2 weeks later

Rage of Storm Mountain Range


From the sky, a blue bolt of lightning flashed, hitting and frying an innocent tree

Cawk! Cawk! Cawk!

Birds of various species flew out from that area. They were terrified and startled by the lightning that Mother Nature uses to strike and kill the tree

Thousands of birds flew out but there was one flock that remained. This flock of birds, crows specifically were flying in a single area as if they were guarding something

Their bodies blocked the view from the inside to the outside. Some of their feathers fell down, painting an even more eerie type of scene

Inside the flock of crows, a certain human can be seen. This human was wearing a simple shirt and pants that make it easy for him to move around

The man has two mystic gems floating around him. Both were purple in color but in different shades

This mage is in the process of enslaving another crow that was in a comatose state. Because of that particular crows state, it took almost no time before it was enslaved

“Wooh… this crow makes the number of my enslaved crows reach one thousand five hundred” Rezen said to no one in particular

The past two weeks were relatively peaceful. No additional danger arrives and his plans were progressing at a steady pace which was something he was thankful for

“Alright guys, five hundred of you will hunt magic beasts. Remember, safety is the priority, and always team up with each other! Being shameless is not shameful. Ten of you can gang up on a single magic beast even if that magic beast is just at ungraded rank long as all of you will return alive, do you understand? ” Rezen said to the crows and as if they can understand him, they all nodded their heads which made him really satisfied

A third of the Nightmare Crows flew away with the intent to hunt magic beasts, leaving Rezen and the other thousand crows

“Ten will remain while the others scare off the surrounding magic beasts!” Rezen issued another order

His goal in the mountain range is not just enslaving crows and hunting magic beasts corpses. He is also foraging the mountain range

A mountain range is a group of mountains and clearly, it is bigger and has more interesting things than the Ratois Mountain

Its not rare to discover spirit plants or just normal plants in the mountain. Rezen has Florine and also his middle man with Claude to supply him with various kinds of seeds but some spirit plants can only be found through luck

His current connections cannot possibly give him all the spirit plants in the world. In just two weeks, Rezen found two types of spirit plants that he doesnt have in the past

Granted, they were not really useful at the moment but who knows whether he could actually use them in the future or he managed to discover one that is useful for him?

Ten crows fly around Rezen. All of them were at the 3rd rank and they are there to protect him

As for the remaining almost a thousand crows, they were securing a safe path for Rezen

Having subordinates really is awesome!

“Hmm… hmm… hmmm” Rezen hummed while walking in the mountain. He would stop from time to time to check any plants he thinks are interesting

Even if he doesnt know what the plant is, he would simply take it with him and search for it on the internet

Modern technologies are really amazing!

Rezen walked and walked until he stopped in front of a tree. This tree doesnt look out of the ordinary but Rezen notices a nest on top of it

The nest held some eggs and Rezens eyes lit up

“Oh, right! I forgot about my plan of raising livestock!” Rezen said while hitting his forehead

He wanted to try raising some chickens and other livestock and feeding them with crops that grew from his farm to check whether the taste will change for the better

His greens all taste delicious but although the meat is also good as he used the ones that came from magic beasts, it still feels like they could be better

Since the eggs came from magic beasts, they should taste delicious and Rezen had some crows get the eggs for him

There were three eggs in total and they were quite bigger than a chickens egg. It was at least four inches in height, thats pretty big for an egg

“I guess, Ill have scrambled eggs today” Rezen muttered. He stored the eggs in his void storage ring before he continues


Rising Sage Academy

Inside the Academy, there is an area prepared specifically for the students to spar with each other

The set-up was similar to a Coliseum. In the middle area was a large battle ring. At the edge of that battle ring were the chairs with more than ten levels for the spectators

Currently, in that battle ring, two student mages were battling against each other

These mages were both at 1st fusion rank as such, their battle wasnt really that blood boiling. Still, considering that these two mages started to walk the path of mages in less than a month, this progress was already quite an achievement

Mages start at ungraded before they would proceed to the 1st fusion rank. That requires time and talent

In fact, using less than a months time to reach the 1st fusion rank is already considered quite good

The talent was not top-tier but is also not at the bottom. Its nothing special but also nothing bad

However, the thing is that these two mages that can reach the middle rankings of most Magic Academies are actually at the very bottom!

These two are the ones that are considered to be the students at the bottom of the barrel. The most untalented of the bunch!

“Sis, isnt this amazing? Our bottom ranking students are equivalent to the middle-rank students of many Academies” Rain commented before munching on some junk food

Rain and Florine were in the VIP booth of the Coliseum watching the Tournament below

Every Academy has its own events to make the students compete and the winners would be given rewards

This kind of event is one of the driving forces for the students to improve faster than normal

All of them would strive to become as strong as possible to obtain glory and the mouthwatering reward

“This is all because of the spirit plants that we give them” Florine replied with a sigh

The spirit plants of Rezen have no side effects. If the mage wants to, they can reach the peak of their rank in one sitting as long as they have enough of Rezens spirit plants

That skipped the cultivation part and the students can focus on learning magic theories and honing their spells

The spirit plants made this possible. Florine is aware of the capabilities of her and Rains Academy

Without using a euphemism, they are nothing out of the ordinary if not for the spirit plants

As such, to have this kind of amazing result is not really something that could be credited to them

“Sis, youre too uptight. Arent we the ones that made a partnership with Rezen? You can also give ourselves some credit!” Rain said with a pout and Florine just shrug her shoulders

The battle below was not anything exciting but they are also students of the Academy. Each and every one of them is special to Florine

At first, Florine was silently watching the battle when her senses picked up something and a frown formed on her face

“Sis, whats wrong?” Rain that notices her sisters expression asks

“Stay here” Florine replied before walking out of the VIP room. Soon, her body floated in the air

He was not using any spell nor was she riding on a sheet of an element to fly

Mages at the 6th fusion rank have souls so powerful that they can move the mana particles around them to achieve flight without the help of any magic circle

That is how they achieve flight and they dont even have to use their mystic gems. Of course, that doesnt mean that they can directly absorb the mana particles in the air

Even mages at the 6th fusion rank have to rely on resources

Florines body soared in the air and he landed on the gates of the Rising Sage Academy

The Academy has guards but these guards acted as if they cannot see that there is someone standing in front of the gate

“Headmaster!” The guards greeted nervously. Florine rarely shows herself to them but to suddenly appear now… did they do something wrong?

“You can go home for today” Florine simply said. The guards glanced at each other but in fear of displeasing a terrifyingly powerful mage, they hurriedly scrambled away

After they were gone, Florine stared at the person on the other side of the gate

“Is there something I can help a fellow 6th fusion rank mage with?”

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