When Rezen returned to his farm, he was already tired. Physical appearance-wise, Rezens face was still glowing as before as if he had just gone to a dermatologist

However, he was actually mentally tired. He doesnt know why but it feels as if every time he does or does not do something, he would always encounter danger

The number of times he almost lost his life in less than a month was just too much!

He was glad that he has his farm system, if not, he wouldnt survive until this day

“Master, do you need a bath?”

“What do you want to eat today, master?”


“Coffee, tea?”

As usual, as soon as Rezen returned, his subordinates immediately clamored around him, excited to be of help to him

This really makes him feel as if he was an Emperor that has a harem

Too bad that right now, he was mentally drained

“I dont need anything” Rezen replied as he shook his head. “Ah, yes, Zero, can you order ordinary plant seeds online for me? The more variety there is, the better”

“Yes, master!” Zero replied

As of right now, these Artificial Humans already know how to surf the net since their IQs were not exactly lacking

Rezen got a taste of how helpful his crops that arent originally spirit plants and the more he has, the better

After having his subordinates go back to what they were doing earlier, Rezen went on his farm plot

His plot was better now since he has his subordinates do most of the hard labor for him

While looking at his farm, Rezen cant help but sigh

“Capitalism is really destructive sometimes. I like planting things in the past and watching them slowly grow when it was still my hobby, but now, I only see farming as a thing that would give me benefits…” Rezen muttered to himself before waving his hand and some seeds appeared on his palm

These small seeds were lavender seeds that he got on the mountain range while he was heading back to his farm after another instance of almost losing his life

Rezen slowly poke a hole in the soil and he placed one of the seeds inside before covering it with more soil

He gently patted it before moving some space to create another hole for the second lavender seed

Rezen placed one seed on another hole and he did this until he planted a total of ten seeds

After that, he went to grab the watering can and filled them with water before slowly sprinkling water on the areas where the lavenders were planted

Rezen doesnt really have any expectations for the lavender seeds. He just wanted to do his hobby again that suffered because of capitalism

The life and death situation that he was in earlier made him reflect on himself for a bit

Since he was always facing dangers, even with his golden finger, he might still die. His life for the past weeks was basically always full of things that would help him grow his strength yet he still encountered danger that almost killed him

One of these days, he might really die and he doesnt want to have regrets

He should at least try to have some fun!

Rezen just sat on the ground, not minding how the soil was dirtying his clothes. He just stared at the area where the lavenders were planted with the desire to watch them grow

Since everything on his farm grow really fast, it didnt take that long for Rezen to see the lavender seeds start to sprout

He just watches the seeds germinate and grow from sprouts to seedlings, plants with buds, plants with flowers, and plants with fruits

In just several hours, the lavenders were fully matured. Their scent wafted in the air, giving off a very calming scent

It smells really nice and Rezen loves sniffing them. He felt like they would be a nice natural air freshener for his room

While thinking of that, Rezen went to his house and grab the few flower pots that he has

There were six flower pots and Rezen filled them with the soil from his farm while replanting the fully grown lavenders

One lavender seed grew a plant with five bunches and Rezen placed one plant for every flower pot

Since there were six of them, Rezen delivered one each to hisneighbors and he kept one for himself. As for the four remaining lavender plants, Rezen let them stay on his farm for now

As usual, Rezens subordinates acted as if God just gave them a gift after receiving the lavenders and they stared tearfully at Rezen

“Yeah, no, please dont that, public display of emotions isnt really a strong suit of mine” Rezen awkwardly said, the side of his face twitching as he run away from them

Please, Rezen is too easygoing for such a strong display of emotions, okay?


The next day

“So we have wheat, rice, sugarcane, rose, tulips, peppers, broccoli, cashew nuts, lemon grass, soybeans, olives, a wide variety of flowers, argh too many to take note of, this is causing my head to ache”

Since Rezen has tons of money as long as he only planned on buying things thatnormal people use, many of his orders arrived today as he spent more money on the delivery fee

“I can extract oil from the olives and use the oil for cooking, soybeans can be used for soy sauce, and since I have rice, I can make fried rice. I now have more types of crops I can plant…” Rezen muttered while staring at the seeds on the table

Today would be his day off, he just hopes that no one would ruin it. The last time he had a day off, his life was literally put in danger

Today would be a day solely for his hobby. He would plant, plant, and plant!

He can then use his crops to make delicious foods! Even an idiot can create fantastic meals using the crops that Rezen grew!

Rezen rolled his sleeves, his eyes fired up. He was burning with the desire to plant and he hurriedly went out of his house to grab his hoe and make holes in his farm plot

“Hee-ha! Hee-ha!”

Rezen started his farm work, his subordinates offered to help but he didnt let them

The sun shining above cast a shadow of Rezen raising and lowering his hoe to make holes in the farm plot

Sweat rolled down his forehead but Rezen was still vigorous as before. He hasnt upgraded his physique to accommodate 3rd rank Mystic Tattoos yet since one thing after another always adds up to his to-do list but his physique is already upgraded to some extent

It took him hours to fill his farm with holes and only then did Rezen retrieve his seeds. He planned to plant as many types as possible and he only planted a few of each type

After all, there were too many kinds of seeds that he dont even want to make a neat list of them

One seed after another was planted by Rezen in the soil before being buried

After all the seeds were planted, Rezen watered them as usual before waiting for them to mature


Rage of Storm Mountain Range

Inside the mountain range, a group of ten mages can be seen and all of them were wearing mage robes

Out of all these ten mages, one of them is clearly the leader

This leader was wearing a white robe. His face looks young and handsome yet he has a stoic look on his face

Around this group of ten mages was a Bizarre Eagle. These eagles just like their names implied really look unusual

They have three heads that were sharing one beak, three wings, and a single leg. The Bizarre Eagle looks as if they were experimented on by someone

However, despite looking like that, these eagles are stronger than the majority of magic beasts in their rank

Their three heads contain one gem each and every gem represents different powers. The most popular would be the combination of fire, wind, and lightning

These eagles can use three powers at the same time and that is equivalent to a mages combination magic that was composed of three elements!

The resulting power is really great and not just any Tom, Dick, and Harry can defeat or kill them

“Assume the formation” the leader of the

bunch ordered

This leader is someone that Crafty Snake is familiar with. It was none other than his superior – Lord Keito!

Almost everyone in the Twighlight Beasts wanted to receive the werebeast nuclei. However, to do that, they must provide either the necessary number of corpses or souls from both humans and magic beasts!

Even someone like Lord Keito that is a 4th fusion rank mage has to provide the corpses or souls if he wants to receive the nuclei!

As such, Lord Keito himself is also here to hunt thematerials

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