“Boss Crafty Snake, your plan was really ingenious!” One of Crafty Snakes underlings complimented him

Crafty Snake is a 3rd fusion rank mage and he is already at the peak of his rank. Unfortunately, the 3rd and 4th rank was really a dividing line

Even after years, he still failed to reach the next rank

3rd fusion rank mages and below were simply at the bottom of the barrel. Although 4th fusion rank mages still arent at the top, they are at least in the middle of the food chain

In large organizations, they wouldnt receive VIP treatment but they also seldom got humiliated unlike the ones below that rank

Since Crafty Snake cannot reach the next rank, he can only walk another route. He relied on his sly plans to make a name for himself and that gave him a high reputation

Even a 4th fusion rank mage died because of one of his plans!

“Hehehehe, everything is for the sake of Her Majesty. If our party contributed a large number of corpses, I might be rewarded with a body-type werebeast nucleus… when that time comes, having the strength equivalent to the 4th rank would not be out of my reach anymore” Crafty Snake replied

He has six more underlings with him and they were all 2nd fusion rank mages

The whole Twighlight Beasts was in a busy state as of right now. They needed a large number of corpses and souls to create body and soul-type werebeast nucleus

This nucleus would increase the strength of the people that would use them

Body-type nucleus just like its name implies increases the users physical stats. Their punches and kicks could have the same power as 4th fusion spells or even above that depending on the quality

This nucleus was typically chosen by mages that lack the comprehension talent or wanted to erase their weakness of having a feeble body

Even if Crafty Snake is only a 3rd fusion rank mage, if he was given a higher quality nucleus, it was possible for him to have the power of 4th rank entities! Some even gained the magic of the magic beasts used to create their nucleus

As for the soul-type nucleus, they are mostly used by magic beasts enslaver to control way more magic beasts than they originally could

“Boss, do you really want to use the nucleus? Wouldnt it turn us into a monster? Those that used the nucleus all look hideous!” One of the underlings said with a frown

There were few members of their organization that used the nucleus since they are still in the process of being mass produced but they still have seen some

All those that used the nucleus was turned into a monster! Neither human nor magic beast!

Hearing his subordinates words made Crafty Snake displeased

“What do you know?! Even if you become the ugliest person in the world if you can kill everyone, would they dare say anything to you? In this world, the most important thing is power! Becoming uglier is a small price for power! Besides, have you looked at yourself in the mirror? Your ugly face doesnt look much different than the werebeasts!”

With the years of experience that Crafty Snake has he knows what should and shouldnt be spoken

Their organization valued loyalty. Complaining about the side effect of the werebeast nuclei is the same as dissatisfying the organization! Thats not something that should be allowed no matter what!

“Right, right. The nuclei are the invention of Her Majesty, how can you say that?”

“You are disrespecting Her Majesty!”

“If you dont have anything good to say, just shut your mouth!”

The underling that complained earlier can only lower his head while apologizing

All these mages are weaker than Crafty Snake. Naturally, they would agree to whatever he would say

Once he criticizes someone, the others would follow suit

“Alright, thats enough. Lets just wait until these birds fought each other to death” Crafty Snake ordered as he watch the birds in the sky

As the werebeast nuclei are in the process of mass production, the organization send its members to take corpses and soul from both humans and magic beasts

Crafty Snakes group was also here for the same reason and with his leadership, they enacted his sly plan. He spends a lot of money to buy an incense that would make wind sparrows berserk

He aroused their murderous side causing the current scene in the sky

The incense was quite pricey but supplying the corpses to the organization wasnt free work. Theworkers would receive their compensation and with the number of the sparrows that would die, the compensation would be way more than the money that was used to buy the incense


Rezens earth-type mystic gem emerged and above him, a magic circle formed before it descends on his body

Soon, armors made from rocks covered Rezens body. It was the same as his [Water Gods Armor]. The rock armor also only covered his arms, chest, and legs along with an earthen hammer as a weapon

Gods Armor is a series of spells of various elements. Every element has different advantages and disadvantages though

For example, the [Water Gods Armor] was quite balanced and flexible. As for the [Earth Gods Armor], it has a stronger defensive capability but with lower speed and flexibility

Rezen chose the earth-type series because of his selfishness. There is the choice of directly running away from here but he is lusting over the magic beasts corpses

With his tens of thousands of recovery pills, as long as Rezen is not killed in one shot, he would survive!

Since these sparrows were killing each other, Rezen wanted to benefit from it

Rezen waited until the sparrows were close enough to him as he swung his earthen hammer, smashing a poor bird and its body was thrown meters away from him

That one attack gave the other sparrows the chance to attack him and bloody holes appeared on his body

“Damn… if you want to attack, at least attack the part where I have an armor!” Rezen said angrily as a recovery pill directly appeared on top of his lip and he swallowed it to heal his injuries

Rezen tried to move away from the sparrows but they were faster and he has no choice but to abandon the hammer

Another mystic gem of his flew out of his elixir field and his eyes glowed with an electric blue light

“[Thunder Streaks!]” Rezen stretched his hand out and formed his magic circle as four streaks of lightning targeted the sparrows

The sparrows wildly flapped their wings and they flew higher, effectively dodging the thunder streaks

“Come back here, little bastards!” Rezen shouted while he used the same magic circle to fire four more streaks of lightning

The lightning streaks chased the sparrows but these little bastards were really fast and Rezen received another set of injuries from the remaining sparrows around him

Despite the fact that these sparrows were in a murderous state, they still have their instincts

Once they see and sense a threatening attack, they would still take the time to dodge to avoid harming themselves

Rezen sensed danger behind him and saw four sparrows opening their beaks which resulted in the formation of magic circles

The sparrows released a barrage of wind bullets and Rezen stomped his feet on the ground

His stomp was followed by an earthen brown magic circle that momentarily glowed with a brown light

“[Earth Wall!]”

The magic circle causes the ground to rise, forming a wall that blocks the wind bullets

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The barrage of wind bullets shook the earth wall but Rezen forcefully maintained his spell

However, at this moment, the sparrows that flew higher earlier started to dive down again. Their beaks ready to poke holes in Rezens head

The man gritted his teeth. One hand was stretched down and the other was raised above him

Hand movements arent really necessary to form magic circles but they help the users concentration, making it easier to cast spells

“Die, little bastards!” Rezen said ferociously. He only created another magic circle when he felt that the sparrows were close enough

His sun-type mystic gem also showed itself and a yellow magic circle formed above Rezens palm

“[Sun Blast!]”

Four orbs of condensed sunlight flew out of the magic circle and they met the sparrows

These sparrows were diving too fast that they cannot easily stop or maneuver themselves and as expected, they collided with the orbs of condensed sunlight

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Four consecutive explosions occurred. Even Rezen was not injury-free from his own spell

The orbs of sunlight exploded too close to him and they blasted the rock armor on his arm

If not for the protection of the [Earth Gods Armor], Rezens whole arm would have been blown away directly!

The pain in Rezens arm was severe and he hurriedly consumed another recovery pill

Pain is detrimental to spell casting and clearly, Rezen has to have the ability to cast spells at any moment

This is cheating but so what? Rezen would shamelessly cheat as long as it would help his survival!

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