Aside from Rezens farmhouse, his surroundings are mainly composed of his farm. Only outside of his field would there be trees

As such, there is no place to hide in this place since it was an open field. Hence, Rezen and Zero only have to look several meters away from them before they saw the culprit or more like culprits

“What the hell are those tattoos?” One of the assassins wearing a cat mask exclaimed in confusion

These assassins were just small fries, they dont know the existence of Tattoo Warriors since they are almost extinct now

Seeing Zero punching the fireballs using his bare fist surprised them. However, they soon just thought that Zero used a spell that resulted in those tattoos that boosts his physical strength

These assassins are quite professional and after the initial surprise that didnt last long, all of them casts their spells at the same time

In the darkness of the night, five magic circles appeared in the air. Three of them were crimson red in color and the other two were light green

“[Fire Balls!]

“[Wind Blades!]”

Around ten small balls of fire flew in the air, bringing forth crimson light in the dark night

Aside from the fireballs, there were also blades of wind that approached Rezen and Zero. These wind blades were faster than the fireballs and they arrived first

“Ill deal with this” Rezen said to his subordinate. He was furious for being attacked without knowing the reason but this is also a good chance to test his new powers especially since these enemies are only 2nd fusion rank mages

On top of Rezens palm, the space-type mystic gem appeared. His black eyes glowed with little specks of colorful lights for a moment before returning back to normal

“[Heavens Gate!]” Rezen chanted and in front of him, a magic circle formed before it blend in with the space

The magic circle turned into a black spatial gate and its size was big enough for the fireballs and wind blades to enter

Above one of the five assassins, another spatial portal appeared and all the fireballs and wind blades came out from it

The assassin and its companion tried to save him by casting defensive spells but who would have thought that a random assassination target is a rare spatial mage?

Since the fireballs and wind blades came from all of them, how can they defend against them easily?

As such, that poor assassins fate is as expected. The fireballs burned his clothes and body while the wind blades left large cut wounds on him

“It actually used up that much mana?” Rezen muttered in surprise

A mages spell draws out the mana from their surroundings with the help of magic circles

The supernatural phenomenon that they created was essentially formed from the mana in the atmosphere

However, creating the magic circle itself still depended on the mages mana and Rezen found out that the [Heavens Gate] actually used up a third of his overall reserves

That was a huge amount of mana for 2nd fusion mages! No wonder low-level spatial mages cannot do much

“Kill him!”

One of the assassins wearing a cat mask shouted in rage after one of their companions died

From her voice, she seems to be a woman and she took the lead

“[Wind Stream]”

The womans mystic gem was in front of her as she stretched her hand out and a light green magic circle appeared

A stream of wind energies was generated by her spell that flew towards Rezen

“The hell, why do you act offended?! You were the one that tried to kill me first, I just retaliated!”

Rezen was speechless at theseshameless assassins. Their spells were filled with killing intent. Clearly, they want Rezen to die

But since Rezen fought back and even killed one of them, thisbitch acts enrage as if she was bullied?

They really make Rezen speechless!

Fortunately, the trial from the Artificial Humansbaptized Rezen and he isnt that repulsed about killing people anymore as long as they were the ones that wanted him dead first

“[Sun Blast!]”

Rezen condensed two magic circles and all of them spew out an orb of sunlight. The 90 mysterious peaches and 10 mysterious bananas benefitted him a lot!

Even his [Sun Blast] that has become obsolete was upgraded and now has the power of 2nd fusion spells!

One of the sunlight orbs intercepted the wind stream while the other tried to kill the cat masked assassin

Unfortunately, the other assassins were not just decorations as one of them dealt with Rezens spell while the others continued to attack him

“[Fire Blast!]

“[Wind Blast!]”

The two remaining mages send out their own elemental orbs. One was red and the other was green

“Hmph!” Rezen snorted as his eyes glowed with an earthen brown light

From Rezens elixir field, his earth-type mystic gem also came out and he clicked his fingers causing a magic circle to form on the ground in front of him

“[Earth Wall!]”

The ground rose and formed an earthen wall that blocked the assassins spells before the wall broke down

This time, Rezens eyes momentarily glowed with a light green light as the 4th mystic gem emerged


Rezens spell generated a strong gust of winds that threw the pieces of shattered earthen walls to his enemies that either tried to dodge or block

Seeing them in such a pathetic state causes Rezen to sneer. They shouldnt have targeted him in the first place since he is a peace-loving citizen!

It was these bastards that are in the wrong. Dont they know that Rezen developed PSTD from the Blessed Lands trial and that Wolf King?

He almost died during those times and Rezen wouldnt let his guard down at least in the first few months!

Rezens eyes glowed again but with a blue light this time as the 5th mystic gem also showed itself

Currently, there were already five mystic gems hovering around Rezen and he uses one of them

“[Thunder Streaks!]”

The electric blue magic circle on Rezens hand send out four streaks of blue lightning and all of the assassins tried their best to dodge but another one of them still died

The remaining survivors stared at Rezen incredulously as if asking how could he have that many mystic gems

These assassins are at the bottom of the barrel and they only have one type of mystic gem

After all, even if they were to upgrade their elixir field to hold more gems, once they actually reached the next rank, they would have to upgrade their elixir field again. If not then they can only have one type of 3rd fusion grade gem and the rest can only be stuck at the 2nd fusion grade. Wouldnt that be a waste of money and resources?

These assassins had never seen a mage as extravagant as Rezen. He actually has five mystic gems. Which family did this Young Master come from?

Isnt he from a normal middle-class family? How come he is this rich?

“Speak! Why do you want to kill me?!” Rezen questioned angrily

Why did he feel like he suddenly become a trouble magnet? Its like trouble would regularly knock on his door whether he likes it or not

‘System… you dont actually make me unlucky, right? Rezen internally asked his system but it didnt give him a response which made him sulk


“Avenge our comrades!”

“For Her Majesty!”

The three remaining assassins dont have any plans of giving Rezen the answer he wanted as they cast their magic spells again and Rezen can only stomp his feet in anger

Who? Who harbored the desire to kill him?

This is a grave matter! How can Rezen sleep when someone is out there wanting him to die?

“Bitch, avenge your face! Who the hell attacked first and who the hell is that Empress?! Damn it!” Rezens temper exploded

Just thinking about how he has to constantly raise his guard even when sleeping already irritated him

Rezen called out his 6th mystic gem and it was the moon-type one

Its color was light grey mixed with some white and black, the color of the real moon in the space

“[Savage Moon!]” Rezen chanted as the image of the moon appeared behind him

The three surviving assassins stops in their tracks before their bodies started trembling

For some reason, their bloodlust was ignited and they have the desire for killing and destruction

The impulse grew stronger every second until they werent able to stop themselves anymore as they launched attacks against each other

The assassins didnt use any spells this time as they act like savage barbarians. They use their nails to scratch each other, ripping their flesh until they bleed

[Savage Moon] is a spell that borrowed the power of the moon to cast a spell targeting the soul

As long as the casters soul was stronger than the target, they would most likely succeed in casting the spell

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