened? Why am I not dead yet?” Pierre said in surprise and Rezen rolled his eyes at him

“If you werent being a chatterbox, you would have been saved seconds earlier!” Rezen said in displeasure

“Anyway, what happened? Why are you almost dead?” Rezen questioned while letting Zero kill all the wolves that followed Pierre

“Ah, right! Boss, we have to run! Theres a terrifying mage that turned into a monster that attacked us! Our Captain held him back to let the few of us that survived to escape but alas! The wolves are too many in number and not all of them were trapped inside the crystal dome. Out of the hundreds of us, only I survived”

Only now did the death of all of his comrades sank into his mind and Pierre shed tears

As for Rezen, all the hair on his body stood up

If the Captain is as strong as Captain Claude then there is no way in hell that Rezen would survive fighting such an entity

Sure, there is his Stigma of Fire but who knows how strong that thing is? Not to mention, its drop rate was low and he wants to save it as much as possible

To hell with his unwillingness to abandon his farm, the farm would be useless if he is dead! Running away now is the priority!

Rezen casts his spells to help Zero in killing all the grey wolves

“Come, quick, we need to flee!” Rezen said as he started running towards his car but before they can enter, they suddenly heard a loud banging sound

When they looked at the source, they saw that the crystal dome is already collapsing

“The hell! How strong was that monster? The crystal dome only lasted a few minutes!” Rezen exclaimed in disbelief


Back in the Ratois Mountain, the combination of the Wolf King, the 6th Rank Wolf, and the thousands of grey wolves inside the crystal dome finally shattered it

As for Jayla… she was already dead

If there is only a 6th rank grey wolf or the Wolf King alone, the [Crystal World] could last for a long time

Unfortunately, there was also the presence of thousands of wolves causing it to only lasts for a few minutes

“Damn it! Retreat! Retreat before the wretches from the Military or Magic Academies arrived!” The Wolf King shouted as he urged all of his wolves to retreat

His heart was filled with anger. He was planning to flee as soon as he created his human-beast nucleus and killed all the soldiers, especially Jayla but that bitch trapped him in that dome

If the Wolf King were to stay for even just a few more minutes in this place, no doubt that he would encounter those fearsome mages

His wolf slave immediately started to run. Its speed was way faster than the lower-ranking wolves

The Wolf King cannot save all of his wolves and his life is the most important!

Coincidentally, the direction he decided to run off was in the direction where Rezen was living

With the speed of a 6th Rank Wolf, it only take seconds before they accidentally stumbled into Rezens party that was still trying to ride on the car

The speed of a 6th rank entity was simply inhuman!

“I-its that monster!” Pierre exclaimed in both fear and hatred

Originally, the Wolf King planned on ignoring theseants

However, Pierres words earned his rage. He knew that his current appearance is neither human nor a magic beast

It wasnt a stretch to call him a monster as a result of gaining stronger power and longer lifespan. But as a person that lived his whole life as a human, the Wolf King naturally would feel insecure about his appearance

Now that he was called a monster, how can he take it?

The Wolf King glanced at the fearful humans, his eyes cold and murderous. His killing intent surged as he controlled his wolf

With the strength of his grey wolf, killing all those humans would take less than a second!

“Shit, why do you have to speak?! I should have let you die!!” Rezen cursed

He saw that the Wolf King didnt even look at them before. Themonster is ignoring them but Pierre just has to open his mouth

With the strength of this monster, Rezen didnt dare hold back at all

An entity that can defeat a 5th fusion rank mage is not something that Rezen can afford to not take seriously!

“Stigma of Fire!” Rezen hastily called out and the mark of fire at the back of his palm lit up with a bright crimson color as he pointed his hand towards the incoming monster

The Wolf Kings senses tingled, he suddenly felt a strong sense of danger out of nowhere

His years of experience made him aware that he should not let whatever the source of danger land on his body if he doesnt want to die

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