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A thick stream of fiery energies was controlled by the fox mage. Just the presence of that stream alone already rose the surrounding temperature

Almost every mage can use a stream spell but that doesnt mean that the strength was at the same level

The city even at night was not dark since all the buildings and houses offered light. But even then, the surroundings were still lit up with a bright crimson red color

It was a very eyecatching scene that attracts many peoples attention. However, no one dared to join those two

The power of 6th fusion rank mages was just too horrible! If they interfere, theres a high chance that they would die!

“[Nature Stream!]”

This time, it was Florine that made her move. She raised her hand and conjured a green magic circle of the nature element above her

Hers wasnt as bright as the fire stream but both are packing a terrifying level of power

Just as the two stream spells were about to collide, spatial portals suddenly appeared

One portal appeared below the falling fire stream and the other appeared above the rising nature stream

As soon as the stream spells entered those spatial portals, they vanish

The stream spells only reappeared when two more spatial portals appeared, one to Florines right and the other was to her left

Florine is suddenly forced to deal with those stream spells

Her beautiful fairy-like face turned cold as she stretched her hands to her left and right

“[Mana-eater Flowers!]”

On her palms were green magic circles that releases white flowers with sharp teeth

Those flowers then started sucking the mana used on the stream spells and their petals changed colors

One batch turned crimson red and the other turned green

Florine then moved her palms and her magic circles followed suit. These magic circles then controlled the flowers and they shot beams of fire and nature energies

In return, the spatial mage laughed at her. She clicked her fingers together and small spatial portals appeared

All the fire and nature beams entered those spatial portals and they were released toward the panicking civilians

“Shameless!” Florine raged but the mage doesnt care about her insult

Her lightning-type mystic gem resonates with the natural laws and above the city, a large magic circle has appeared

The magic circle sucks in the mana from the atmosphere and it glowed with a threatening electric blue color

The fox masked mage was trying to cast a large-scale spell! If she was successful, no doubt that many people would die from that!

Florines countenance turned grim as two more mystic gems flew out of her elixir field

All these gems are green in color with different shades and different powers

Aside from the nature-type gem, there was also a spirit-type, and healing-type gem

Those two types of gems only have a single use but both complements Florines prowess

“[Nature Spirit: Flora!]” Florine called out

On top of her palm was a green magic circle used to summon her elemental spirit

Spirit-type mystic gem is different from a soul-type gem and the former only has one usage and that is to summon an elemental spirit!

Since Florine has a nature-type gem, the spirit that she summoned is also a nature-type spirit

That spirit would provide a boost to her elemental power and would grow alongside her. She can also use some treasures to increase the power of her spirit

These spirits were also similar to mystic gems. They can borrow and use the power of the natural laws but they were living entities albeit their intelligence and minds were similar to children

The nature spirit that Florine named Flora appeared on top of her palm

It was a small human-like entity wearing a green dress with two sets of wings similar to what Florine has

“Pew pew pew” the spirit uttered happily after being summoned

Florine sends her intention to the spirit and it chirped before flying on top of her head

The spirits body then transformed and turned into a crown

Florines eyes glowed as she sensed her overflowing power

Not only was the power of her spells boosted, but even her physical stats also rose

“[Great Eternal Forest!]”

Florine has no choice but to cast her own large-scale magic. The fox masked mage has a magic circle in the skies while Florine has one in the ground

A large part of the city glowed with a bright green light before trees of various sizes suddenly grew

The trees grew on the road, houses, malls, shops, company buildings, and many more

Fortunately, high-level mages wouldnt face trouble if they use such magic inside the city as long as the goal was to protect the civilians

The reason was not only to save the common people

Human cities already suffered attacks from magic beasts and their own kind. Oftentimes, it would cause severe casualties

Those casualties include the loved ones of influential people

If the mages protecting the city were to hold back damaging properties then more people would die, including the loved ones of these influential people

As such, in times like this, the mages can ignore the property damage because of the selfishness of the people at the top

The human city turned into a large forest and the people panicked even more

They dont know where they should go now since everywhere they look at, there were trees

“[Thunder Gods Wrath!]”

The fox mage finished her spell and thousands of streaks of lightning rained down from her magic circle

Those streaks of lightning were then blocked by the towering trees. For a moment, the trees caught fire but Florine casts another spell

“[Healing Feasts!]”

Florine used the roots and vines on the trees as theyhealed the burning part of the other trees and also the humans that were injured, especially the ones on the brink of death

Healing-type mystic gems offer the best healing effect with lower cost and difficulty

Other types of magic can also heal but most of them were pretty mediocre and if the wounds were too severe, they might not be able to prevent the person from dying

As for Florine, even trees can be healed from theburning ailment

“Tsk, the Fairy of the Forest really cant be underestimated” the fox mage clicked her tongue but this time, she has no intention of fighting anymore

Although 6th fusion rank mages are rare, there were still more than just Florine and the General of the Military

However, most of them were in seclusion, trying to reach the next rank. Once they are focused on their cultivation, it would be hard for them to notice the disturbance in the city

Still, the longer the battle went on, the higher the chance of these mages sensing the attack on the city

Once the fox masked mage is surrounded by these 6th fusion rank mages, even if she is a spatial mage, there is still the chance of dying

“Hehehehe, see you again, Fairy of the Forest!” The fox mage said playfully before clicking her fingers together

All the mages wearing beasts masks attacking the civilians were forced to enter her spatial portals and she brought them into a safe place

Even the corpses that littered the street were not spared, they were also stolen

“Stop!” Florine shouted as she waved her hand

Several magic circles appeared around the fox mage and roots came out from them, trying to prevent the terrorist from fleeing

Unfortunately, the fox mage created a spatial portal behind her that she used to escape

Just like that, all the troublemakers in the city vanish. As for where they are now… who knows?

Its hard to track a spatial mage and oftentimes, only another spatial mage can do that. Unfortunately, they are too rare

Without any more enemies, the trees all over the city dissipated into specks of green light and vanished

The city is now in a terrible state. There were collapsed buildings, cracked roads, broken cars, and blood stains everywhere

None of the corpses were left alone. All of them were stolen by the fox masked mage. As for what they would use the corpses for? Florine doesnt know

The other 6th fusion rank mages were late when they arrived. The enemy already escaped and they all inquired what happened in the city

Unfortunately, aside from knowing that the attack was the doings of the Twighlight Beasts, Florine doesnt know any other information

“What is the military doing? Where is the General? How come that he wasnt here to prevent this tragedy?” One of the 6th fusion rank mages around Florine asks

His home was destroyed by the terrorists and naturally, he was angry

If there were two 6th rank mages that fought the enemies 6th rank mage, the casualty would have definitely lessened

One of them can protect the city and the other can stall time until reinforcements arrived!

This was the time when the General is most needed but he was nowhere to be seen!

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