“Youre fired!” Rain said and before the stupid guards can say anything, the ice on their bodies also covered their mouths

“Little brother, come, you are definitely welcome in our Academy! But these five are…?” Rain said as she look at the five artificial humans with a peculiar gaze and Rezen doesnt like that as he felt that whatever this big sister is thinking was not favorable to him

All five artificial humans with him were wearing male clothes. They have androgynous facial features but the clothes made all of them look a bit more like males

None of his subordinates chose to wear womens clothes and that gave him a headache. People might think that he has a harem of men!

“Sister, in our contract, it states that I can directly enroll some people in your Academy, right?”

The tuition fee would be free but Rezen will personally provide the resources they needed

The two talked as they walked inside the Academy. Fortunately, Rezen came at the time that the students still have classes. If not, they might gossip about him and the Vice Headmaster

“Ohh, so these five are the ones you want us to teach?” Rain said as she stared at the artificial humans

With her rank, she can discern that these five havent even started to cultivate on the mage path yet

“Yes, dont worry, sister, I guarantee their talents! All of them have Heroic grade talents!”

They are way more talented than Rezen is!

As expected, Rains eyes lit up. After the advertisement and enticement using the Spirit Plants that Rezen supplied them, the Academy now has almost a hundred students in total

However, compared to top-Academies, that number is still too low

Not to mention, Rain and Florine forgot one thing. The top families dont have any worries over resources!

The Rising Sage Academy has the resources but in the end, without comprehension talent, mages would be stuck

The most these resources could do was to expedite the mages cultivation but the comprehension is still more important!

Mages can reach the peak of their rank without resources although it would take time but they cant use spells or advance if their comprehension was lacking!

Top-tier academies have better teachers that can help the students comprehension

As such, even if there were more students and some are from powerful mage families, they are those that dont have enough talent

Rain hopes that the comprehension talent of these five was at least at the same level as their cultivation talent!

“Little brother dont worry. Our Academy will naturally accept them since they have your recommendation!”

“Thank you, sister. I will leave them in your care!”

The seven of them including the A.Hs entered Florines office and Rezen spoke about the other agenda he has for his visit

“Sister, do you know a place with many crow-type magic beasts near the Greenwood City?”

“Hm? Crows?”


“Lets see… hmm, there is actually one called Rage of the Storm Mountain range, there are many bird-type magic beasts living there, including crows. As you know, our City is surrounded by forests and mountains. There is almost place for any type of magic beast”

Rezen thanked the big sister for her help and he ask for directions. He also kindly asks Rain to give him seeds of spirit plants that are particularly helpful to crows


“So this is the Rage of the Storm Mountain Range…” Rezen muttered as he stood at the foot of one of the mountains

This place was extremely foggy and from time to time, thunder streaks would flash. It gave some sort of eerie and oppressive atmosphere

This mountain range has a scenery where one would think that stepping foot inside wouldnt be a good thing

“I should have bought Zero with me!” Rezen scolded himself. Having another 3rd rank entity with him would be safer!

Rezen thought of just buying crows but he is already short on money and he cannot do that

“This is not the Ratois Mountain… I definitely wouldnt encounter any danger and trouble inside…” Rezen chanted, wishing that his words would be true

Anyway, almost all the places where magic beasts live in has the same design. The outermost parts have the weakest magic beasts and the further you went inside, the stronger the beasts would be

“A brave man is a cool man” Rezen said to himself as he stepped foot inside the mountain range

The foggy space lowered the visibility and Rezen called out his wind-type mystic gem

His eyes glowed with a green light as the wind-type gem appeared on top of his palm

“[Whispher of the Wind]” he chanted. This is a common sensory spell and Rezen learned it from one of the mysterious peaches

Its not a perfect spell for scouting or whatever but magic beasts also gave off mana signatures

If a magic beast that cannot hide its mana signature were to approach Rezen, he would hear a loud sound

This is a spell with a small mana expenditure to be maintained and the higher its grade was, the harder a person would be able to hide from its detection

Soon, Rezen heard a sound in his ear but it wasnt too loud of a sound to be alarming

He just stepped foot on the mountain yet he already encountered a magic beast. This mountain range really has more magic beasts than the Ratois Mountain

A beastly sound entered Rezens ears, this time, it didnt come from his spell but from a wild boar charging at him

This boar has a pair of white horns on its forehead

It was a devil boar but sadly for the boar, it only has the power of a 1st fusion rank magic beast. It is far from being Rezens match

“[Wind Stream!]”

Rezen simply stretched his hand out and conjured a magic circle that shot a stream of wind energies to the boar

His spell has the power of peak 2nd fusion grade spells and the boar was simply no match for him

A single spell ended its life just like that

Rezen was about to retrieve the boars corpse and store it in his spatial ring when his ears picked up more sounds

This time, the sounds came from his spell again. Not only were the sounds louder, they were also numerous

“Shit! What was that?” Rezen asked no one in particular after raising his head to where the sound was coming from

The mountain range was foggy but at this moment, the fog thinned. As for the reason? Rezen watched like a thousand birds fighting in the sky!

From what he can see, those birds were sparrows and they were either using their bodies to fight or they were shooting wind-type magic

“Wind Sparrows…” Rezen mumbled

The fight of these sparrows made the surroundings chaotic as one corpse after another fell down from the skies

Some even landed around Rezen. He doesnt know what was happening but for now, he stored the corpses inside his storage since they can indefinitely stack up the same species and rank

However, Rezens action caught the attention of some wind sparrows. Their bloodshot eyes radiating killing intent stared at him and around ten of them dived down to attack him

“Come on, why am I always being involved in something dangerous? I only came here to tame some crows!” Rezen cried out as he dodged the bullets of condensed winds that the sparrows shot at him

Rezen deactivated the [Whispher of the Wind] as that used up some of his soul capacity

Before, he can conjure 3 magic circles at a time, and now that his rank advanced, he can now create 4 of them!

He judged that if his soul reached the peak of his rank, he could conjure 5. Too bad that he doesnt have time to do that yet

“[Wind Stream!]”

Rezen waved his hand after dodging and four magic circles formed

The wind stream targeted the fastest sparrows. Killing one and injuring another one of them but the others were completely unscathed

Despite being able to create 4 magic circles at the same time, it doesnt mean that the power of his spells was as strong as when he only condensed one!

One of the sparrows lifeless body fell to the ground but the others continued their pursuit

Winds gathered around the bodies of these sparrows and their speed rose

Rezen might be a 3rd fusion rank mage now but he doesnt know any spell at his rank yet!

Hes just stronger than 2nd fusion rank mages but in a direct fight without using recover pills, there is almost no chance that Rezen could win against a mage at the same rank as him that can use 3rd fusion spells!

As such, some of the birds managed to use their beaks to leave wounds on Rezens body

His skin and flesh were torn, causing him to shed fresh blood and he gritted his teeth from the pain

“[Earth Gods Armor!]”

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