The next day

Lord Keito was awoken by the sound of a mans moans. Before he can even open his eyes, he can already feel pain in his limbs

It also felt as if some sort of object was used to tie him up

The mage slowly opened his eyes while the events that transpired before he lose consciousness were replayed in his brain

The first thing that Keito saw was the floor, explaining the cold sensation on his back

Fortunately, the floor might be a bit cold but it wasnt hard at all. In fact, it even felt a bit soft and squishy

“Aahh… y-yeah… t-there… g-go on… h-harder…”

The moaning sounds entered Lord Keitos ears again causing his cheeks to blush. He doesnt know whether he should look at the source of those sounds but his curiosity won

Luckily, the things that popped up on his mind did not greet him

Instead of seeing something indecent, Lord Keito saw theant withstrange items last night sitting on a sofa

Behind that ant was the Tattoo Warrior that Keito fought. It was Zero and the man was giving Rezen a massage, hence, the reason for themoans

“Oh, youre awake” Rezen commented after seeing that Keito already opened his eyes

The Black Rose was really vicious. It causes even a 4th fusion rank mage to pass out all because of its severe stench

As expected, there is no useless mutated plant! Rezen just has to be creative and everything that he had grown would be useful

“Y-you…” Lord Keito wanted to stand but his legs only hurt. When he turned to look at his legs, he saw that they were at an awkward angle. An angle that his legs are not possible to be in if the bones were completely intact

That explains why Keito is experiencing pain in his legs and from the looks of it, even the bones in his arms were broken. They were already broken yet his arms were still tied using some sort of vines

His eyes glowed viciously and he tried to summon his Mystic Gems. However, while the gems were listening to him, there was some sort of barrier that was blocking them and they were unable to exit his elixir field

“What did you do to me?!” Keito questioned angrily while raising his head to glare at Rezen and Zero

“What did I do to you?” Rezen said with a wicked smile. “Honey, you asked the wrong question. The right question should be, what I would do to you” he continued while licking his lips

“Do you not know how vengeful the Twighlight Beast is? You will die” Keito said gravely and Rezen just chuckled at him

“Even if they avenge you and kill me so what? Youre already dead, would that really mean a thing?” Rezen retorted while rolling his eyes

He doesnt like people that are already in a dangerous situation but would still act arrogantly because of their backer

Bitch please, what is the point of revenge if they are dead? Shouldnt the captive act nice so that the people that hold their life wouldnt harm them?

Where are these brainless fools coming from?

“Besides, you and your people are the ones that wanted to kill me first. Is it really wrong to retaliate? You even destroyed my farmhouse!” Rezen grumbled

The fight between Zero and Lord Keito didnt leave Rezens humble house intact. Even a stray attack from such a fight can already demolish an entire house

Its just that, despite the destruction of his house, Rezen was surprised to see that his couch was actually stillalive without the slightest bit of damage

When the grey wolves entered his house before, the sofa was unscathed. And even after his house was demolished, the sofa was still intact aside from the dirt

Rezen kind of felt like his sofa has some sort of protagonist aura and he would feel sad if it was harmed in the future

He has the money to buy a better sofa now but he doesnt want to change his old sofa. He kind of grew fond of it

As such, Rezen is forced to grow another Mushroom Home to become his new house

“S-shut up!” Lord Keito said angrily, unable to give any rebuttal

“Zero, get my special toolbox” Rezen ordered and Zero did retrieve hisspecial tool box

The Mushroom Home aside from the living room has two more rooms and people that lived in them would usually use one room as the bedroom and the other as the kitchen

Zero went inside the new bedroom of Rezen and when he went out, he already has a black toolbox in his hand that he respectfully handed to Rezen

Keito raised his eyebrow while looking at that suitcase, he has a bad feeling about this

Rezen placed the toolbox on his lap and he opened it, revealing various items inside

All of those items are used for one thing… torture

That box was a box that stored items that is used to torture people

Inside the box, a piece of metal can be seen and Rezen held it with his hand

This piece of metal looks like a stick but at the top, it was circular

“Do you know what this is used for?” Rezen asks while calling out his fire-type gem to cast a spell

Tongues of flames came out from the magic circle and they all gathered around the metal piece on Rezens hand

“Its use was actually simple. You simply heat up the tip and use it to leave marks on people, preferably the tongue. What do you say, arent humans really evil? They make tools just for something like that” Rezen said playfully causing Lord Keito to shudder

Is the young man in front of him actually a devil? How could he have such a hobby?

“Zero…” Rezen called out and Zero already knew what he wanted

The Artificial Human grabbed Keito quite harshly and he placed the mages head in front of Rezen while pulling his chin down

Keitos eyes trembled in fear. Is the devil in front of him actually going to torture him?

“N-no!” Keito tried to struggle but Zero held him in place

He watched as Rezens smiling face lowered, the heated metal piece on his hand descending until it was only inches away from Keitos tongue

Rezen suddenly stops before he bursts into a fit of laughter

“Hahahahaha! Damn! Fuck! This is funny! Hahahaha! You should have seen your face! You look extremely terrified! Hahahahah!” Rezen said while laughing. He was laughing too hard that he was holding his stomach while tears gathered around his eyes

“Hahahaha, dont worry. Im not really a sadist and gore scenes also disgust me. I was just messing and venting my anger. After all, you did try to kill me and you also destroyed my house. A little bit of payback is to be expected, right?”

This situation made Keito relieved. He at least wouldnt be tortured but he is still resenting Rezen

“Just you wait! My seniors will come to avenge me!” Keito said angrily and Rezen just shook his head

“Nah, they wont. And do you know why? Thats because you will become one of my subordinates. Dont worry, I dont treat my subordinates badly. Despite you being worthy of death, I only pranked you for a bit. Arent I a generous master?”

Keito snorted coldly at that

“Me? Submitting under a mere 3rd fusion rank mage? Dream on!”

Lord Keito doesnt know why the Tattoo Warriors made Rezen their Master but he definitely wouldnt be one of them!

He would never submit to such a weakling

“Well, Im afraid that is not up to you” Rezen said with a shrug and he waved his hand causing a small bean-size thing to appear on his palm

“Do you see this soybean?” Rezen asks while holding thesoybean with his fingers

Keito almost instinctively answeredno since the thing on Rezens hand cant be even more different than a soybean

Sure, it has the same size as a soybean but the thing is, it was a skull! A very small skull!

“What? You dont believe me? This is really a soybean but a mutated one!” Rezen insisted

This is one of his mutated crops and it came from the soybean plant. When he checked its description, it gave him a surprise

It is actually a soybean that could hypnotize a person!

Unfortunately, this mutated soybean has a lowdrop rate. From all the soybean plants that he planted, he only has two of these mutated soybeans

If he could have an infinite amount of mutated soybeans, having an army of humans and magic beasts would be very simple

“You… you will be my spy in your organization. I am already on the target list of Twighlight Beasts and I want you to report that I am dead” Rezen said. This is a temporary measure so that the Twighlight Beasts would stop sending people to kill him

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