Mage Ellerys whole being shuddered. How did Claude know that?

This situation made her even more afraid but she still decided to keep her lips tight, she cannot spill her secret

“C-Captain… I-I dont know w-what you are t-talking cough—!!”

Claudes hold on her throat tightened, causing her to be unable to finish her words

Claude raised his other hand to comb the strands of hair that fell on his forehead as he looked at the mage in his hand with despise

“Ahh… I really hate vermin like you…” he said in utmost disgust before throwing the mage to the ground

Ellerys body landed on top of a dead wolf, drenching her robe with blood. The squishy flesh underneath her didnt disgust her but increased the fear she was experiencing

“C-Captain… i-if you continue to hurt me… I-I will report you!” Ellery said, her wind-type mystic gem appearing on top of her palm

“Report?” Claude sneered. “Will I allow that?”

Claude also raised his palm, his darkness-type mystic gem releasing a black light that looks particularly menacing

Mage Ellery is a rank lower than Claude. Not to mention, she isnt really suited for battle

“Will you store your mystic gem back in your elixir field or should I crush it?” Claude questioned

Mystic gems are very durable. Typically, only attacks at least 2 ranks higher than the gem could shatter it, causing a backlash on the owner

Claude is only a rank higher than Ellery but the latter felt like he can really do that

Without a choice, she can only place her mystic gem back in her elixir field

“Captain… what do you want?” Ellery asks and Claude smiled evilly at her

Two more mystic gems appeared on top of Claudes palm in addition to his darkness-type gem

“People are aware that I have three mystic gems. Darkness, fire, and wind. But what they didnt is that…”

Claude waved his hand, the three gems flew away from his palm and hovered behind him as a new type of mystic gem appeared on his palm

“… I actually have 4 mystic gems” he finished as a violet gem appeared

“C-curse-type gem…?” Ellery muttered and Claudes smile deepened

“This gem is rarely used by me and in fact, I only know one curse-type spell. Guess what kind of people I use that spell on…” Claudes tone sounds playful but not in a good way

Ellery felt like the devil was toying with her

In front of Claudes curse-type gem, a small magic circle formed

“Do you know the pain of death series of the curse-type spells?” Claude questioned and Ellery swallowed her saliva

The pain of death series… this is a common vicious torturing spell. It was common but is still feared by everyone

“1st fusion grade spell, [A Pain of Death]. 2nd fusion grade spell, [Pain of Ten Deaths]. The next is [Pain of a Hundred Deaths], [Pain of a Thousand Deaths], [Pain of Ten Thousand Deaths], and [Pain of a Hundred Thousand Deaths]”

At this moment, Ellery is already contemplating whether she should run or not. The Claude that she can see today is far different from how that man usually is

“Im a bit lacking and is still a 5th fusion rank mage. Therefore, I can only use the 5th fusion version, the [Pain of Ten Thousand Deaths]. This is a magic that I especially only use for people like you… the ones that are despicable. The ones that are harming the country and its citizens”

“I will give you a chance. I know that you are only a collaborator. There is someone that ordered you to fool me into thinking that the abnormalities in the Ratois Mountain are all because of the Claw Mushroom, right?”

Claude moved, standing in front of Ellery. His magic circle was only inches away from her body

“Confess” he ordered

“C-Captain… you are mistaken. N-no one ordered me and I really thought that the cause was the Claw Mushroom!”

Claude doesnt need to waste time. His magic circle landed on Ellerys body

Instantly, Ellerys body spasmed as if she was experiencing an epileptic attack

Her eyes rolled at the back of her head, the veins on her body popped, her throat released a blood-curling scream, her whole body secretes excessive sweat and she even peed herself

Just like what the name of the Pain of Death series implied, this curse-type spell would stimulate the pain of death on the target

The one that Claude used was the [Pain of Ten Thousand Deaths], meaning, Ellery was experiencing the pain of ten thousand deaths

There is the pain of being beheaded, burned alive, stabbed, crushed, and many more

This curse is a frightening spell… even the most hardcore masochists would not want to experience it

After a few seconds, Claude clicked his fingers together and the spell was canceled

If this goes on, Ellery might die from the pain

“Will you confess nor or not?” Claude questioned the still trembling Ellery

She seems to be out of her mind now as she bit the nail on her shaking hand

“N-no… no more… I-I cant betray… H-Her M-Majesty…”

Claudes ears twitched after hearing that. “Her Majesty? As I expected, you are part of the Twighlight Demons… Haaa… I originally only had suspicions without evidence. If I was wrong, I would apologize and accept any punishment. But my hunch was right…”

Claude doesnt have a piece of concrete evidence and at most, circumstantial ones. However, he is a decisive person

He believes in the law but he also knows that the law is not omnipotent. If he has to dirty his hands for the greater good then let the world turn him into a Demon

“Its General Leon, right? The mole of the Twighlight Demons in the Military. I cant believe that they penetrated the military this far”

Because of the extreme pain that she had experienced, Ellery still has not recovered and Claude planned on taking her captive first to squeeze out some evidence when…

All the hair on Claudes body stood up, his body screaming danger and he hurriedly jumped away from his original position

“[Fiery Lions Fist]” a cold voice said and in a blink of an eye, a human figure suddenly appeared

This figure was accompanied by fists covered with fire in the image of a lion


The newcomers fist landed on Mage Ellerys body, blasting and burning her at the same time

The pulp of flesh that splattered on the ground was soon burned into ashes. Soon, not even the least bit of Ellerys body remained

“General Leon… bastard traitor…” Claude said as he hatefully stared at the muscular man not far from him

“Claude Preston… as expected of the Dark Saint…” Leon chuckled

Dark Saint… that is one of the titles attached to Claudes name

A Saint to the masses and a personification of cruelty to the evil. A person that would not hesitate to be extreme for the sake of his own moral compass

“I thought that our beloved General is injured? Werent you ambushed by the Twighlight Beasts when they attacked the City, causing you to be unable to fend them off?” Claude questioned although both of them knew that was a lie

The reason why only the Fairy of the Forest fought the terrorists and no sign of the General was seen was because the General himself is part of the terrorists!

He feigned injuries to explain how he was not able to be of any help!

“Your reputation is well-deserved. It can be said that you would definitely be one of the pillars of humanity in the future. If I kill a talent like you, even if my cover was blown off, Her Majesty would not be angry but might instead reward me…”

Her Majesty… the Serpentine Empress… the leader of the Twighlight Beasts and is a feared existence

“Hmph, I am not someone that can be killed by a traitor!” Claude said coldly, his hand sneakily placed behind him to call for help

If nothing happens, Claude might die today while Leon successfully got away. If he were to return to the Twighlight Beasts, that terrorist organization would have another existence at the 6th fusion rank

Just how many thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions could such an existence kill?

“Even if you call for help, thats useless. Space Fox is already alerted. She cannot defeat all the reinforcements that you could call but making trouble for them so that they would arrive when you are already dead shouldnt be that hard”

A spatial mage can be a big troublemaker! Not only was it hard to kill them, but they are also good at intercepting reinforcements

They can easily stall for time with their spatial spells!

“[Fire Pillar!]”

Claude suddenly spread his arm in front of him and a fire-red magic circle formed on the ground that Leon was standing on

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