“Why should I tell my secret? Do you think Im stupid?” Rezen asked back, his feet hanging and wiggling in the air

Since there is only Crafty Snake remaining right now and Rezen has ten enslaved crows, he doesnt think that he is in a dangerous situation though despite how he looks, his guard was not completely down yet

Crafty Snake doesnt have an answer to Rezens question since his own question earlier was merely rhetorical

Rezen sneered at him before raising his hand and one of the Nightmare Crows landed on top of his palm

“So, why did you attack me? Are you that greedy?” Rezen questioned. His casual manner and the crows around him made him look and feel like a dangerous person

He cant see himself right now but he is sure that the image he showed would leave a permanent mark on Crafty Snakes memory

This is the kind of image he wanted to have! The cool, dangerous, and mysterious guy

Rezen almost laughed after satisfying his middle-school syndrome. Who in this world doesnt like clout, right?

Crafty Snake squinted his eyes, a flash of understanding appeared on his eyes before they were replaced by a sly light

Rezen doesnt know him but he should knowone thing, right?

Crafty Snake placed his hand inside of his pocket and he grab a small thing from it

When he squeezed that thing, it suddenly expanded in size, and a mask with the image of a snake appeared

“You, I dont know who you are but I am a member of Twighlight Beasts. If you kill me, Im sure that my seniors will not let you off” Crafty Snake said confidently

He was originally scared and nervous earlier but he suddenly became the most confident person in the world

Of course, this was merely for show. The Twighlight Beast is a vengeful organization but no matter how much he is avenged, it doesnt matter if he is dead. He would rather stay alive than get killed just to be avenged later

Crafty Snake can only hope that the organizations reputation would scare Rezen away especially since the organization started enacting operations that killed thousands of humans and magic beasts alike

“Twighlight Beasts huh…” Rezen muttered in a casual manner though his eyes were focused on the mask in Crafty Snakes hand

He knew that the Twighlight Beasts use masks but he didnt know that their mask has that kind of function! It can actually go from tiny to a mask that would cover a persons face! How cool was that?

“My organization is vengeful, if you dont want to die I suggest that you dont move” Crafty Snake continued

He and his team were here to gather magic beasts corpses. Since humans not part of the organization can recognize them, they didnt wear the mask. After all, they are basically terrorists

However, the face mask might still be useful as a deterrent force against Rezen

Too bad that he doesnt know who Rezen is

“Yeah, they are really vengeful…” Rezen agreed before his crows moved. “… I already killed some of your members and I suppose adding another one shouldnt matter much. You said it yourself, your organization is vengeful so things wouldnt change whether I kill you or not, right?”

“Unfortunately, I am also vengeful and petty”

Five crows flapped their wings as they dove down to attack Crafty Snake that trembled in fright

“Asshole!” He cursed as he tried to run away but how can he outrun the Nightmare Crows?

The crows eyes glowed a violet color while they opened their beaks and small purplish laser beams were fired by them

Against five magic beasts at the 3rd fusion rank, how can Crafty Snake win?

He can only try to use his experience to dodge the purple beams that only hits the ground

The beams poked holes in the ground and seeing them, Crafty Snakes cold sweat intensified


Finally, one laser beam managed to hit Crafty Snake, blasting a bloody hole on his arm, exposing a bit of the bone inside

The pain almost killed Crafty Snake. No matter how much experience he has, pain is still pain

“Think… think… how can I survive this?!” Crafty Snake racked his brains while the crows were still in pursuit of him

Fortunately, he did not earn his nickname for nothing as he remembered something. He took out a small piece of cloth bag from his pocket

This is something he planned on using if he and his subordinates dont encounter a flock of Wind Sparrows that were just right in number

The flock cant be too small that the profit is negligible and it also cant be too large that they might kill themselves because of their greed

A vicious light flashed on Crafty Snakes eyes as he desperately controlled his mystic gem for it to resonate with the natural laws and let him create a supernatural phenomenon


Crafty Snake opened the small bag and had the breeze carry its content. The bag has some sort of powder inside

The powder was odorless to humans but Rezen is aware of what that powder is. That is the same powder that Claude used to massacre the magic beasts!

It was the beast-luring powder!

The [Breeze] spells target was Rezen but his crows blocked the powder using their bodies

However, they might as well not have done anything. Now that these crows got the powder on them, they would be a magnet of magic beasts!

“Holy shit, this fucking bastard! I knew it, playing with an enemy should never be allowed! I should always kill my enemies the first chance that I get! Why did I try to act cool?!” Rezen regretted his actions

There were still more than a thousand of Wind Sparrows fighting in the air. They are in a berserk state and after the beast-luring powder was used, their focus was shifted to the Nightmare Crows

Since Rezen is close with the crows, he also obtained their unwanted attention

“Goodbye, fucker!” Crafty Snake shouted while giving Rezen the middle finger

Since he used the [Breeze] spell to scatter the powder, not even a speck landed on him

“Dirty bastard, Ill kill— never mind, I might die! Shit!”

Rezen hurriedly jumped down the tree. Since the crows were near him, some of the powder landed on him and he is now a complete target of the Wind Sparrows

He gave a mental order to the crows and had them block the sparrows for him

Rezen is not afraid of mobs with weak power. However, the problem is that these sparrows with their numbers could kill him before he can even use the recovery pill!

He must make sure that wouldnt happen and fleeing was the best choice since there would be many variables inside the habitat of magic beasts

Unfortunately, despite having ten crows, Rezen is still not unharmed

A wind blade cut off one of his arms and he fell to the ground. The pain blurred his vision but he still desperately caught his severed arm and put it back in its place while taking a recovery pill

These Wind Sparrows are no joke!

“Oh, no!” Rezens face turned dark after seeing that one of his crows have died. He doesnt have a strong bond with his crows but they are the first ten magic beasts that he had. He doesnt want any of them to die and if this goes on, all ten crows and also Rezen would really die!

Rezen hurriedly waved his hand and poisoned apples flew out

Fortunately, after he learned last night how potent the poisoned apples were, he planted more apple trees along with other types of crops

One would never know when those normal crops would come in handy

The poisoned apples already helped Rezen twice but on the third time, it failed him

The sparrows were under the influence of the incense and they are not in the mood for eating. Thus, they completely ignored the apples

“Aahhh!” Rezen screamed in pain. A sparrow managed to get close to him and it uses its beak to put a hole in his chest

Fortunately, Rezen have his [Earth Gods Armor] activated and the sparrow was blocked by the armor though it still managed to draw out some blood on Rezens chest

Rezen was lucky that this sparrow was only at the 2nd fusion grade. If it was in the third grade then his armor that is only in the 2nd grade wouldnt be enough to save his life

“Thats why armor is important!” Rezen thought before condensing a magic circle on his hand

“[Crows Grip!]”

Rezens right hand was coated by a black substance that assumed the image of a crows claw and he uses this claw to take the sparrow away from his chest and crush it

That spell is at a 3rd fusion grade and it directly killed that sparrow yet more sparrows managed to attack him

As of right now, out of the ten Nightmare Crows that Rezen originally have only seven of them survived and this causes his heart to ache

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